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Root Touch-Up Collection

What They Are:

Root Touch-Up Sticks and Sprays are your instant solution for grays and root regrowth. Both formulas offer easy application, are transfer-resistant, and blend seamlessly with your hair color. They provide lasting coverage that washes out easily with shampoo.

Who They’re For:

No time to see your colorist? We've got you (and your roots) covered! Our Root Touch-Up Collection offers immediate and natural-looking results. They're available in a variety of forgiving shades to match a wide range of hair colors. Keep your roots concealed and color looking fresh until your next salon visit.

Why You'll Love a Spray:

Designed for goof-proof application, this lightweight aerosol formula provides instant, believable coverage that’s completely buildable.

Why You'll Love a Stick:

A few quick swipes of these chubby sticks offer targeted coverage exactly where you need it. They can also be used to fill in your brows.