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Stylists Share Their Hairstyling Horror Stories
posted at We asked a group of seasoned styling veterans: “In all your years as a stylist, what’s the most horrifying hair disaster you’ve encountered?”
Fast and Fabulous: 10, 5, and 1-Minute Hair Hacks
posted at just because you don’t have much time, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a lively look! So to help you achieve salon-quality style on a schedule, here’s a quick reference guide to three effortless time-saving styles.
Keep Flyaway Hair Under Control With this DIY Agave Nectar Solution
posted at We’re here today with a quick and easy, all-natural DIY treatment for smoothing the flyaway hair that's caused by static electricity.
Salon Pros Share What NOT To Do For Your Face Shape
posted at It’s important to know what hairstyles will enhance your best features… and what hairstyles shine a spotlight on those more problematic areas. So we reached out to our team of talented salon stylists, and asked them: “What are some must-avoid hairstyles for particular common face shapes?”
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