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Siena Wide

Vented Brush

Take your hair from unruly to smooth with the Siena Wide Vented Brush. With a wide yet lightweight design, it is ideal for detangling and grooming thick, straight, wavy or curly hair. Use it on damp or dry strands to nix tangles, and be amazed by how quickly your hair dries when you use it during blow drying.

This vented brush speeds up dry time by maximizing airflow, while reducing tugging, damage and frizz during styling. Features heat-resistant, nylon-tipped bristles to glide through strands snag-free.

Best for: Detangling wet hair that is thick, straight, wavy or curly as well as reducing breakage. Comfortable, no-slip handle makes it great for blow drying and smoothing hair.

For optimal styling, apply a leave-in conditioner to damp hair (such as Réplenish or Envie) and brush carefully from root to tip. Siena Wide is suitable for use during blow-drying and on dry hair.