Windsor Palace Insider Reveals the Queen's Hair Secrets (and what she uses to style it)


On 10/16/20 by Angela Grayson

A few weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth II appeared on TV to reassure people about the measures being taken to address the coronavirus epidemic in the UK. As always, her hair looked flawless. Promptly, the Queen was accused of disregarding self-isolation orders to get her hair done by a professional stylist for her TV appearance. However, the Royal Palace formally responded to these allegations a few days later, stating - to everyone's surprise - that she had styled her hair all by herself! It was hard to believe that anyone could achieve such a perfect blowout at home. It was even harder to imagine the Queen trying to balance a heavy hairdryer in one hand with a round brush in the other to create that magnificent volume, and then using a flat iron to eliminate frizz, followed by a curler to flip out the ends.  

A couple of weeks later, a royal family insider shared in confidence that while usually, a team of hairstylists make sure that the royal family's hair always looks perfect, when they are on holiday and have no formal state duties to perform, not only the Queen but also the Duchesses enjoy styling their hair and use an innovative brush dryer to give their hair that magnificent volume and shine. We then spotted Kate Middleton with gorgeous hair on Instagram, where she gave a live BBC interview about the importance of mental health. In the interview, she admitted that she styled her hair for the interview because she couldn't get a professional blowout (and she is known for getting 2-3 professional blowouts per week to maintain her gorgeous hair!).

On hearing the news, we immediately dropped everything and started googling brush dryers to find the most popular and advanced tools on the market, trying to guess which one the Duchesses and the Queen might be using. Of the top-rated dryer brushes, only one stood out and looked like it might be used by the royal family – Le Volume by L'ange.



With its luxurious titanium barrel, advanced ionic technology, comfortable lightweight design, and glamorous appearance, we could easily imagine the Queen drying, straightening, volumizing, and styling her hair using Le Volume. This legendary dryer brush gained a cult following and sold out within just a few days when it first went on sale. With over 18,500 positive reviews by verified buyers who state that they "absolutely love" Le Volume, its popularity is spreading like wildfire. Buyer 'before and after' photos on social media show that using Le Volume, they indeed are able to achieve beautiful, salon-quality hair at home that could easily rival the hairstyles of the royal family.  

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and it is definitely true when one sees the customer photos of Le Volume's shockingly good results. We were instantly hooked, and when we discovered that Le Volume is currently on sale and available for just $99 (retail: $179), we ordered this mega-popular ‘miracle brush dryer’ to try it out.  

We tested Le Volume on four different types of hair: Thinning hair that needs more lift and  volume, thick hair that needs smoother and softer texture, curly hair that needs straightening and styling, and damaged hair that needs a complete revamp. All four tests  showed that Le Volume is a life-changing hair tool:


Test #1: Thin, flat hair
Le Volume is perfect for thin hair that needs volumizing! This fantastic tool combines a hairdryer with a vented round brush to give you glamorous blowouts at home as often as you want them without spending a fortune on hair salons. Le Volume created gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in just a few minutes without breaking or damaging our hair. Providing incredible volume at the roots, silky smoothness and body throughout the length, and movement at the ends, Le Volume delivered on all fronts. No more backcombing and teasing your hair, wasting hours sitting around in your rollers, or spending a lot of money every time you want a professional blow-dry – you should get your Le Volume today and start enjoying your new voluminous hair.

Test #2: Thick, coarse hair
The next person who tried using Le Volume has very thick, coarse shoulder-length hair that is very difficult to style and takes ages to dry. She was shocked by how easy it was to use Le Volume and even more so when she saw the end result! Le Volume easily cut her drying time in half because it uses advanced ionic technology that breaks down water particles in the hair, causing water to evaporate faster, which accelerates the drying process without damaging your hair. Even more importantly, it straightened her hair while drying it, softened and smoothed it, and gave it the shiny finish and silky texture she always wanted. She said that Le Volume worked a small miracle on her hair and that everyone with thick hair should get Le Volume and stop wasting hours drying their hair and money on expensive salon blowouts!

Test #3: Curly, frizzy hair
In short, we concluded that Le Volume is the ideal tool for curly hair. It is very versatile and allows you to achieve a variety of different hairstyles if you have curly hair, from straightening your hair to creating glamorous waves, and will make you look and feel incredibly groomed and beautiful whenever you style your hair. The ionic technology that Le Volume uses instantly neutralizes static charges and reduces flyaways; it also helps to lock in moisture by closing the cuticle, giving your hair that beautiful lasting shine that distinguishes all royal hair. At the same time, Le Volume's premium titanium barrel helps manage frizz without using a flat iron. Having healthy, smooth, and gorgeous looking hair has never been easier, and now we understand why thousands of customers love using Le Volume to tame their curls.

