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lounging in day spa with deep conditioning treatment

What You Need To Know About Deep Conditioning Treatment?

You know about using conditioner to maintain your hair. But deep conditioning is a more potent, in-depth reparative hair treatment that penetrates the follicles...sealing in protection from the inside out!

When it comes to easing your stress, relaxing your senses, and reinvigorating your spirit nothing gets the job done quite like a nice, long, leisurely vacation.

But even as you’re preparing to treat your body and soul to a well-deserved rest and recharge,it’s important to keep something in mind: 



That’s right! Even when your travels take you somewhere the beach, or your favorite campground, your hair’s still braving the elements doing what it takes to make you feel fresh and look fabulous, wherever you are!

Woman camping and singing songs on a guitar

“Just because you’re trip to the great outdoors...that doesn’t mean your hair’s got the week off, too!”

That’s why it’s crucial, when you’re planning your vacation, to treat your hard-working tresses to their own special refreshing recharge:



Of course, you know all about using a high-quality conditioner to maintain your hair’s daily luster, volume, and stylability.

But deep conditioning is a more intensely potent, in-depth reparative hair treatment. That’s because, unlike regular-use conditioners, which provide a coating to “shield” the outer layer of the hair shaft, a deep conditioner actually penetrates the follicles, sealing in protection from the inside out!1

This makes deep conditioning perfect for preparing your hair when you’re going on vacation a time during which your typical cleansing and styling routines can often be disrupted.

Woman taking a shower

“When you’re traveling, it’s not always easy to fit in a long, relaxing shower like this!”

Naturally, that disruption leads to extra hair damage over a short period of time.

So many stylists also recommend deep conditioning as an ideal post-vacation rejuvenation to give your hair a concentrated burst of the TLC it’s missed while you’ve been away!



Of course, you may be wondering if deep conditioning will counteract the damage your hair’s likely to take at your unique vacation spot.


That’s the best part:

No matter what weather or environmental challenges you’ll face on your trip deep conditioning offers replenishing, restorative benefits to get your hair looking and feeling its finest.

  • If you’re dealing with heavy if you’re traveling to Asia or South smooths and fortifies your cuticles...while providing the moisture to counteract frizz
  • It’s also a dynamite defense against split ends, breakage, and other effects of dry, cold air...the kind you find at places like a mountain ski resort or on an Arctic cruise
  • ...and it protects both natural and treated hair colors...a “must” for enjoying long days in that high-intensity summer sunshine!2
Woman in white jumping in the water at the beach

“Deep conditioning is an excellent way to give your hair extra protection against punishing UV sunlight.”

That’s why so many salon specialists recommend deep conditioning treatment for travelers: Because, no matter where you’re headed, the advantages this treatment provides have got your hair well covered!



Deep conditioning treatments are among the most popular specialty services at salons nationwide.

However, there are also a number of high-quality deep conditioners you can apply at home. That’s a good thing...because, in order to ensure your hair is truly ready to travel it’s recommended you enjoy regular treatments both before and after your trip.

That means for at least two weeks prior to your departure, you should be deep conditioning about every three to four days.

For the best results, we suggest at least one full salon deep conditioning treatment, performed by a pro stylist. It’s also advisable, if you’ve got the time and budget, to have a follow-up salon treatment when you return. This is doubly recommended if your vacation plans will be especially hard on your hair.

So, if you’ll be visiting the desert, a rainforest, or any other heavily hair-harming environment - don’t wait to get that deep conditioning treatment on your post-vacation calendar!3



Of course, just like with any other high-impact salon treatment you’ll get maximum results from your deep conditioning if you take careful steps to maintain it.

Here are a few simple tips for keeping your deep-conditioned hair strong, supple, and luminous:

  • To retain your hair’s renewed strength and hydration, re-apply your treatment every three to four weeks, as needed.
  • Added heat enhances the effects of deep conditioning. So, when the conditioner’s in, cover your hair with a shower cap, then go over your locks with a quality blow dryer.
  • Steam treatment is another way to give deep-conditioned hair a healthy dose of both added moisture and heat. So book yourself a sauna session and enjoy!
Woman relaxing at a sauna | deep conditioning treatment

“The high temperatures and steam of a sauna infuse deep-conditioned locks with even more hydrated protection!”

  • Be patient! Unlike rinse-right-out conditioners, you want to let a deep conditioner work its way into your locks. Note the effective time of the treatment you choose (most take about 30 minutes)...or, to save yourself the waiting, opt for an overnight leave-in deep conditioner!
  • ...And speaking of which...supplementing your treatment with a regular-use salon-grade leave-in conditioner will go a long way to locking in that post-vacation body and shine!4

Adding these maintenance methods to your deep conditioning routine will make matter how harshly your vacation batters your hair…’ll bounce back beautifully, with rich volume, color, and pizzazz!



One thing is for sure: When you’re getting ready for a much-needed vacation, the last thing you want to do is think about what happens once your trip’s at an end.

But when it comes to your hair, it helps to prepare for those special traveling concerns. That means giving your tresses the exceptional care they need, both before and after your vacation.

So, if you’re looking for solid strengthening and hydration support you can depend on, a deep conditioning treatment will lock in flexibility and smoothness so reliable the only thing that’ll last longer…are your vacation memories!



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