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5 Easy Tips For Growing The Luxurious Hair You've Always Wanted

5 Easy Tips For Growing The Luxurious Hair You've Always Wanted

In this article, we’re going to share exactly what makes for healthy hair roots… ...and give you some pointers to keep those roots producing the most dazzling hair you can imagine!

If you regularly read HAIR TALK, you’ve probably seen a special series of articles.

In these singular columns, we dig deep into the biology, chemistry, and nutrition of your hair…

...and warn you of little-known but critical issues that could be jeopardizing your hair right this minute!

We call this unique collection of articles “The Root of the Matter”...and that’s to remind you of a priceless truth:


That’s right:

If your hair’s got luster, vigor, and supreme’s all thanks to your strong, well- nourished roots.

woman posing outside by the streets.

“This woman’s hair is thick, flowing, and fabulous...right down to the roots!”

On the other hand…

...if you’re struggling to keep your hair pliable and full of volume…

...if you’re up all night...worrying about those lost hairs you’ll find on your pillow in the morning…

...chances are the roots of your hair also lie right at the heart of these problems!

So in this column, we’re going to share exactly what makes for healthy hair roots…

...and give you some pointers to keep those roots producing the most dazzling hair you can imagine!


Your hair root is basically any part of your hair follicle that is under your skin. This includes:

  • HAIR BULB - The rounded base of the follicle, where cells develop that grow into the shaft of a hair strand1
  • PAPILLA - A budlike structure the hair bulb fits over; it contains the blood vessels that deliver the nutrients your hair requires2
  • GERMINAL MATRIX - This network of cells regulates the length of your hair, and also transfers pigment, to give your hair its natural color3

Working together, these structures are responsible for the nourishment and durability of the hair that grows from them.

hair follicle when wet

“Your hair looks simple from the outside, but a complex network of parts work together to give your strands their shape, color, and health.”

But if your roots are producing weak, dried-out hair...and not much of it...what could be causing this?

Well, if healthy hair begins at the roots…


The skin and pores of your scalp are centrally responsible for the condition of your roots.

They do everything from delivering vital oils to naturally moisturize your hair… fighting bacteria that scrape off your cuticles, leading to flimsy, easily damaged strands.

And a well-maintained scalp also ensures your roots get reliable circulation.

That’s how vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients make their way to your hair…

...building body, maximizing shine, and priming your tresses for exciting new hairstyles!4

Woman washing her hair in the shower while smiling

“By maintaining a healthy, well-nourished scalp, you can ensure hair roots that always produce gleaming, silky tresses!”

But when your scalp is dry, malnourished, or cursed with harmful bacteria, it damages your roots…and the hair that grows from a number of ways.

For example, excess scalp oils or dead skin can block your follicles.

And when a follicle is blocked, fresh hair can’t push replace the strands you’re losing.

Of course, if your scalp’s not getting the nutrition it needs to revitalize your may not even be able to grow new strands!

And your scalp can experience its own aggravating, uncomfortable issues, like dandruff...and even outbreaks of fungus!


You see, keeping your roots producing rich, lively hair is like planting a seed in your garden.

In other words, you have to keep the space where it’s growing fresh and well-managed.

Because, just like a seed can’t sprout into a beautiful plant if it’s choked by weeds or threatened by pests…

...growing the thick, luscious locks you crave means giving your scalp everything it needs to give your roots everything they need!5

With that in mind, here are some high-impact tips for keeping your scalp highly hospitable to your hair roots…

  • EXFOLIATE: Regularly removing dead skin from your scalp clears a path for your roots. Try mixing a spoonful of sugar into your shampoo for extra scouring strength...and work the shampoo in with your finger pads rather than your nails, to avoid scrapes or cuts.
  • LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: The robust hydration from these specialized formulas replenishes your scalp...and your roots along with it. Always choose a conditioner with natural oils, for an enhanced moisturizing experience.6
  • BEAT THE HEAT: Just like the skin on your face, your scalp can be prone to sun damage. Protect your part and roots with a sun hat, a dollop of SPF sunscreen, or a heat protectant spray.   
  • REDUCE YOUR STRESS: High levels of stress (and who doesn’t experience those?) elevate your hormones, leading to an oily scalp or dandruff. So make time every week to meditate, do yoga, cuddle your kids...anything that makes you feel at peace.7

Woman doing yoga by Bonzi Trees

“Yoga doesn’t just make you lean and also eases your stress, which keeps your scalp’s natural oil levels where they need to be.”

  • ROSEMARY OIL: It’s one of your scalp’s favorite herbs, shown in studies to significantly increase the thickness of new hair. Try adding a drop or two of rosemary oil to your favorite shampoo...or mix it with another nutrient-rich oil (like olive oil) for a nourishing pre-wash hair treatment!8


Whenever you’ve found yourself facing any kind of problem in your life...what did you do?

Chances are the most effective way to tackle that problem was by going right at the root.

That’s why we took this time to let you know about your hair’s roots...

...and how you can refresh and revitalize your keep those roots in top hair-satisfying form!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help you always give your hair the very best…

...and to make sure, when hair care and styling challenges arise, you’re always ready… get right to the root of the matter! 



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