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Jasmine Rae

Hair Training Essentials

Meet Jasmine Rae

Wish you could wash your hair less often without it becoming oily? You can “train” it to go longer between washes! We’ve teamed up with Expert Hair Stylist Jasmine Rae to bring you her proven hair training system that is simple and effective. With over 15 years of industry experience and more than a half million followers worldwide, she helps women everywhere get the most out of their hair.

What Is Hair Training?

Jasmine Rae has gone shampoo free for more than 30 days using her system and she’s here to share it with you! Training your hair will help slow down oil production at the scalp and eliminate stress on the hair from overwashing. It will also save you tons of time and effort!

What's Included:

Meet The Jasmine Collection, a 3 step system that works for all hair types to help balance oil and keep your hair refreshed between washes. You’ll end up with healthier hair that looks and feels clean, soft, and beautiful.

Step 1 - Skip The Wash - Lightweight waterless refresher
Step 2 - Keep It Clean - Powerful waterless cleanser
Step 3 - Make It Soft - Nourishing waterless hydrator

How To Use the Set:

Developed by Jasmine Rae herself, this system is easy to follow and tailored to your specific hair type and needs. When used as suggested, you should be able to extend your wash cycle by an extra day approximately every two weeks. Whether you’re a frequent washer or have already started to train your hair, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Use early in your wash cycle when you start to notice the first signs of oil and shine at your roots.

Step 2: Use toward the middle and later stages in your wash cycle when your scalp is visibly showing signs of heavier oil production. This part of your wash cycle will vary depending on how far you are into your hair training journey and how long you go between washes.

Step 3: Use as needed from the middle to the end of your wash cycle if your ends appear to be dry and lacking moisture.