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Easy Packing Hacks for Your Hair Care Essentials

Easy Packing Hacks for Your Hair Care Essentials

Vacation season has arrived! But before the good times, you have to face the part of vacations that no one likes... packing.  

Vacation season has arrived!

That’s right...time for fun and sunny getaways with family and friends.

We hope you’ve got some adventures on the horizon that’ll fill you with energy and excitement.

But of course, before you dive into the good times… still have to face that one part of the vacation experience that excites NOBODY:


Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

No matter what carefree escapades are on your itinerary...every vacation starts with an experience that’s about as far from restful and relaxing as it gets.

“Everybody loves going on vacation...but no one loves getting ready to go!”

Of course, you don’t want to leave behind anything you need to look and feel your best while you’re away.

But what should you do? Buy your cosmetics kit its own separate seat on the plane?

It’s almost enough to make you want to skip that trip altogether!

But before you cancel that hotel reservation, don’t panic…

...because we’re here with some convenient tips for packing your hair and beauty essentials!

These do-it-yourself, space-saving travel techniques will help you get anywhere you’re headed, with your most prized tools and products safe and sound…

...ready to give your vacation revels that perfectly beautiful touch!


It’s always terrific to bring your favorite heat styling tool along for your trip.

That way, whether it’s a romantic outing, or hitting the sand and can always have those tempting curls or supple beachy waves right at your command!

But not only is it tricky keeping a curling wand or flat iron safe from the rigors of traveling… also have to worry about safely storing a still-hot tool after you’ve styled your hair.

Well, you’ll be surprised to learn the perfect heat-styling tool right in your kitchen!

“You just might have a fantastic carrier for your curling wand or flat iron in your kitchen right now!”

Just get a pot holder, preferably one with a pocket sewn in.

Then, use a sewing machine, or needle and thread, to sew the sides and bottom together.

Voila! A compact padded sleeve for your styling tool! Just slip your wand or flat iron in there, and you’re all set.

Plus, the side pocket is ideal for tucking in that pesky power cord.

And that’s all you need for no more heat tool travel hassles!1  


If you ask us, hairpins are an absolute must for holiday styling.

That’s because the typical go-go vacation pace can leave you without enough time to pull together a perfect style.

So those pins are a real lifesaver for assembling a messy-cute bun, chignon, or updo.

But we certainly don’t have to tell you about the huge downside of hairpins:

They just get EVERYPLACE!

That means what you need is a way to make sure you’ve always got a hairpin handy…without them winding up scattered all over your purse, suitcase, or travel tote.

Fortunately, the solution comes courtesy of another travel essential:


“Turns out that little snap-top plastic box is not just good for carrying mints!”

You see, the little plastic package for those mini breath fresheners makes an ultra-portable hairpin caddy.

Just pop your pins in an empty packet, and you can take a quick updo anywhere!

But make sure to rinse out that packet with a little water first…

...unless you don’t mind those pins giving your hair a whiff of minty or cinnamon goodness!2


There’s no denying it:

Sometimes, a vacation is like an open invitation to just let everything go.

With all the planning that goes into any trip...not to mention the hustle to pack in as much fun as possible… can put your hairstyling time at a real premium.

So it’s no surprise the idea of keeping your styling routine loose and casual gets awfully appealing.

But don’t forget: Your vacation can also bring risk factors for your hair…

...everything from split ends caused by summer-sun wear-and-tear from rough hotel pillowcases.

That’s why we recommend bringing along one easy-to-forget, but extremely helpful tool:

Small, foldable scissors!

You’ll be able to slip these tiny hair lifesavers into any stray purse or suitcase pocket.

With them, you can trim damaged strands and split ends, or tidy up your bangs.

If you think you need it, and you’ve got the skills, you can even give yourself a fast freshen-up haircut!

“You’d be amazed how much a quick trim can enliven even the most overworked vacation hair!”

Just make sure you’re ONLY using these scissors for hair-related maintenance.

Anything else can damage the blades...and then your hair!3


So, if you usually put off vacation packing for as long as you can…

...we hope these basic tips will help make an often aggravating process a lot easier.

And this is only the beginning!

After all, it’s going to be a long hot summer.

So keep an eye right here on HAIR/TALK...because we’ve got a lot more vacation and travel-ready tips heading your way!



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