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Detangling Comb

Styling Essentials

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This multi-use comb is excellent for working with wet or dry hair. The rounded, wide-tooth design makes it ideal for detangling and working masques or treatments through lengths and ends. The smooth finish helps it glide through strands, without damaging hair or deconstructing curly locks.

The Inside

Perk #1 - Wet or dry

The smooth finish makes this comb a multipurpose must-have. Try it in the shower to work hair masques through your ends, or post-shower on wet or dry hair to detangle with ease.

Perk #2 - Gentle on curls

Widely spaced teeth help reduce tugging and discomfort during use. The comb glides through curly locks without disrupting the texture and helps keep hair smooth and defined. 


  • Smooth, easy glide finish helps reduce breakage. 
  • Gently detangles all hair types; ideal for use on curly hair.
  • Wide-tooth design for even distribution of hair treatments.
  • Lightweight, comfortable, non-slip grip.
  • Suitable for use on wet or dry hair.
How To

How To: Always detangle starting from the ends and working up the hair shaft. Hold each section as you comb to avoid tugging or damaging the hair.