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Carbon Fiber Comb

Styling Essentials

Achieve a variety of looks with this multipurpose comb. Use it for precision flat ironing, sectioning, and backcombing. The heat-resistant carbon fiber material stands up to high temperatures, enabling you to create extra tension during straightening, and giving you smoother, sleeker results.

Perk #1 - Beat the heat

The carbon fiber material is designed to be used with blow-dryers and flat irons. Create the extra tension you need for ultra sleek hair. 

Perk #2- Your one comb wonder

Whether you enjoy backcombing for major root lift, producing clean, even parts, smoothing ponytails and updos, or creating sleek, straight styles, the Carbon Fiber Comb has you covered. 


  • Heat-resistant carbon fiber that’s ideal for use with heated tools.
  • Metal pin tail for precision sectioning and parting.
  • Ionic coating for smooth, shiny, static-free hair. 
  • Fine-toothed comb suitable for smoothing and backcombing.

How To: Take a small section of hair and insert the comb near the roots, bristles facing upward. As you work the comb down toward the ends, follow closely with your flat iron. The comb may also be used to backcomb roots and add a smooth finish to your favorite hairstyles. Utilize the metal tail to create straight parts and section hair as desired.