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The Chic Mother’s Day Look You Can Create At Home

The Chic Mother’s Day Look You Can Create At Home

This fun, flattering look is sure to make you and your daughter stand matter where Mother’s Day takes you!

Right now, all over the country, women are packing the stylists’ chairs in their favorite salons.

They’re getting ready for parties, brunches, all sorts of get-togethers…

...all to celebrate the wondrous women without whom none of us would be here.

That’s right...


And this year, we want to mark the occasion with something special for you...and the most important lady in your life:

Your daughter!

 “Mother’s Day is an occasion for mothers and daughters to celebrate their one-of-a-kind bond”) 


Of course, if you’ve ever styled your daughter’s hair, you’ve no doubt experienced that magical moment…when she looks up at you and says:

“I want my hair like yours, Mommy!”

It’s hard to imagine anything that could make you feel more valued...more loved.

Think of it:

You helped give life to this amazing person...and all she wants is to look just like you.

There’s only one problem:

Can you imagine a single hairstyle that looks great on a grade-schooler...a teenager...and you?

Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine it anymore…

...because we’ve got a fetching mother-daughter style for you to try this Mother’s Day!

This fun, flattering look is sure to make you and your daughter stand matter where Mother’s Day takes you!

This style is called a…


“This easy-to-create braid is a spectacular look for the Mother’s Day woman of the hour...and her favorite little gal!”

It’s a classy choice for a fancy Mother’s Day dinner or an elegant outing…

....but it also makes a breezy style for an outdoor picnic, a drive to the country, or a day at the beach!

And, if the Mother’s Day forecast calls for heat and sunshine...this off-the-shoulders look is sure to keep you and your favorite girl cool and carefree!1 


Basically, this style is a Dutch pull-through braid with a smaller braid “stacked” on top.

To make it look its best, you’ll need:

  • A good hairbrush
  • A rat-tail comb
  • One (1) ponytail holder
  • 8 to 12 small hair elastics
  • A bow or other styling accessory (optional)
  • A quality hairspray (optional)

To style either your own hair, or your daughter’s, with this simply elegant braid, here’s what you do:

  1. First, pull the hair back into a high ponytail.
  2. Split the tail into two even on the top, another on the bottom.
  3. Separate a small section of hair from the top of the top section, and flip it, for now, over the top of the head.
  4. Tie up the remaining top section of hair with an elastic, a few inches down from the ponytail holder.
  5. Then, make a hole in the section of hair between the ponytail holder and the elastic, and pull the bottom section of hair through the hole so it’s now on top.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until you reach the end of the ponytail...the result will be a pull-through feather braid.
  7. Use the brush and comb to fluff each section of the bottom braid for an extra touch of volume.
  8. Then, starting with the highest small section of hair you separated from the main braid, begin making a regular three-strand braid.
  9. After a few stitches, add the next small separate section of hair to the braiding process.
  10. Continue braiding in this style till you get to the end of the hair. The anchoring pieces you created when you made the main braid will hold this smaller top braid in place.
  11. Then, secure the bottom of the braid with one more elastic.
  12. Add a ponytail accessory if desired.
  13. Spray for added hold and shine.

This lovely, great-for-all-ages style should take about 5 to 7 minutes to pull together.2

That means, in less than fifteen minutes, you and your daughter can meet the festivities in matching Mother’s Day glory!


So there you have it:

A tandem style to help you and your daughter make this a Mother’s Day to remember!

Hopefully, you’ll get lots of gorgeous photos of the two of you enjoying this pull-through braided style.

If you do, be sure to send them along. It’s a joy to see our L’ange Ladies loving life!

We’d also appreciate seeing unique, original mother-daughter hairstyles you create for your celebration.

Send those our way as well...we’ll share our favorites in an upcoming edition of HAIR TALK.

Mother’s Day is your time to shine.

And with this exquisite and the most marvelous young lady in your life will light up the day with beauty and love!



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