This Beauty Trick Restored My Confidence and Transformed My Life (And You Must Try It Too…)

This Beauty Trick Restored My Confidence and Transformed My Life (And You Must Try It Too…)

On 09/08/20 by Laura K. Hawk

I never thought I’d lose a job because of my ugly hair, but I did. The hair volume secret that I discovered after this embarrassment turned my life around.

Ladies, have you ever went to a job interview and felt insecure just because you didn’t look your best? Have you ever felt you would not get hired or seen as capable and skilled, because you had a bad hair day or a bad skin day?

Shockingly enough, that’s exactly what happened to me…

As women we struggle with our confidence when we don’t feel that we look our best. Of course, nine times out of ten, we are imagining things. But when I was turned down for a job – because my hair looked ugly – it turned out my fears weren’t just in my head.

I never had enough hair volume

I’m not a girly girl. Beauty routines have never been my forte, beauty products even less so. Not only don’t I have the confidence of pretty girls, but I just hate spending too much time on my hair and skin. My hair never had much volume – it was always flat, but since I like to keep things simple I didn’t give it much thought. Neat and tidy is my mantra. I dress up for important occasions and do my best to look presentable without too much fuss. I thought that was good enough until I was turned down for a job because my hair wasn’t beautiful…

A few months back I had an interview for a sales position, and I thought things were going well. I had excellent references from my previous employers and a solid record as a sales person in similar positions. The HR recruiters who interviewed me, both stunning ladies, were very polite and positive. But what happened afterwards shocked me…

After the interview, I didn’t leave the company premises but headed to the restrooms to freshen up. While I was inside one of the cubicles, the two HR recruiters who had interviewed me only minutes earlier walked into the restroom, too, and began discussing the candidates they had been interviewing. What I heard next had me in tears...

The younger lady told her senior that she thought I was the best candidate. “Yay!” I screamed silently in my head. I would get that job… But then the senior HR manager replied with a snort: “No way. I am not hiring her! Did you see what her hair looked like!? We cannot have a sales person with such messy appearance. We need someone who can represent the company.”

My spirits sank. When the two left I went out and I looked myself in the mirror. Sure my hair was flat and frizzy, but I never thought that this would be an obstacle. What that hiring manager had said was mean and shallow, and perhaps not at all relevant to the position, but… I felt defeated.

I had been out of work for several months, and with two teenage kids and an elderly, sick mother to take care of – I needed the job! Being a single working mom is not easy, but being a single unemployed mom is even harder.

As if not getting hired was bad enough, this triggered something worse. I’d never liked my hair much – it was limp, thin, flat. As someone who struggles with beauty products I kept my routine simple – wash, dry, brush and tie.

Was that not enough? Was my hair that ugly? Was I that ungainly?

I used to have low self-esteem and confidence issues when I was younger, but my job in sales had helped me cope with that. Or at least I thought it had. After that terrible interview, I felt my confidence plummet. Long story short, I failed two more interviews – not because my hair lacked volume – but because my self-esteem went low. Feeling timid and unmotivated, I showed no confidence whatsoever during the interviews. Looking back, I wouldn’t have hired myself.

Things were getting really bad until a friend asked me what was wrong.

“I hate my hair!” I cried out. Then I proceeded to tell her what had happened at the interview. My friend was appalled, but she shrugged off my comments that nobody would hire me because of my hair. “You just need your confidence back,” she said and advised me to get something called Le Volume.



Of course she was right, but I was skeptical. After all, I hated beauty products, but I looked at my friend and her glorious, voluminous curls. She said that Le Volume was the secret that gave her hair volume and made it look gorgeous. She never actually went to the hairdresser for blowouts. I thought she was pulling my leg, but after a few more sleepless nights of worrying about my hair, my job prospects and what not, I googled the product she had mentioned.

It turned out that Le Volume was a 2-in-1 brush dryer. It had several thousand five-star reviews and there was an option to return it within 60 days if unhappy. All of this sounded reassuring, and since I didn’t have much to lose, I thought I’d try it.