Test #4: Damaged hair
This was the ultimate test for Le Volume because we used it on over-bleached, brittle, frizzy hair that is flat, lifeless, and dull. But even here, Le Volume exceeded our expectations. It literally resurrected our damaged hair and is a must-have tool for people with lifeless, dry hair prone to breakage. To bring your hair back to life, Le Volume uses professional ionic technology that repairs and seals damaged hair cuticles, and locks in your hair's natural oils and moisture for nourished, healthy-looking hair. Le Volume's luxurious titanium barrel helps distribute heat evenly and ensures that the least amount of heat is being used throughout the drying process, leading to less damage. Our hair looked healthy, groomed, nourished, and shiny in just half an hour, which enormously boosted our confidence!


Equipped with Le Volume, convinced that we discovered the tool that the royal family use to achieve their beautiful hair at home, and reassured that we too could have magnificent hair with Le Volume, we continued our investigation and found another seven fascinating and scandalous royal hair facts:

# Fact 1: Hair Is More Important Than Background. For Royals.
When Meghan Markle crossed the Atlantic to become the Duchess of Sussex in 2018, for months, all everyone talked about was Meghan's upcoming royal wedding to Prince Harry. A divorced American actress a couple of years older than the Prince – everyone was reminded of the scandalous story of the American socialite Wallis Simpson whose marriage to the British King Edward VIII led to a constitutional crisis and his subsequent abdication, which didn't look like a good start for Meghan. Surprisingly, however, the media spotlight quickly shifted to Meghan's style, hair, and beauty choices instead, showing the high importance of appearance for the royal family.

# Fact 2: Royals Never Have a Bad Hair Day. Ever.
Can you imagine spotting Queen Elizabeth II with flat, dull hair, even when she is on holiday, hiking in Scotland? Probably not! Of the 12 other reigning queens around the world at the moment, the best-known this side of the Atlantic are Queen Silvia of Sweden, Queen Sonja of Norway, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands - and like Queen Elizabeth II, all of them have beautiful hair, distinguished by its volume, body, shine, and smoothness. Damaged, thin hair that lacks luster and bounce and looks like straw is not an option if you belong to a royal family:


# Fact 3: Royal Hair is Regulated by a Formal Protocol. Seriously

Imagine for a minute that Kate Middleton shows up at a state reception with damaged, messy hair. Or Queen Silvia receiving distinguished guests with thin, lifeless hair trapped in a pitiful ponytail. Or Queen Sonja attending a charity event with greasy hair. These examples show how important their hair is for maintaining the royals’ dignified, elegant, and graceful appearance. In fact, it is so important that there is a formal style protocol that prescribes the required appearance of the royal hair for different occasions! Judging by their always impeccable hair, it must start with something like: “Royals must have perfect hair at all times. Messy, damaged, or greasy hair is absolutely forbidden”.

# Fact 4: Commoners Who Marry a Royal Have to Upgrade Their Hair. No Exceptions.

This drew our attention to another interesting royal hair fact. Looking at their before and after photos (and dreaming about marrying a prince), we discovered that commoners who marry into royal families tend to drastically transform their hair on their way to the much coveted palace! Queen Silvia, for example, who in her pre-marriage years had long, frizzy hair that looked fairly ordinary, upgraded to a luxurious, elegant hairstyle when she joined the royal family of Sweden:


# Fact 5: All Royals Over 40 Emphasize Volume and Bounce. Always.
Overall, younger royals like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle tend to favor longer, sleeker hair loosely curled at the ends. The queens, on the other hand, almost unanimously opt for shoulder- or jaw-length hair with a strong emphasis on volume, lifted roots, healthy texture, and mega shine. These differences in hairstyles make the best use of what their aging hair has to offer. As we get older, our hair becomes thinner and weaker because the thickness and density of our hair depend on age-related hormonal changes, and royals are no exception. However, the glamorous 45+ royals show how to get the best out of your hair at every age!

# Fact 6: Royal Hair Changes When They Get Older. Including Kate’s.
Speaking of which, even Kate Middleton, who is only 38, appeared with a considerably shorter hairstyle in the said BBC interview. This seems to be the first step towards her transformation into a future queen. And we must admit, even though we love her long hair, she does look more regal, majestic, and sophisticated with her new hairstyle. Of course, we have absolutely no idea who helped her to cut her hair, but we bet that she styled her new hair with Le Volume, as it showed all signs of Le Volume’s signature look! Le Volume allows you to get a variety of different styles, so if - like Kate - you decide to change your hairstyle, there is no need to purchase an arsenal of new tools to get your desired new look!


# Fact 7: We Suspect That Most Royals Use Le Volume. Except for Prince William.
All royals we investigated for this article, irrespective of their age, have beautiful hair, and if it is true that they are styling their own hair at the moment, we are convinced that they are using Le Volume. In our opinion, Le Volume is the only top-quality tool that can achieve such
gorgeous results when you style your hair at home. And with its luxurious appearance and comfortable design, we can easily imagine it fitting seamlessly in the Queen’s dressing room. Next time we use our Le Volume, we will imagine the Queen and the Duchesses styling their hair with it too!


Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be! Make use of Le Volume’s limited-time offer and order your Le Volume today to save 45% and get that beautiful hair you always dreamed of!

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