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Rethink the way you dry and style hair.

Dries 4x Faster Than Your Average Dryer

Featuring a brushless motor that packs a whopping 110,000 revolutions per minute (RPM), Le Styliste significantly reduces drying time. 1875 powerful watts plus advanced ionic technology helps hair dry faster while sealing the cuticle for a sleek, lustrous finish. Overheat protection safely powers the tool down when necessary to avoid overheating the motor.

Whisper-Quiet Output

Le Styliste emits a remarkable 68-75 decibels (compared to the standard 90-95 of other tools) and sounds like ambient white noise. For salon use, it’s quiet enough to carry on a conversation with your clients. At home, you can listen to music or watch TV without turning the tool off.

Weighs Under One Pound

Tired of lifting a heavy dryer? We thought so. Le Styliste weighs less than a pound—similar to a single-use plastic water bottle. With its balanced motor placement plus ergonomic grip and handling, you can use it comfortably all day, in either hand, and bid farewell to arm fatigue.

Built to Last

Equipped with a self-cleaning function, Le Styliste is designed to work continually through all day use and endure the test of time. Access this feature with the press of a button to temporarily reverse the flow of air to quickly and easily expel trapped debris and keep your dryer working like new.

Sleek, Modern Design

Le Styliste’s slim, new aesthetic and brushless motor direct and concentrate airflow for a luxurious and ultra powerful styling experience. A series of colorful LED lights indicate 3 heat and 3 speed settings, plus a cool shot button. It offers a memory function that reverts back to your previous styling settings, saving you time.