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Le Volume 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer lets you create fabulous salon blowouts effortlessly wherever you are. Now you can have amazing hair volume in just a few minutes without damaging your hair.

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Sally J. says…

"How do I put into words how fabulous this item is?"

"I have thick, not curly but fuzzy bushy hair. I have tried every product on it. Conditioners made my hair greasy but still out of control. I have tried hot rollers, hot irons and back to huge brush rollers. Even if I cut short it exploded onto an unmanageable Brillo pad. I am 77 years old. I have dealt with this all my life. Along comes another commercial...a brush dryer that looks like it weighs a ton. I have tried these before but not L'ANGE.

I sing your praises to all my friends. I would have paid $300 for this life changing item.

It takes me....after towel drying...15 minutes to complete my hairstyle.

Also use the heat protector product before styling. I am beyond happy.....I am your number one satisfied customer.

Your company should be called L'ANGEL.
Sally J. is a Verified Buyer who gave Le Volume a 5.0 star rating on 08/24/20



If you have tried everything and failed to achieve beautiful blowouts, you’re probably styling your hair the wrong way. Worse yet, you’re most likely doing more damage than you could imagine.


Are you struggling to style your hair on your own?

Have you burnt your locks more than once with heat tools like blow dryers, curling tongs or straighteners?

Have you experienced one of these before – split ends, thinning hair, shedding?

You waste a ton of time and money on different tools and products or on salon care, but in the end your hair still looks damaged, tired and unmanageable. Frustrating, isn’t it?

But worry not. You’re not alone.

All hair types have unique demands and require specific care.

If you don’t know how to care for your hair, you’re most likely damaging it unwittingly.

In fact your styling routine is probably destroying your hair.

Here are a few common mistakes most women make.

If you do any of the below, you should stop right now…



Brushing too often, brush-drying or detangling your hair while it’s wet, these can all lead to damage and excessive shedding. Damp hair is extremely fragile and elastic – it breaks and tears very easily. Using a brush that’s not gentle enough can also do a lot of damage by tearing the cuticle.

Instead of brushing your hair while wet, mop off the excessive moisture with a towel first and style afterwards using a gentle dryer with heat settings that won’t scorch your hair. Choose your brush wisely. If the bristles are too sharp on your skin, the brush is bad for your hair.

Heat Damage

Curling tongs and straighteners apply too much heat directly to your hair. Some of these tools can heat up to 450°F and quite literally scorch your tresses. This can lead to thinning, split ends and even hair loss. Using cheap, low-quality blow dryers can also cause too much heat-related damage. Choose a dryer that’s gentle and designed to dry your hair without frying it.

Drying it the Wrong Way

It’s a myth that air-drying is better for your hair than blow-drying. Wet hair retains water, which makes it heavier and more elastic. The longer you leave it wet, the more likely it is to break. If you are in the habit of rubbing your strands vigorously with a towel – stop right now! Wet hair is so brittle that excessive friction leads to snapping and splitting. Not to mention the frizz!

Mop the excessive water gently with a soft cotton towel or cloth and let it dry a little on its own before using a blow dryer or any other styling tools to finish off the job.


Le Volume 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer lets you take charge of your own hair.

Enough hair damage. Enough juggling three different styling tools. Enough expensive, time consuming salon visits.


Imagine creating salon-grade blowouts in 10 to 20 minutes – at home or on the go – using one single device only instead of two or three separate tools. Le Volume features advanced technology that allows you to style your hair in a gentle, non-damaging manner.

The three heat settings let you control the drying temperature. The combination bristles grip your wet hair gently and detangle it smoothly, so that it doesn’t break or split. The cylindrical barrel produces 360° airflow for quicker styling, while its titanium plates generate steady heat that seals in moisture to reduce frizz and amp up shine. The ionic generator releases negatively charged ions that evaporate the water molecules even at a lower temperature. This protects your hair from scorching heat and seals the cuticle for long-lasting results.

You can create beautiful blowouts in different styles, without damaging your hair. The result – healthy, shiny and voluminous hair that is easier to manage and maintain.

Are You Ready To See Your Hair Transformed?

Advanced Technology for Shinier, Healthier, More Voluminous Hair


The dual titanium plates and ionic generator produce negatively charged ions that neutralize static charges and tighten the hair cuticle. The result – less fly-a-ways and smoother, frizz-free hair.


The smooth, tug-resistant combination bristles grip your hair and lift it up, giving you just the right amount of tension to create sleek styles. The unique cylindrical barrel releases 360° airflow that shapes and volumizes while drying your hair.


The bristles work together through every single strand of hair to lift and smooth all areas. Your hair looks neater and doesn’t tangle as much.


The titanium plates generate a steady temperature, while the ionic technology produces millions of negatively charged ions, which break down the positively charged water molecules in your wet hair. Simply put, water evaporates quicker and your hair dries faster. If you have thick or long hair, you can finally reduce your drying time.


Devices with ionic technology need to generate less heat to dry hair. By using a lower temperature, you can easily minimize heat damage to both your hair and scalp. The negative ions lock in the moisture, making your hair feel softer and smoother. In addition to that, three heat control settings allow you to choose at what temperature to dry your hair.


Titanium weighs 40% less than the materials used in old-school blow dryers. The lightweight design allows you to style your hair regularly without arm or wrist discomfort. Plus, you can take your brush dryer anywhere without adding extra pounds to your luggage.


The high quality of materials and parts used to design Le Volume guarantee that it will last a long time, giving you the best value for money you can get.


