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Dry & Style Essentials

Soleil Blush Dryer

If you're looking to create salon-quality blowouts at home, this limited-edition bundle has everything you need! Soleil’s quiet yet powerful airflow cuts drying time to help lock in moisture. The plush, 100% microfiber Blush Hair Towel absorbs water better than traditional cotton towels to reduce blow-drying time even more, while Scalp Saveur soothes and stimulates the scalp as it helps remove dead skin cells and break up product buildup.

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Good for all hair types.

Benefits & Features - Soleil

  • Turbo airflow speeds drying
  • Lightweight AC motor
  • Helps reduce frizz & static 
  • Temperature range: 88°F-213°F
  • 3 heat & 2 airflow settings 
  • Cool shot locks in style 
  • Smooth slider switches 
  • Removable filter end cap 
  • Ergonomic straight handle  
  • Includes 1 air concentrator 
  • Negative ion technology
  • Professional length cord with hanging loop 

Soleil Specifications

  • Rated Voltage: 125V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Rated Power: 1875W 
  • Length of AC Cord: 7.9 ft | 2.4 m
  • Total Unit Weight: 1.5 lb | 693 g

Benefits - Blush Hair Wrap Towel

  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Ultra-absorbent 100% microfiber 
  • Soaks up excess moisture faster than cotton
  • Reduces drying and styling time
  • Looped closure keeps towel snugly in place

Pro Tip: Your hair is most susceptible to breakage when wet. Because the microfiber hair wrap quickly absorbs water, it cuts drying time and leaves hair less damage-prone for hair that’s smoother, shinier, and healthier-looking.

Benefits - Scalp Saveur

  • Gentle silicone bristles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Helps remove dead skin cells
  • Helps clear away excess buildup
  • Massages the scalp
  • Boosts circulation
  • For use on wet or dry hair

Le Soleil How To

  1. Apply your L’ange heat protectant of choice.
  2. Select preferred heat and airflow levels.
  3. Gently rough dry hair (on lower heat) until approximately 70% dry.
  4. Next, select your hair brush of choice.
  5. Section hair into smaller, more manageable pieces. 
  6. Optional: Use the heat concentrator for more control. 
  7. Using a higher heat setting, finish blow drying with your brush of choice.
  8. Roll the brush through hair, concentrating airflow in a downward motion. 
  9. Complete until the desired look is achieved. 
  10. Use the cool shot setting to lock in your style. 

Blush Hair Wrap Towel How To

  1. Flip your head forward, place damp hair inside the towel (do not rub your hair!)
  2. Twist your hair and the towel together. 
  3. Lift the twist you’ve created upwards
  4. Loop the elastic around the button at the nape of your neck to secure it in place.

Care Instructions

  1. It’s recommended that you wash your Hair Wrap Towel by hand with a neutral detergent.
  2. Do not wash with other clothes. Microfiber is extremely absorbent and will draw in the lint from other fabrics.
  3. The ideal washing water temperature is around 104°F (40°C).
  4. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
  5. Shake the towel after washing and drying to help keep the fibers fluffy.
  6. Air dry, preferably in the shade. Do not dry in the sun or at high temperatures, which may accelerate aging and cause the towel to harden.
  7. After drying, store in a bag or box to prevent the absorption of dust and dirt.

Scalp Saveur How To

  1. After applying your product of choice, hold the brush in your palm.
  2. Press the silicone tips to your scalp with gentle to medium pressure and massage all over. Avoid using large, circular motions to prevent tangles from forming. 
  3. Rinse brush thoroughly after use to ensure all residue has been removed.
  4. Brush may be used on wet or dry hair, with or without product.

Pro tip: Try with Exfolier Purifying Scalp Scrub or with your favorite L’ange shampoo or deep treatment.