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Hair Talk

You're ONE Product Away From the Shiniest Hair Ever
posted at Looking for the solution to lackluster locks? From short to long or straight to curly, we're here to help you get your shiniest hair ever!
If You Plan On Swimming This Season, You Should Be Using This
posted at Let’s face it, temperatures are heating up and many of us are dying to get outside. There’s nothing like a nice dip to cool you down and enliven your spirits. If the pool or ocean are singing you their sweet siren song, then listen up! There may be something you can do to preserve the overall health of your hair... 
Here’s Why You Should Be Using A Multipurpose Beauty Oil
posted at Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a natural beauty product you could use from head to toe?  Enter: Smoothe Healing Oil, a lightweight, oil-based hair and body softener that can be used on your hair AND your body.
7 Ways To Spring Into A New Hair Care Routine
posted at Here are 7 tips to help you change up your hair care routine and keep your hair looking gorgeous as we transition from winter to spring!