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"I have really frizzy, thick, messy, kinda curly hair. And I love it... but it is a hassle to do it."

After years of bad hair days...

"I am not a hairstylist, I mess up my hair all the time.

I realized how many mistakes I was making, just in my own regular haircare routine.

Not using heat protectant, teasing my hair, washing my hair every day... things that a lot of regular women don't know aren't so good for your hair.

So I needed to find a routine that really worked for me."

Then she found L'ange.

"Having L'ange there just helped make me feel supported, and that like, I know that my hair is gonna look right."


Take a look at these two women:

Which one of them looks older?

Whenever I ask this question, the most popular answer is usually…

“The one on the right looks 5 years older”...

But the truth is... these two women are actually identical twins!!

The only difference between these two photos... is what one twin did to her hair

You see, one of the biggest factors in how young you look isn’t your skin...

It’s your hair!

And what’s more... it’s just one tiny part of your hair that makes the biggest difference...

Your roots.

All this twin did different, was a simple trick with her roots .

Amazing difference, isn’t it?

Hi my name is Dalia Lange, I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 20 years.

And I can tell you from experience...

Most of the high-profile women you see — with “glorious, thick hair” —

are using one simple, easy trick to get their amazing volume.

It’s the same trick the woman in this photo used. It’s long been a “trade secret” of showbiz stylists…

And no, it does NOT involve destructive methods like teasing or “backcombing.”

BEST OF ALL…you can do it yourself in under 90 seconds


I’m going to reveal this secret trick to you in just a moment

But first let me tell you how I started my journey in teaching women easy ways to achieve that celebrity salon look quickly right from home.

Again, I’m Dalia Lange, founder of L’Ange:

A company devoted to empowering women everywhere — by helping them take control over their hair and appearance, while improving their confidence.

I’m proud to say L’Ange’s groundbreaking online beauty tricks have helped over 1 million women to date.

It touches me that millions have written in to thank us for showing them insider beauty secrets — which they now use daily!

And I’ve created this video because, every day... I see more and more of the same injustice:

Millions of women are being forced to feel insecure about their appearance...

And it’s because they’re comparing themselves to “enhanced” images of high-profile women...

Women they mistakenly think are more beautiful than they are.

If you’ve ever felt this way, I want you to repeat after me:

“These celebrities are NOT more attractive than me. They’re just regular people.”

And I want you to mean it!

Because, if you saw these “glamorous” people in person, you’d be shocked...

All they have over you are a few styling secrets that make the most of their looks.

And in this video, I’m stealing one of their biggest secrets and giving it to you:


I’m doing this because I know firsthand how much more confident and empowered you can feel...When you simply love the way your hair looks.

You see, for most of my life, I hated my hair. I could never figure out how to style

my type of hair.

I looked at girls around me with their perfect, silky hair... and felt really insecure.

Not knowing what else to do, I started chopping it off — keeping it really short.

As a result, people around me looked at me as a tomboy.

I saw myself the same way — boyish-looking, and never pretty. I never got to just feel like a girl!

When I grew up and had a daughter of my own, though…it changed things...

To me, my daughter was the most beautiful little person in the world. I told her all the time.

It never occurred to me she wouldn’t feel the same way about herself.

Then, one day, she walked up to me and said, “Mommy, I hate my hair! Can you help me make it pretty?”

I looked at her hair and realized the cycle was repeating...she had the same hair as me

And what’s worse….

I had no idea how to help her style it!

All these years, I’d always just cut mine short or tied it back. I never learned how to make the most of it.

So, I took her to a great stylist — and we got our hair done together. The stylist even taught us a few simple tricks to maintain our specific type of hair.

The difference was huge for both of us.

For starters, we were all giggles for the rest of the day — walking like models, laughing, flipping our hair, feeling great!

The best part, though, was the look I saw in my daughter’s eyes. It was the confidence I never experienced as a little girl...

