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Hate Your New Color? Here’s an Unexpected Solution
posted at Giving your hair a different shade can offer you a major energy boost, but a big question hangs over every hair coloring treatment: What if I hate it? Thankfully, there’s a way to remove unsatisfactory treated color that won’t harm your hair any further.
Stylists Share Their Hairstyling Horror Stories
posted at We asked a group of seasoned styling veterans: “In all your years as a stylist, what’s the most horrifying hair disaster you’ve encountered?”
Fast and Fabulous: 10, 5, and 1-Minute Hair Hacks
posted at just because you don’t have much time, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a lively look! So to help you achieve salon-quality style on a schedule, here’s a quick reference guide to three effortless time-saving styles.
Keep Flyaway Hair Under Control With this DIY Agave Nectar Solution
posted at We’re here today with a quick and easy, all-natural DIY treatment for smoothing the flyaway hair that's caused by static electricity.
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