Le Styliste Luxe

Digital Salon Dryer

Featuring a beautiful LCD digital display, Le Styliste Luxe lets you tailor the heat and airflow to your exact preferences. The slim, modern frame weighs under 1 pound and provides balanced motor placement for a comfortable, ergonomic feel. Advanced negative ion technology aids in drying hair quickly, reducing frizz, and leaving strands silky, smooth, and shiny. For a uniquely customizable styling experience, the dryer comes equipped with 2 magnetic air concentrators, and a diffuser Additional must-have features include: memory function, overheat protection, automatic self-cleaning, 110,000 rpm brushless motor, reduced ambient noise output, and professional length power cord. Created for the professional stylist, the hair enthusiast, and everyone in between, this luxury dryer takes hair styling to the next level.
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Good for: all hair types

Benefits & Features:

  • Significantly reduces drying time
  • Helps minimize static & frizz
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Efficient, high-performance power
  • LCD display
  • 110,000 rpm continuous output
  • Quiet brushless motor
  • Advanced ionic technology
  • Slim, modern frame
  • Temperature settings are as follows: =  Cool | 140℉ | 190℉ | 250℉ | H = Greater than 250℉
  • 4 heat & 3 speed settings + cool shot
  • Memory function (heat & speed settings only)
  • Self-cleaning + overheat protection
  • Includes 1 diffuser & 2 air concentrators (designed to remain cooler to the touch)


  • Rated Voltage: 100-120V 
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60Hz 
  • Rated Wattage: 1500W 
  • Sound Level: 90dB
  • Length of A.C. Cord: 9.8 ft. | 2.9 m
  • Total Unit Weight: 0.9 lb | 408 g
  1. The side of your dryer handle features 3 control buttons, plus a cool shot on the front of the handle, and a digital display at the back of the dryer. 
  2. Press the ON/OFF (bottom) button for 1-2 seconds to turn the dryer ON. 
  3. Press the top button to select your airflow speed (this will be indicated by a series of lights on the digital display). 
  4. One Light = Low Speed | Two Lights = Medium Speed | Three Lights = High Speed
  5. Press the middle button to select your heat setting (this will be indicated by the temperature on the digital display).
  6. Temperature settings are as follows: = Cool | 140℉ | 190℉ | 250℉ | H = Greater than 250℉ 
  7. Prior to styling, start by applying your L’ange heat protectant of choice.
  8. Gently rough dry hair (on lower heat) until approximately 70% dry.
  9. Next, using a higher heat setting, finish blow drying with your brush of choice.
  10. Work the brush through hair, aiming the airflow in a downward motion. 
  11. For extra volume, concentrate airflow at the roots. 
  12. Continue until your desired look is achieved. 
  13. Press and hold the cool shot button (front of handle) to lock in your style.
  14. Press the ON/OFF (bottom) button for 1-2 seconds to turn the dryer OFF.
  15. Unplug the dryer and let it cool completely before storing in a safe location.

Pro Tip: Dryer comes with 3 magnetic accessories, including 2 air concentrators and 1 diffuser. These may be quickly and easily attached to the front of the dryer and can be rotated 360°degrees so you can position them precisely where you need them. Attachments may be hot during use. Allow them to cool before handling.

Maintenance: This dryer offers a self-cleaning function in which the motor reverses to expel trapped debris, prolonging the life of the dryer. To access this feature, make sure the dryer is OFF. Press and hold the cool shot button for approximately 3 seconds and air will automatically begin to enter from the front outlet and blow out of the rear air inlet. This will be indicated by an 8 second countdown on the digital display. Perform this action weekly, or as needed to free any accumulated dust.