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The Inspiring Hair of Indian Brides

The Inspiring Hair of Indian Brides

If you’ve been to an Indian wedding... you know what we’re talking about. The hairstyles reach amazing heights of invention, allure, and sheer beauty. That’s why we wanted to give you some hair suggestions from the realm of Indian wedding style.

This past Monday, Gretchen, one of the style consultants here at L’ange, returned from the destination wedding of her old college roommate.

And we have to tell you...thanks to her, we barely got anything done all day!

That’s because we spent the morning mesmerized by her photos from the ceremony and reception.

You see, Gretchen’s friend Meera grew up in Mumbai, the largest city in India.

And her family went all out for her...with a traditional Indian wedding.

Of course, you know a wedding is when a woman showcases her most radiant self.

That means the dress, makeup, and hair are meticulously styled to the peak of perfection.

But even amidst all this next-level glamour and elegance…

...there’s little that compares to the picture-book fantasy splendor of Indian bridal style.

“There may not be fairy-tale princesses in the real world...but you’ll find a touch of that magical beauty at an Indian wedding!”


If you’ve been to an Indian wedding yourself, or paged through Indian bridal know what we’re talking about.

The gowns are a lush, flowing feast of patterned and bejeweled fabrics and textures.

The cosmetics are accented with skillfully utilized glitter and appliqué jewels.

And of course, the hairstyles reach amazing heights of invention, allure, and sheer beauty.

That’s why we wanted to give you some hair suggestions from the realm of Indian wedding style.

Now, you may not give your locks a full bridal-ready makeover every day…

...but with these inspiring tips, you’ll always be prepared to accent your look with a dash of magic!


A simple spray of flowers can brighten and beautify a whole range of hairstyles and lengths.

It’s a lesson Indian brides have taken to heart…

...and many of the most prized contemporary Indian wedding styles include carefully placed, fresh and fragrant blossoms.

“Indian bridal hairstyles are often a vibrant explosion of colorful flowers”

Naturally, with summer upon us, you may be tempted to give your own style a flowery flair.

With that in mind, why not try some of these stylish Indian-wedding-inspired flower accessories?

  • A tight, back-of-the-head braided bun, above a semicircle of small rose or lily buds
  • An updo of swirly, looping curls, graced at the base with a pair of red roses
  • A floral hairpiece above the ear, to give some shimmery sparkle to a short or pixie cut
  • Tiny, colorful blossoms dotted through the length of a Dutch or milkmaid braid1

Whether you use fresh-cut flowers from your own garden...the day’s latest blooms from your favorite florist...or carefully chosen fabric flowers…

...these accessories are a wonderful way to enliven your style for summer-day outings, an open-air backyard party, or a romantic date night!


Another popular Indian bridal styling technique is the sculpting of flicked ends.

Simply stated, this is a straight style with the tips of the hair curled out at the ends.

This look gives your style a dynamic silhouette. It’s especially fetching with a lower-cut top, as it frames and accentuates the décolleté area.2

Fortunately, this casual-chic style doesn’t just look’s a breeze to create, too!

To achieve this look, you simply curl the edges of your hair outward, working in segments, with a wide-barrel curling wand.

You want to be sure to treat the tips with hairspray before you curl, to help lock in the hold.

Then, once your hair has cooled, you can use a round brush to further separate the flicked-out tips.

It’s a style sure to add a carefree sway to long and medium-length looks...or an edgy kick to your off-the-neck bob!3


If you asked us to name the most important lesson you can learn from Indian wedding hairstyling, it’s this:

Don’t be afraid to turn up the volume!

Many of the most popular bridal looks throughout India are all about thinking big…

...with voluminous curls, and updos that add several inches in height to the women wearing them.

There’s even refined variations on the classic full-of-body bouffant look.

 “They say go big or go home...and Indian brides are never afraid to go big!”

Now, it seems in recent years, the high-volume look has come to seem somewhat dated here in the States…

...with the phrase “big hair” conjuring images of ‘50s beehives and huge, barrel-sized hair rollers.

But these Indian brides prove that with sophistication, and a touch of styling patience…

...big-haired styles can also be big on luxury and sumptuous grace.

One of our favorite Indian bridal takes on this classic look is the over-one-shoulder curl cascade.

To achieve this style, you begin by amplifying your volume with a careful application of root boosting formula.

Then, you gather your hair so your tresses are spilling sleekly over the top of your head, then down and over one shoulder.

Once it’s settled, you use your curling wand to craft full, voluptuous curls.

Then, all it takes is a subtly placed hairpin or two to hold your bangs back.

The result:

A swooping flow that turns your hair into one lush, exhilarating wave!4


One of the joys of traveling the world is that there’s so much to learn...

...and so many of those amazing tips on cooking, fashion, and beauty can be brought home with you, to enrich your own world!

So, thanks to Gretchen for traveling all the way to India for her friend’s wedding.

She returned to us with a wealth of magnificent style ideas from the Indian wedding world.

We hope these international looks will enhance your own styling palette…

...and encourage you to always keep your eyes wide open.

Because you never know where beautiful inspiration is waiting to find you!



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