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Max Volume 65mm Attachment

2-in-1 Brush Dryer Attachment Barrel

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Turn it up to max volume with our 65mm, patent-pending teardrop shaped barrel. Max Volume makes it ideal for getting comfortably close to your roots, which makes it simple to smooth out any hard to reach spots. The dual-sided 65mm barrel helps you elevate your roots, tuck or flip your ends, and smooth out unwanted texture and frizz. Tug-resistant bristles grip the hair, giving you just the right amount of tension to create smooth styles with incredible body and lift. This titanium barrel transforms hair into shiny, frizz-free perfection. Additional styling features include: combination synthetic boar and nylon bristles, 360° vented airflow, & protective cover.

*Brush dryer attachment barrel is designed to only be used with High Volume or Max Volume handles.

Who It's For

Good for: all hair types & lengths

The Inside

Benefits & Features:

  • Patent-pending barrel shape
  • 65mm titanium barrel
  • Adds volume at the root 
  • Reduces unwanted frizz
  • Boosts smoothness & shine
  • Combination boar and nylon bristles
  • Easy barrel head replacement mechanism
  • Includes protective cover


  • Item Dimensions: 5.87” x 2.56” x 1.77” | 149 mm x 65 mm x 45 mm
  • Total Unit Weight: 0.0005 lb | 0.21 g
How To
  1. Before changing barrel heads, wait for the barrel head to be completely cool.
  2. To remove the barrel, push down on the lever found at the back of the handle, and turn the barrel so the unlock symbol aligns with the arrow located just above the lever.
  3. To insert a new barrel, place it onto the handle, and turn until locked in place.
  4. Remove the cover from barrel heads before turning on.
  5. After washing hair, towel dry to remove excess water.
  6. Apply your L'ange heat protectant of choice and detangle hair prior to styling.
  7. Begin styling once hair is approximately 70% dry.
  8. Section and clip additional pieces of hair up and out of the way.
  9. Working with a manageable section, place brush dryer underneath the hair, near the roots. Hold for 2-3 seconds, and working in a downward motion, slowly rotate the hair around the barrel of the brush dryer as you work from root to tip.
  10. Continue until the section is dry (make sure to keep tool moving at all times).
  11. If any sections near the root remain damp, insert brush dryer and hold for an additional 2-3 seconds, or until dry.
  12. To protect bristles, place the tool upright or lay over the side of the counter.
  13. After it's completely cooled, remove trapped debris and then replace the protective cover before storing. 

Styling Tip: For extra lift at the crown, start on the underside of the section with the narrower end of the teardrop barrel near the roots. Then twist the brush dryer in an exaggerated upwards motion.