She genuinely felt beautiful. And all it took was the right hairstyle!

Sometimes, the simplest thing can make the biggest difference in how a girl — or woman — feels about herself.

But then I realized…

I just don’t have the time to go to the salon every day, and that can get VERY expensive…

but I saw the smile on my daughters face, and I told myself, there has to be a way regular women everywhere can get their hair to look this beautiful everyday… not just celebrities and models

And that’s what inspired me to start L’Ange.

I wanted to start sharing simple style techniques women everywhere could use to look and feel their best...

Because inside all of us is a little girl who just wants to feel beautiful and strut her stuff.

And oftentimes, all it takes is one styling trick to make that “inner girl” feel like a queen!

That’s why I decided to make this video - to help reach as many woman as possible.

Now, let me tell show you the easiest way to improve your look right from home.

I call it “Instant hair boosting” 


The shocking part is - it takes only 90 seconds.

You can literally do it right there, sitting in your chair! And it will give you effortless, gorgeous volume all day long.

It does NOT require hairspray... mousse... expensive salon treatments... extensions... any kind of hair iron... or even a blow dryer.

And yet... it lasts all day!

In my years of searching... I’ve never found an easier way to look and feel younger, sexier, and more confident...

Instant Hair Boosting literally gives you the ability to have a “perfect hair day” — every day!

That’s why it was featured in a series of online tutorials — which my Easy Beauty Team recently published on social media...

And it thrills me to say … that the reaction has been ENORMOUS:

Every single one of those tutorials to date... has gone viral.

And it’s all thanks to my  “Instant Hair Boosting” trick you’re about to learn...

Which, by the way, is a trick I use myself!


Ready? Let’s begin!

Every day, you see “glamorous” women like this — with their perfect, thick hair.

They flaunt it from TV screens, movie screens, magazine pages, billboards, and social media.

And now, you get to learn their dirty secret:

None of them have this kind of hair in real life.

In fact, the woman in this photo actually has thin hair...

But what she did to her hair is what makes the difference,

And I want to show you how to do the same thing — so you can experience the same instant “volume enhancement” she did.

The trick is in repositioning the roots.

Look at the photo again

What she’s done in her photo is increase the angle between her roots and her scalp.

This creates a “lifted” effect that gives her hair the appearance of more volume. And it’s instantly taken years off her appearance!

Now, there are a few ways you can achieve this “root boosting” effect yourself

And I feel it’s important to start with the two techniques you should NEVER use — because they can ruin your hair.

BAD Technique #1: Teasing

Also known as “backcombing”... teasing is where you hold out a section of your hair and comb backward toward the scalp on the underside.

The idea is to stuff a few strands under the main section of hair to give it a lifted appearance.

The reason this is so bad is because it thins out your hair — and leads to unsightly breakage.

You see, your hair strands have tiny cuticle cells that point toward the end of your hair.

These cells are vital for giving your hair flexibility, strength, and bounce.

When you comb backwards... you’re combing against the direction of these cuticle cells. And this strips them off of your hair strands.

This can cause irreversible damage to your hair long term. That’s why I do not recommend it.

Let’s move on to the second “root lifting” technique you should avoid:

BAD Technique #2: Hairspray, Gel, or Mousse

Some people try to “boost their roots” using these harmful products.

Unfortunately, this can ruin your hair as well, for two reasons...

First, these products often have certain alcohols and other chemicals that dry out your hair and make it more brittle.

Second, they can cause buildup to form on your hair that clogs your hair follicles.

Both of these issues can have an unsightly thinning effect on your hair — literally the opposite of what you want!

And the truth is, there’s another, better way to give your roots that thick, “youthful” appearance you want.

It’s what celebrity stylists use for their A-list clients. And it’s also what all the women used in the photos I’ve shown you so far.

It was featured in a viral video tutorial series that now has millions of shares and rave reviews...

And it’s the trick I want to share with you now.

