Teasing Comb

Styling Essentials

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Whether adding polish to your style or boosting volume, this dual ended comb is a must-have in your tool drawer. The tail is key to precision sectioning and creating straight, even parts. The fine-toothed comb makes smoothing flyaways and backcombing a snap.

The Inside

Perk #1 - Tease it up

Looking for body that doesn’t quit? Backcombing is a tried and true method for building and maintaining height at the crown—a game-changer for updos and other voluminous styles. 

Perk #2 - Sectioned to perfection

Nothing sections and creates clean lines quite like a tail comb. Use anytime you need to work with smaller, more manageable sections of hair. 


  • The fine-toothed comb produces high impact volume by backcombing. 
  • The tail creates straight, even parts and sections hair with ease. 
  • The firm, narrow bristles smooth frizz and flyaways. 
  • Easy glide teeth help prevent tugging and breakage.
How To

How To: Utilize the tail to create straight parts and section hair as desired. To backcomb: Working in small sections, approximately one inch down from the roots (teeth facing upwards), gently comb towards the roots and repeat as needed. Once the desired volume is achieved, use the comb to lightly smooth over and conceal the teased sections.