My Fellow Traveler Had a Perfect Blowout in The Middle of Nowhere. What Was Her Secret!?

My Fellow Traveler Had a Perfect Blowout in The Middle of Nowhere. What Was Her Secret!?

On 09/28/20 by Trina Bassett

We traveled across India for two weeks. All this time my travel companion had a salon-style blowout and envious hair volume without any access to a hairstylist. I had to find out what she was doing…

As a camera operator working for a TV channel that produces a lot of travel documentaries I spend a lot of time on the road. Roughly nine months a year to be precise. I’m away to all sorts of destinations, and exotic as it may sound, this is not what most people think. There’s no lying on serene beaches or sipping cocktails in sexy bars. Quite the opposite. Most of the time I am in situations that are not relaxing. My everyday experience involves long flights, strenuous treks and filming in wild places far from civilization. This takes its toll on my overall beauty and my hair, in particular, suffers a lot.

I don’t have any hair volume, and overall my hair is dull and oily

As you can imagine I don’t look my best on most days. My hair feels flat, oily and damaged from all that time spent on the road. Using random hair products in different hotels, swapping germs with other people, washing my hair with water that is sometimes too hard, too chlorinated or even contaminated – all of this takes its toll on my hair. I had resigned myself to the fact that a woman cannot look good when traveling, until I found out what my colleague was doing…

We spent two weeks crossing India, traveling through all sorts of terrains – countryside, jungles and bustling cities. My hair had no volume and no life left in it. My colleague’s hair, however, looked divine – voluminous, shiny, beautifully styled. She looked like one of those models you see in video commercials for hair styling products. Out of the two of us, she is the one who appears in front of the camera, so she needs to look her best. Of course in a studio this is easy to achieve, because we have make-up artists and hair stylists on set. Out in the middle of nowhere, however, it’s not possible to look that great. So I began to wonder – what was she doing!?

After two weeks of watching her come out of her hotel room every morning with fantastic hairdos, I started feeling jealous and utterly perplexed. We were staying in hotels without hair salons. Oftentimes miles away from any civilized place. At one point we were in a vacation rental in a village. And even when we were in big cities, like Mumbai, we never parted ways, so I did not see her going to a hairdresser all this time. Every morning she’d leave her room with hair that could be on the front cover of a beauty magazine!

I started getting jealous of her gorgeously voluminous hair

Here was a woman who looked fantastic. Every. Single. Day. I had to find out what she was doing. Was she born with hair that just looked awesome? One day during breakfast I just asked her how she did it. What she said blew me away…

My colleague styled her hair by herself with a brush dryer called Le Volume. That was her trick for getting a blowout whenever she had no access to a hairdresser. She insisted that this was much easier and less time consuming than trying to use a dryer and a brush separately. One morning before breakfast she showed me her brush dryer and how she styled her hair with it. The whole routine seemed quite easy and it didn’t take long either. As soon as we returned from our trip, I checked out Le Volume online and decided to give it a try.

With nearly 20,000 five-star reviews this volumizing brush dryer is quickly becoming a must-have for every woman who is serious about her hair volume

Having seen the effect Le Volume had on my colleague’s hair, I didn’t need much convincing to try it out myself. However, I did a bit of research before buying it. I watched a few videos on Facebook, posted by real women who were using Le Volume on their own hair. Their blowouts looked amazing too. Besides, Le Volume had absolutely fantastic reviews from buyers – thousands of five-star testimonials. I didn’t waste much time thinking about it and I just bought the brush dryer. Just watch below!


Easy to use volumizing brush dryer

Just like my colleague, I am used to sitting in the salon chair and letting the hairdresser do their magic. I have never used a hairdryer and a styling brush at the same time. Apparently I shouldn’t even bother trying, because according to my girlfriends, it’s quite tricky to style your own hair using two different tools at the same time. That’s not an issue with Le Volume, because the styling brush is attached to the dryer. You don’t need to juggle two separate tools and you have one hand always free. Le Volume styles and lifts your hair while drying it.

Amazing blowouts on the go

My hair volume went through the roof from day one. All thanks to the advanced technology behind Le Volume. The cylindrical barrel blows out air in all directions, while the bristles grip your hair and lift it up. This way your hair dries, gets shaped and becomes far more voluminous with less effort. Le Volume features titanium plates, which emit steady heat, and an ionic generator that releases negatively charged ions. The combination of the two help dry your hair faster, and seal your cuticle to ensure that your locks stay shiny and frizz-free.