BEST Technique: Root Boost

What is a root boost?

A root booster is a cutting-edge hair enhancer — specially designed to reposition your hair roots for maximum lift and volume.

This enables you to walk around and flaunt your thick-looking, luxurious hair with confidence!

A good root booster works by fortifying your roots without clogging your hair follicles. And it also holds them in place all day!

It should be easy to apply to your scalp. You should be able do it in 90 seconds...

And most importantly, if it’s a proper root booster, once you’ve applied it...

You shouldn’t even notice it’s there.

Now, of course, there are several cheap products out there that don’t meet these criteria.

And yet shady hair companies have still labeled them as “root boosters”...

These products are nothing but glorified hairspray. They leave your hair stiff, brittle, matted, and damaged. And they don’t “boost” much of anything!

That’s why you want to go with a professional-grade root booster — the kind they use in top-tier hair salons.

Unfortunately, these root boosters are expensive — usually in the $50-$60 range.

When I first discovered this, I was shocked.

I had gotten the root booster I was using for free, thanks to my connections in the hair world...

So, I had no idea that NOBODY made a quality root booster that was affordable... until I ran out.

And I felt terrible... because I’d recommended this product to all my friends and family!

So, I scoured the country for an affordable, high-quality root booster... and came up empty-handed.

That’s when I started reaching out to beauty labs...

I wanted to see if I could just have a professional root booster made at a price I could afford and order it in bulk to share it to my family...friends, and more women if possible.

Every lab I went to in America said it was impossible. The ingredients were just too expensive.

However, about a year ago, I convinced myself there must be a way...

Then, I suddenly remembered my early days in the beauty world...

When I’d spent time in Milan, Italy

When I was there, I’d heard about a highly respected chemist. We’ll call him Dr. A.

Dr. A created custom hair and beauty products for the high fashion houses. He was one of the best-connected beauty chemists in the world.

I knew he was in high demand, but I was determined to make my root booster a reality.

So, I reached out to my old contacts to get in touch with him.

After three weeks of messages and phone calls, he agreed to meet. So, I booked the next flight to Milan.

When I arrived at Dr. A’s building, it was the most impressive beauty lab I’d ever seen...

Pristine white walls, sparkling top-of-the-line equipment... and everybody moving with a purpose.

This was exactly where I needed to be.

I told Dr. A about what I was doing in America — teaching women insider beauty secrets to help them look and feel their best.

I told him that I wanted to create an affordable hair root booster. But I wanted it be 100% professional grade.

So I asked Dr. A if it was possible... and if he wanted to join me in creating it.

I’ll never forget his response...

He paused a moment... and then said,

“You came across the world to shake hands with me. I think I can lean across the desk to shake hands with you. I love how passionate you are”

We shook hands, and just like that... we became partners.

Dr. A reached out to his overseas contacts to get exclusive access to premium ingredients.

And we spent the next six months developing and testing what would become the best root booster on the market.

Then, we shared the first batch with high fashion models, and hair stylist to see how they liked it. And they absolutely loved it, and we immediately knew we had to share this with women everywhere.

And now, after months of having real women try out this root booster —

and watching it get - five-star review - after five-star review...

I’m proud to finally introduce this incredible product to women everywhere.

I call it:


Grand Début Root Booster


Let me start out by saying what Grand Début is NOT:

It’s not cheap in quality

It’s not a mousse, hairspray, or mask

It’s not some prescription drug

It’s not something you’ll find in stores... or anywhere else but here.

What it is is the easiest, fastest way to give your hair a gorgeously lifted, thick appearance.

What it is is a 90-second, one-way trip to increased all-day confidence.

What it is is an ultra-premium root booster that goes on your roots lighter than air — for effortless, all-day volume you can see and love.

It uses an exclusive blend of root-enhancing ingredients called the “Root Lift Matrix.”

These ingredients were exclusively formulated by Dr. A to enhance the appearance of your hair without damaging it...

