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Ever wonder how to get the most out of your L’ange products and get the hair you crave?

Look no further. We’ve created helpful videos to help guide you through the basics, step by step.

How to: Blow Dry

In this video, you’ll learn how to blowdry your hair like a pro and achieve a blowout that’ll last for days.

How to: Use a Straightener

Want to learn how to get sleek, straight hair in minutes? Watch this video to see how you can go from frizzy to straight fast.

How to: Curl with a Wand

Learn how to get beautiful curls that last for days with this quick tutorial.

How to: Use Products for Wet Hair

Learn how to tame frizzy, curly hair in seconds with these hair products.

How to: Prep Dry Hair

Watch this video to get the inside scoop on how to take care of your dry hair.

Which wand is best for me?

Learn the difference between ceramic and titanium barrels, and figure out which size is best for you.