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Hair Talk

Choosing the Right Hair Mask for Your Hair Type
posted at Let’s be honest. There are so many hair masks out in the market, it can be confusing and overwhelming to decide which ones will most benefit your type of hair.
Why Purple Shampoo Works for (Almost) Every Hair Color
posted at We’ve been hearing the buzz about purple shampoo – and it’s time to address the hype! Let’s cut to the chase. If you’ve got platinum blonde hair, balayage blonde, caramel blonde...  
The Top Hair Concerns Debunked: Truth or Myth?
posted at We all hear various facts about our hair. “Plucking a gray hair makes more grow". “Wash oily hair once a day”. “The more conditioner, the better". All of these are things we are told over time, so it is no wonder why it’s automatically believed to be true.
6 Tips to Fight Frizz for Curly Hair
posted at If you have curly hair, you know taking care of it isn’t exactly easy…Especially since no two women’s curls are exactly the same! So, while finding the perfect combo of products to nourish and cherish these curls might not be simple, it isn’t worth whipping out the straightener just yet!