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La Mane

Borage Oil Silk Shampoo

Intensive treatment shampoo with Borage Oil and Silk Protein for dry, damaged, coarse, and hard to manage hair. Great for hair that’s undergone chemical treatment such as coloring, straightening, or lightening.

Made from a unique formula free of sodium chloride, S.L.S., and parabens. Enriched with silk protein and borage seed oil, whose properties are known to be highly effective in treating dryness and improving the appearance of hair.

Borage oil contains an especially high percentage of essential ingredients that are similar to the hair’s natural constituent elements, such as amino acids, keratin, gamma-linolenic acid, and ceramide. The silk protein absorbs moisture and binds it to the hair, leaving a glossy softness that makes combing and styling dry or damp hair easy and comfortable.

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