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Le Titane • Réplenish • Rival • Heat-Resistant

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Achieve sleek, glossy locks with Le Titane, our titanium flat iron that turns styling dreams into reality. Before styling, spray wet strands with Réplenish Conditioning Spray to detangle hair with ease. Once hair is fully dried, begin by turning on Le Titane and letting it heat up on our Heat-Resistant Mat + Pouch for protection of up to 450°F. Prioritize the health of your hair by using Rival to shield it from heat damage during styling. Once your flat iron reaches its desired temperature, straighten your locks for a long-lasting, radiant shine.

Products in the bundle

Le Titane, titanium flat iron shown on a white background.

Le Titane

Titanium Flat Iron

White bottle with black font  Replenish Detangling Conditioning Spray, L’ange logo & black spray cap


Conditioning Spray

Clear 4fl oz spray bottle with Rival Heat Shield and L’ange logo in black font with clear spray tap


Heat Shield

You can see the rippled, slip-resistant, silicone surface of the curling iron mat for hot tools.


Mat + Pouch

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Who It's For

Good for: all hair types

Ideal for: thick, coarse, or curly hair

The Inside

Benefits & Features:

  • 1” titanium plates
  • Floating titanium plates with rounded edges 
  • Heats up in under a minute
  • Infrared heat strip
  • Negative ion function
  • Closer plates for precision styling 
  • Tulip-shaped cool tip
  • Capacitive touch on/off feature
  • Digital temperature control dial & display
  • Adjustable temperature: 140°F - 450°F/60°C-230°C
  • Temperature memory function
  • Clamp lock feature for easy storage 
  • 60-minute auto shut-off
  • Soft-touch ergonomic design


  • Dual Voltage: 110-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rated Wattage: 52W
  • Item Dimensions: 12.59” x 1.31” x 1.62” | 31.99 cm x 3.33 cm x 4.11 cm
  • Plate Dimensions: 1 in W x 4 in L | 2.5cm W x 10cm L
  • Length of AC Cord: 8.2 ft | 2.5 m
  • Total Unit Weight: 1.04 lb | 471 g 
How To
  1. Plug tool into an electrical outlet. Temperature dial will display OFF and white ON/OFF icon to the right will blink (the tool has not yet started heating).
  2. Press ON/OFF icon for 3-5 seconds to heat the tool up.
  3. Dial the heat to your desired temperature.
  4. In 3-5 seconds, the power icon will turn red to indicate that the temperature lock is engaged.
  5. While the tool heats up, the temperature dial will blink until it’s reached the default or last-used temperature. 
  6. To select a different temperature, rotate the dial left THEN IMMEDIATELY right, or vice versa, to disengage the temperature lock (a locked temperature is indicated by LOC on the display). Then choose your heat setting by turning the dial clockwise to increase temperature and counterclockwise to decrease. *Display will change from OFF to the default temperature of 450°F the first time you use it; after that, the memory function will default to the temperature setting you used last. 
  7. Make sure hair is completely dry and detangled. 
  8. Apply your L’ange heat protectant of choice.
  9. Insert a 1-2” section of hair between the plates. 
  10. Starting near your roots, gently press down.
  11. Slide the iron from root to tip at a moderate pace.
  12. To turn off: disengage the temperature lock by rotating the dial left THEN IMMEDIATELY right, or vice versa, then press and hold the power icon 3-5 seconds.
  13. Power icon will continue blinking until tool is unplugged.
  14. Unplug Le Titane and wait until completely cooled before storing away.

Styling Tip: To get effortless curls & waves, begin around the mid-shaft of the hair and twist the iron (in your preferred direction) as you glide downward. 

User Tip: To switch between °F and °C, press the power icon twice when temperature is unlocked. 

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