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A Working Woman’s Guide to Fabulous Hairstyles

A Working Woman’s Guide to Fabulous Hairstyles

We know your workday is stressful enough without having to worry about whether you’ve got the right style. So we decided to give you some truly trustworthy workplace hair advice, courtesy of our own crew of professional stylists.

The kids are off to school, the hubby’s doing his daily thing…

...and it’s time to go to work!

You’ve got the right wardrobe...the perfect shoulder bag...the classiest shoes and accessories.

Everything about your look screams confidence and consummate professionalism.

woman woring at her desk with a cup of coffee

“Nothing gives you an aura of professional know-how like the right outfit and shoes!”

That’s why you need to take a moment, and ask yourself:


It’s a simple fact: Different types of workplaces make different demands on your look.

For example, your favorite business-casual hairstyle might not meet the boss’s approval at a more formal office.

And, if you work outside, or in a highly physical occupation, your hair will have its own unique work-related needs.


Fortunately, we know your workday is stressful enough without having to worry about whether you’ve got the right style.

So we decided to give you some truly trustworthy workplace hair advice...courtesy of our own crew of savvy professional stylists!

We asked them:

“What are some outstanding on-the-job women’s hairstyles?”

Their straightforward suggestions will help you always look and feel your best for work…

...without too much extra work for you!


Of course, before you choose the right workplace need to get the job!

That means making sure your style is right for that big job interview.

And since first impressions are all about presenting the best version of the real you…

...celebrity stylist Mark Townsend says to approach your interview like a red carpet walk.

“You want to look polished,” Townsend advises, “but still look like you. Trying to take on another persona just to get the job probably isn’t going to work out.”

This be-yourself-at-your-best suggestion is why Townsend says the top job-interview styles work with your natural texture.

“If you have curly or wavy hair that’s susceptible to humidity,” he says, “pull it back.

“The last thing you’ll want is to be worrying what your hair looks like. You need to be confident.”

“Your job-interview hairstyle should reinforce that you’re someone who’s confident and in control!”

Townsend’s other job-interview styling ideas include:

  • Get a blowout the day before your interview: “The look will stay for 24 hours.”
  • If you don’t have time for a salon visit, opt for a sleek straight ponytail, a French twist, or a low bun
  • ...and, if you’re worried about flyaway hairs, smooth them down with some hairspray on a natural bristle’s Townsend’s favorite red-carpet hair hack!1

Townsend’s tips will help you stay calm and poised throughout your interview…

...and your sophisticated sense of style will give them just one more reason to hire you!


When it comes to choosing the right look for an office, it mainly comes down to two questions:

How formal is your workplace? ...and… How long is your hair?

The good news is, our stylists offered a number of looks appropriate for a suit-and-tie setting…

...but with enough flair and energy for a modern business-casual office, too!

If you favor short locks, Rebecca Bates, owner of The Hair Parlour in Oceanside, CA, recommends a pixie cut with a slightly longer-than-normal, textured finish.

“It’s going to be extremely easy to style daily,” Bates says. “There are so many ways you could wear it, since it’s got quite a bit of length in the front.”

Bates calls this kicky, confident style “great for thick-haired girls that have some natural movement to their hair, and aren’t afraid to go short.”

But, if you keep your hair longer, or have finer strands, Hannah Mole of the Bad Apple Hair Salon in Birmingham, England has a great look for you as well.

It’s the classic long bob...also known as the lob or clavicut.

Woman standing with back twards the camera

“For work, for home, or out on the town, the lob is a haircut that’s ready to help you shine!”

“You can wear it sleek and straight to show off the sharp blunt cut,” says Mole, “or in tousled waves for a softer look.”

Mole also has nothing but praise for this style’s versatility, saying it’s great for both working ladies and busy moms.

“You can tie it up and out of the way during the day,” she says, “and still style it nicely for an evening out or weekend. It’s an easy-to-manage, super-low-maintenance hairstyle.”2

With these two chic and commanding looks in your repertoire, your style will be ready for all the unpredictable twists and turns your work day always throws your way!


The hairstyles listed above are great for a day behind a desk, or in a conference room.

But what if your job’s got you chasing kids around a classroom...hustling through hospital corridors...or out in the sun, dirt, and fresh air?

If you’re looking to tackle a physically demanding workday, without losing that touch of style…

...your best choice is that classic girl-on-the-go updo: the messy bun!

woman with a bun on her hair

“For combining gracious charm with casual ease, the messy bun is hard to beat!”

Not only does this timeless style keep your tresses from your face, and your arms and upper body free to move…’s also on the cutting edge of contemporary glamour, thanks to newly minted royal Meghan Markle, who rocked this look at a recent appearance with Prince Harry!

Best of all, you don’t have to have a royal’s beauty budget to perfect this look, according to Rossano Ferretti, a stylist whose clients include Markle’s new sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

To create the perfect messy bun, Ferretti says, “Start with volumizing spray before the blow-dry. This will add volume at the top.”

Then, after applying a smoothing balm, use a flat iron to sculpt some loose beachy waves.

“This,” says Ferretti, “will give the hair some grit when you pull it up.”

Finally, to hold the bun in place, “the first step is a rubber band,” says Ferretti.

Also, “A few bobby pins are required, depending on the amount of hair.”

But Ferretti advises, since the goal is “clearly a not-too-done’s totally up to the woman and how they like the final result!”3

In short, a smartly sculpted messy bun will keep you ever-ready for workplace action…

...while making sure you stay looking like a queen...or, in this case, a duchess!


Chances are, “having fabulous hair” is NOT part of your job description.

But psychologists confirm that people with the “right” hairstyle for their job are perceived as more professional and better to work with.

The result: Higher salaries, promotions, perks...a happier job experience all around!4

That’s why we hope our ace team of stylists help you choose your perfect workplace look.

Because, no matter where your professional life takes you…

...we want you to have hair that’ll help you really go places!



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