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Curl Care

Blush Hair Wrap

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This comfortable, lightweight hair wrap is specially designed for wavy, curly, and coily hair types. Made of superabsorbent 100% cotton jersey material, it cuts down on drying time so your hair requires less exposure to heat. The soft, turban style wrap helps keep your texture intact by reducing friction and frizz. It features a handy button loop closure that keeps it securely in place until you’re ready to style.

The Inside

Perk # 1 - Keeps Your Curls Intact

The soft cotton jersey material feels just like your favorite t-shirt. It’s designed for maximum absorption and simply glides over curls, without disrupting your curl pattern or creating frizz. Curls are left bouncy, defined, and oh-so-shiny!

Perk # 2 - Designed for Comfort

Our hair wrap features a looped closure that keeps it snugly in place and moves with you, anywhere you go. It’s ultra lightweight, so it won’t strain your neck or weigh your head down. Wear it while you get dressed or apply your makeup and remove it when you’re ready to style.

How To

Flip your head forward and place damp hair inside the wrap (make sure the wide side is against your neck and the pointed end is hanging down). Next, gently twist your hair and the wrap together. Lift the twist you’ve created upwards and loop the elastic around the button at the nape of your neck to secure it into place. Wear the wrap for 20 - 60 minutes, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Remove when you’re ready to air or blow dry with a diffuser. For best results, use with our Curl Care Collection. 

Care Instructions:

  1. Wash your Hair Wrap Towel by hand with a neutral detergent.
  2. Do not wash with other clothes. 
  3. The ideal washing water temperature is around 104°F (40°C).
  4. Do not use bleach.
  5. Air dry, preferably in the shade. Do not dry in the sun or at high temperatures, which may accelerate aging and cause the towel to harden.
  6. After drying, store in a bag or box to prevent the absorption of dust and dirt.