Healthier, happier hair

My hair felt and looked visibly healthier, less tired and less damaged than usual. The brush dryer has three heat settings, which allows you to choose whether to dry it aggressively or gently. Even at a lower temperature, Le Volume dries your hair faster than cheap blow-dryers, because the ionic generator produces negative ions that evaporate the water molecules from your wet hair. In addition to that my hair doesn’t tangle as much as it used to. The bristles brush it into place and it stays fixed for a while. This prevents tangling and I find it much easier to brush even post-styling. There’s far less hair left on the brush, which shows that I lose less hair than before.

Your best travel and beauty companion

Le Volume weighs very little and is quite compact. Needless to say, it combines two tools into one, so I don’t need to carry anything else when I travel. If your work takes you on the road all the time, this brush dryer is for you. It will fit into your luggage and follow you around the planet, making sure you look beautiful wherever you go. I have taken my Le Volume to five countries already and it has helped me to style my hair from my Airbnb, my hotel room, my own home and even a caravan. All you need is a power plug and a mirror.

Time and money-saver

When I bought Le Volume I was planning to use it on the road, in places where it would have been hard for me to find a hairdresser who speaks the same language. However, since I bought it, I have gotten used to having beautifully styled hair every day. Even when I am rushing I still have to dry my hair after a shower. With Le Volume my hair dries faster than with an ordinary blow-dryer, with the added benefit of looking absolutely fabulous – frizz-free, voluminous and shiny. I rarely visit the salon nowadays, because I can create a beautiful blowout on my own. This saves me a lot of time and money.

Final Thoughts

Le Volume doesn’t just style my hair or give it volume. It also makes it healthier and more manageable. My locks no longer look frizzy, they don’t tangle and they don’t break so easily. Add to this the bonus of saving time and money, and I can say that this tool is a win-win. After several months of using Le Volume, I cannot go anywhere without it. My brush dryer follows me all over the world. And I am not alone… Just hear what other women who have bought Le Volume have to share about their own experience.

20,000 + Happy Le Volume Users

My Favorite Hair Product EVER!!!!

I have purchased an item like this before from another brand. It did NOT have the power, heat nor sleek design this product does. I have become a die-hard L’ange fan. I now have 3 hair products and 2 heat styling products. My goal is to own all L’ange products. My hair has never felt so good after styling in my life. I honestly feel like I hit the JACKPOT with this I can style and do my hair without worrying about damaging my hair AND I have now cut my styling time down so much I now have time for breakfast in the morning. Thank you, L’ange xoxox – Shamim W.

A must buy!

I am a busy hairstylist, and am obsessed with this dryer. It’s the only thing I use at home and recommend it to EVERY client that sits in my chair. I have long, thick hair and it works like a dream. It’s the only tool you need. Bonus... you can use it on dry hair for a quick fix in the morning!
Kristina A.

Best styler I have ever used

I My hair gets so many compliments when I used the LeVolume brush. It always looks like I had just stepped out of the salon ! I have fine hair but lots of it, normally it would take me 30-40 minutes to blow dry my hair but with the LeVolume brush I am done with it 15-20 minutes not only have I cut my styling time in half but the outcome is so much more rewarding!
Dori W.

Best styler I have ever used

I My hair gets so many compliments when I used the LeVolume brush. It always looks like I had just stepped out of the salon ! I have fine hair but lots of it, normally it would take me 30-40 minutes to blow dry my hair but with the LeVolume brush I am done with it 15-20 minutes not only have I cut my styling time in half but the outcome is so much more rewarding!
Sheija P.

Worth every penny best money I've ever spent

I just recently got my Le Brush and I have to say that it is even better then I imagined. It really does give you the salon quality blowout in a fraction of the time, it Glides through your hair so smoothly without getting any Tangles from a round brush. I was able to go from wet hair to perfect blowout in under 20 minutes, and on top of maintaining my frizzy hair it also dried my hair faster than a regular blow dryer without needing the use of a flat iron afterwards. I would definitely say it's worth every penny and it was the best $90 I've ever spent on myself. And not to mention the amazing volume it gives your hair and the ability to either flip your hair out or curl it under and even does a great job on bangs. I would definitely recommend for every woman to buy this because you will not be disappointed at all.
Tiffany C.

Where Can I Buy Le Volume?

Le Volume sold out completely in 32 hours after its first release. Luckily, it’s currently available on the manufacturer’s website: langehair.com. L’ange are so confident in the superior quality of their volumizing brush dryer, that they are offering 100% money back guarantee on all Le Volume purchases. Stocks might not last long, so make sure you get yours now.

Exclusive Limited-Time Offer

At the moment Le Volume is offered at 45% off the retail price with a 60-day return policy and a money-back guarantee. This offer can expire at any time, so act fast and take advantage of the opportunity to save money.

Click the link below to check whether Le Volume is still available at the promotional price.


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