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What Your Hair Says About You

What Your Hair Says About You

If you want to give people a genuine sense of who you are, deep down inside, it’s important to choose a style that sends the world the message you want them to hear!

Picture this:

You’re sitting in the waiting area of your favorite hair salon.

And seated there with you are three other ladies:

  • A woman with a playfully tousled pixie cut
  • One with a shoulder-length bob...all precise angles and crisp, clean lines
  • ...and a third with mega-volumized spikes, dyed in all colors of the rainbow don’t know any of these women.

But you probably feel like you do, right?

That’s because, more than any other part of our bodies…


Group of friends hugging

“All you have to do is look at the hairstyles these women choose, and you feel like you know them already!”

Just like the way you dress, your makeup style, and the jewelry and accessories you choose…

...your hair is a tool to sculpt the person you want to be.

And it’s an even more intensely intimate element of that personality-crafting process…

...because unlike your wardrobe, cosmetics, and accessories…

...your hair is literally part of you!

It goes where you go, and when people look at you, it’s often the first thing they notice.

That means, if you want to give people a genuine sense of who you are, deep down inside...’s important to choose a style that sends the world the message you want them to hear!


Now...those three imaginary women back at the hair salon…

You probably developed a decent sense of what they’re like...based on nothing more than a short description of their hairstyles.

That’s because hairstyles are a lot like people: They come with their own “personalities.”

And when people see a woman wearing a particular style...they naturally assume she’s got a persona to match!

So, if you’re looking to choose a new never hurts to know what some popular styles “mean” in modern culture.

For example:

  • A blunt, sharp-edged haircut means you’re probably choose this type because it’s easy to you more time for attacking your ambitions!
  • Goal-oriented types also often favor a high, sleek ponytail...a favorite choice of athletic women as well

man and woman plaing tennis

“A high ponytail’s smooth, unfussy lines are a flattering choice for high-impact physical activity.”

  • Long, wash-and-go locks are a trademark of romantic types deeply in touch with their feelings1
  • ...and when folks see colorful or unconventional accessories, they see the person wearing them as creative and artistic!2

Naturally, there are circumstances in which your choice of hairstyle is based on other concerns.

For example, your place of business or religious faith may bring certain styling requirements.

But the best indicator of your ideal hairstyle is to ask yourself a simple question:

“Who am I?”

Then, honestly consider the look you’d expect that person to wear...and style accordingly!


Need more convincing about just how much your hair can do to express your inner self?

Just do a search for “#hairgoals” on Instagram.

Then stand back...because this hashtag has been featured in over 5.5 million posts!

Image after image, video after video, of styles and techniques women rely upon to show the world just what they’re all about.3

woman giving a girl a ponytail

“For some women, when they think #hairgoals, they think of the most magnificent hair creations you can possibly imagine!”

And the most powerful aspect of this monument to styling self-expression is this:

No two women’s #hairgoals are exactly alike!

When you ask women what “#hairgoals” means, their answers are as wide-ranging and one-of-a-kind as the women themselves.

For some, like Man Repeller editorial intern Quinn Halman, their hair symbolizes self- acceptance and love:

“I see my thick, curly hair as a challenge rather than a flaw...Hair goals is not only accepting your hair for what it is, but making it a big part of who you are, beyond physically. My personality, my humor, and my heart are all as big, wild, and ruthless as my hair is.”  

For others, such as freelance writer Maracir Santos, it’s less about choosing a signature style, and more about feelings of fitness and well-being:

“To me, #hairgoals is simply healthy hair. It’s hair that’s nourished, shiny, strong, and soft, no matter the texture.”

And then there’s Teen Vogue digital editor Kaleigh Fasanella, whose hair is an ever-present symbol of beating the odds...and the value of counting your blessings.

Fasanella was born with a rare genetic skin condition...and doctors told her mother it was very unlikely she would ever grow hair at all.

But somehow, Fasanella ended up defying the doctor’s predictions...growing a full head of hair!

Now, she did suffer from some problems with dandruff and breakage due to her skin.

And she confesses she still occasionally wishes her hair was thicker than it is.

But to Fasanella, while her locks “might not be as thick or as Insta-worthy as some of my the end of the day, I’ve got what I’ve got, and it’s what makes me, me.”

The words of these fabulous women make one thing very clear:

Working well with your hair...and keeping it in its most style-friendly possible condition…

...will go a long way to allowing you to achieve any look you crave!


Still, the most important lesson you can learn about your hair doesn’t come from a glossy beauty magazine or an Instagram post.

It actually comes from a woman with her own singular hair concerns...and the song she sang in the movie The Greatest Showman.

In that smash-hit musical (which you probably saw as many times as we did!), a bearded lady sings an anthem of self-confidence called “This Is Me.”

It’s a song about how, no matter how the world felt about her, she was still going to walk the strong, resilient, beautiful person she knew she was.

girls having the time of their lives drinking wine

“No matter what hairstyle suits you best...wear it with flair, and you’ll stand out in any crowd!”

And that, in a nutshell, is the key to choosing the hairstyle that works for you.

Because, whether you choose a classic style...a groundbreaking, trendsetting look...or just embrace your natural texture and shape…

...if you wear that hair with power and pride, it will tell the world exactly who you matter what!



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