There was only one thing that bothered me. Given how little experience I had with styling my hair – zero to be precise – I was worried I might not get the knack of this dryer. Which is why I googled some tutorials and I came across videos by beauty influencers showing how to use Le Volume. I was stunned by how simple it looked – no more different than a traditional hair dryer, only it brushed and styled the hair at the same time while drying it.

Just see for yourself how an ordinary American wife and mom creates awesome blowouts…

Check this out…

In fact it looked so easy, I decided to take action and order my Le Volume.

What more could I lose? Another potential job than I needed or more of my already crushed self-esteem?

I Ordered My Le Volume and This is What Happened Over the Next Two Weeks

Day 1

The package arrived very quickly. It was easy to unpack and the dryer brush was very light and compact. Time to try it out!

I plugged it in and was happy with the extra-long power cord – the only socket in my bedroom was six feet away from my mirror. I had just washed my hair and decided to style it the way I had seen in the Facebook tutorials – sectioning it off and starting from the bottom layers.

After I ran the brush dryer through my hair a few times, it was not only dry but it also appeared visibly shinier and fuller. All in all, Le Volume worked much faster than my own hairdryer. I repeated this with the upper layers and was pleased with how easily it worked. The brush rotated very smoothly and wasn’t difficult to use at all.

After about 20 minutes, my hair was not only dry, but it looked sleek, shiny and voluminous. I hadn’t seen it so beautiful since I last went to the salon! And I most certainly hadn’t expected it to look so stunning without any help from a professional hairstylist. Was that me looking back at me in the mirror?

Day 2

My hair still looked pleasingly lovely and voluminous and since I had to rush the kids to school and take my mother to the hospital for an appointment, I just brushed my hair quickly. I didn’t have time to wash or style it. Despite having a couple of utterly stressful, busy days with no time to even wash my hair, it still looked gorgeous.

Day 7

I started using Le Volume regularly and ditched the old hairdryer. My hair looked as if I had been to the salon but it was also easier to manage. For the first time I had time for myself, and I could look beautiful and take care of the kids and my mom at the same time. What more could a single working mom ask for?

Day 10

I felt how my hair got less tangled and less frizzy, which made it easier to manage. Overall it looked a lot healthier than before. It was as if I had discovered a serum for hair beauty that had turned the clock back a few years. I started receiving compliments from people I met regularly and even from strangers. I felt so much better that I almost forgot about the horrible comments that recruiter had made merely a few weeks ago. I felt beautiful!

Day 14

I prepared for an interview for a job I wanted very much. It was a fantastic position – excellent salary, close to home and my kids’ school and at a great company. First thing I did in the morning was to style my hair using Le Volume. I headed to the job interview in a very good mood. And this time round I nailed it! I was so confident and happy that I couldn’t get the smile off my face.

A few hours after the interview the hiring manager phoned me to tell me she’d love to have me on her team. She felt they could use someone who exuded so much confidence and enthusiasm. The she added… “By the way, can you give me the number and address of your hairdresser? Your hair looks amazing!”

I have been using Le Volume for a few months now and I just cannot imagine life without it. For someone who has always detested beauty products and never used a hair styling tool, it’s a fantastically easy and simple device to have at home.

Here are some of the great ways Le Volume helps me:

  • Saves time – Le Volume is great for working ladies. As a single working parent I just don’t have time for hair care or appointments with a hairdresser.
  • Saves money – Big return on investment, all your blowouts for the rest of your life for less than $200!
  • Saves effort – If just like me you are clueless about hair products and tools, you need Le Volume. You can get a professional-level blowout in the blink of an eye. The result is great from the first time.
  • Makes my hair look fab – Le Volume reduces frizz and tangle on top of making your hair full and bouncy. The brush dryer comes with three heat settings, and never burns your hair. Overall, your hair looks gorgeous and also feels healthier.

What more could you want? 

Final Thoughts

After several months of using Le Volume, I can say that I am never going back to an ordinary hair-dryer and I most certainly do not need to go to a salon for a blowout. My hair looks great every day, it even feels healthier than before – less tangles, less hair loss, less frizz. Not only do I look beautiful, but I also feel beautiful. And this shows in my job and my day-to-day life. It’s a total transformation!

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