To “disappear” seconds after you apply it, so you can’t even tell it’s there...

And to free you from flat, deflated hair days at last.

Grand Début is a lotion-to-foam formula that leaves no visible residue on your hair.

The perfect amount is delivered directly to your roots using an exclusive laser-like nozzle.

And using it couldn’t be simpler! You can use it on damp or dry hair — your choice.

You simply part your hair.

Then, hold the nozzle 4-5 inches from each part and apply a quick spray of Grand Début along the length of the part.

Give it a few seconds to set, and then spread it around your roots gently with your fingers for a second.

And then drop the parted section of hair on top of it and repeat for the other parts.

Once you’ve finished applying Grand Début to all the parted areas, gently massage your scalp upward against the direction of hair growth.

This is called “jujuing,” and it’s the final step that gives your roots the volumizing lift.

Don’t overthink it, though! This whole process takes about 90 seconds.

And that’s all there is to it! Simply style your hair however you normally would, and enjoy the all-day lift in your hair — and confidence —


Join the thousands of women who are already enjoying the benefits like Mabel D. who says:

"Love this product! It makes me feel confident by giving my hair volume and keeping it looking full. I really love this root booster. Thank you!!"

~ Mabel D.


or Katie S. who says:

"This root booster is the best in the market! It makes your hair fuller with more volume, I couldn't be more satisfied! Thank you L'ange!"

~ Katie S


Now, you’re probably wondering how you can try Grand Début for yourself.

Premium products like this are usually sold at hair salons.
And they usually cost in the anywhere from $60-$70, if not more.

Even when ordering in bulk, other products can still cost up to $50 per bottle!

For me, this was simply not going to cut it.


I truly want everyone to be able to experience the thick, luxurious look they can achieve with Grand Début..

and so, I decided to go a different route.

By eliminating all retail costs, and instead offering Grand Début directly to you…
I’m proud to be able to offer it... for the amazing price of only $20 per bottle.


Because you stuck with me through this video,
I want to do something special for you right now…

If you go to the order page, we’re offering even steeper discounts on our multi-bottle options, just to sweeten the offer.

Trust me, once you see just how much the time you save, and hear the compliments you’ll receive…
You won’t want to stop using Grand Debut Root Booster.

So stock up, and take advantage of this exclusive multi bottle offer today!

By the way, I also want to ease any concerns you may have.

That's why your order is also backed by a no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee.
Take a full 60 days to try Grand Début for yourself.

And if you don’t LOVE it for any reason at all...

Just contact our customer support for a hassle-free refund.

That simple!

You’ll receive their contact information in a confirmation email after you place your order.

Why would I make such a guarantee?

Because I’m genuinely honored that you took the time to watch my video and learn the hair styling secrets I have to share!

But more importantly, I want to remove any doubts you may have,
so that you can truly experience the volume and all-day lift that's possible with Grand Début Root Booster, worry free!

I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with the hair-enhancing results you get from Grand Début — just like Katrina.

"I've been using the Root Booster almost daily since I purchased it, and it is AH-MAZING!
This stuff gives me long lasting volume without leaving gross buildup on my hair. Plus it smells great!"

~ Katrina S.


So, when you’re ready, simply click the ‘Next Step’ button below.

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Hundreds of people have asked if they’re able to order multiple bottles — so they can take full advantage of this special, video-only discount.

The answer is yes! Those options are now on the order page.

What’s more, after talking it over with my team, we’ve decided to offer extra savings on the multi-pack options, just to sweeten the offer.

I honestly feel it’s the least I can do. You’ve taken the time to watch this presentation. And you’re putting your faith in me by trying Grand Début Root Booster.

That’s an honor I don’t take lightly!

So, when you’re ready, go ahead and click the button below to take advantage of this exclusive offer now.

And let me be the first to welcome you to the L’Ange family..

I’m Dalia Lange. Thank you for watching!