Why Use a Heat Protectant?

Heat protectants (aka thermal protectants) are a critical step in your styling routine. These products often contain plant-based oils or beneficial silicones that create an invisible barrier between your hair and the hot surfaces of your styling tools. Using a heat protectant every time you style will help preserve the color, strength, and overall health of your hair.

How to Choose the Right One?

Available in the form of sprays, creams, and serums, there’s a perfect heat protectant to match your hair type and styling goals. Things to take into consideration when choosing a heat protectant may include: your hair type, the way you style your hair, the environment you live in, and more.

Glass Hair Thermal Blowout Primer

This heat-activated spray primes your hair for a smooth, sleek, long-lasting blowout. Mist throughout damp hair and blow dry in sections for heat protection plus a lightweight, frizz-resistant finish.

Posh Hair Polish

Shiny, frizz-free styles are in reach with this unique shimmering balm. It not only helps safeguard your strands during heat styling, but may also be used to define air-dried curls and waves for a glossy finish.

Rival Heat Shield

Our bestselling pre-styling spray helps strengthen hair with keratin and provides thermal protection, UV filters, and a light hold. Use it every time you use a wand or flat iron for beautiful, long-lasting style.

Thermal Magique Heat & Humidity Tamer

Guard your strands against heat and frizz while locking in your look with this lightweight protective spray. Great for those who live in humid climates, it's designed to help keep your hair sleek, smooth, and shiny.