The three different settings and the advanced ionic technology make Le Volume extremely versatile and suitable for many different hair types and hairstyles.


setting for fine and thin hair


setting for thick, coarse and textured hair


setting for damaged hair and for enhancing shine and locking in your style

Le Volume Works on ALL Types of Hair

Thick, Coarse Hair

Thick, coarse hair takes ages to dry, and so does long hair. Not anymore! The ionic technology behind Le Volume produces millions of negatively charged ions, which evaporate the positively charged water molecules in your wet hair even at a lower temperature. The cylindrical barrel releases air at 360°, allowing you to dry and style your locks much faster than any other tools.

Damaged Hair

Standard blow dryers emit positively charged ions, which lift up the hair cuticle causing water molecules to evaporate too fast. This aggressive drying leads to dry, static, frizzy strands. Ion-generating devices like Le Volume are much gentler. You can dry your hair at a lower temperature, which prevents damage. At the same time the titanium plates generate steady heat that locks in the moisture, leaving your hair smooth and shiny.

Fine, Thin Hair

Thin hair and lack of volume go hand in hand. Le Volume features a cylindrical barrel that releases 360° airflow. The barrel and the brush work together to smooth, shape and volumize your hair.

Fine hair tends to get damaged easier, but the ionic generator in Le Volume is much gentler than old-school technologies, plus three heat settings let you control the temperature, which protects your hair from excessive heat.

Curly, Frizzy Hair

Ionic generators are perfect for curly and frizzy hair because they seal the cuticle. In addition to that, the dual plated titanium helps seal in moisture to reduce frizz and amp up shine. The result – silky, frizz-free curls without fly-aways.

Just hear what thousands of happy women love about Le Volume…


Jessica C.

"Most sleek, smooth blow dry EVER"

"I have very coarse, frizz-prone, color-treated, naturally wavy thick hair. It’s impossible for me to get a sleek and smooth result with a dryer unless I have just left my hair stylist. This tool, however, gives me that salon blow dry, AND it does not take forever. Such a huge win!"

Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating 06/01/20

Emily L.

"Quick, Sleek Blow Dry"

"This product is exceptional. My hair normally takes days to air dry or an hour to blow dry with other products. My hair is completely dry, sleek, and soft 10 minutes into drying. I love that it gets right down to my roots and leaves my hair looking sexy and full of volume."

Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating 04/28/20


Amanda G.

"Best Hair Dryer Out There!!!"

"This hair dryer is the most amazing tool I've ever used on my hair. My hair is very damaged and I'm trying to grow out the highlights that did so much damage. The damage is growing out but this hair dryer makes my hair so silky and the damage doesn't show. I love this product and every time I use it, I come out to my husband and tell him it's the best purchase I've EVER made!! I'm so glad to have found something that I can use with heat that doesn't further damage my hair!!!"

Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating 04/24/20


Tess D.

"Time Saver"

"What a time saver! Before I had to use a blow dryer then curling iron. Now?It dries and curls my hair at the same time. My hair is mid length so this is the perfect size to dry and curl my hair."

Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating 08/26/20

Taylor A.

"Amazing tool"

"I have very curly hair. I use this tool right out of the shower. It takes 15 minutes to completely dry my hair, amazing salon quality blow out. It isn’t frizzy or curly when finished."

Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating 04/08/20



"Terrific Tool!"

"I absolutely love this brush/dryer combo! I ordered a knock off by accident. I thought the knock off worked well until I tried the Le Volume. I was blown away! It's very easy to use and does a great job. My hair does not get stuck and it doesn't pull. It glides through my hair. For me, it works better than a brush and blowdryer.

I have thin, fine, short hair and I don't have a lot of it. I struggle with tools that give me volume. Plus, I'm not very good at styling my hair. This is also not as hot as a typical blowdryer so I think it provides less heat damage. I also don't have to use any other tools with this so it's nice for traveling to only have to pack this rather than a straightener, blowdryer, and round brush. Overall, I am very happy and would highly recommend."

Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating 06/25/20


Le Volume 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer Goes Wherever You May Go


Prepping your hair at the beginning of the day has never been easier. You no longer have to book an appointment with your hairdresser, go to the salon and spend money every time you need a blowout.


Going on a business trip? Attending a conference? Taking a vacation? Wherever life takes you Le Volume will follow you and help you create a fabulous blowout for any occasion. You can style your locks from the comfort of your hotel room or vacation rental.


Sweating it out at the gym will make your hair look damp and oily. With Le Volume you can cut down your drying time and still look gorgeous even after a strenuous work-out session.


What, really? No, Le Volume can’t swim, but it can tame your wild, salty or chlorine-infused hair after a day at the beach or a few lengths in the pool. Your hair can feel awfully tangled, coarse and frizzy after a swim. In fact chlorine and saline water make hair extremely fragile and prone to damage. Just let Le Volume do its magic and watch unmanageable after-swim hair become a thing of the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to use Le Volume?

It’s much easier and much faster to style your hair with Le Volume than it is to juggle a separate brush and a dryer. Le Volume combines the two tools into one light-weight, ergonomic device. Just section off your hair and run the brush dryer through your strands. The cylindrical barrel blows out air in all directions, which dries, styles and locks every single strand into place.

What else can I use when styling my hair with Le Volume?

L’ange has a whole series of styling products that would help you create even more fabulous, long-lasting blowouts. You can try the Whip Volumizing Mousse, for extra volume, the Thermal Magique spray, for additional protection from the elements, or the Rival Heat Shield spray, which is specifically formulated to minimize heat damage during styling.

What’s the best heat setting for my hair?

The LOW setting is ideal for fine and thin hair, the HIGH setting is best for thick, coarse and textured hair, while the COOL setting works best for enhancing shine and locking in your style.

Is this brush dryer suitable for my hair type?

Le Volume works well on all hair types, be it curly, straight, short, long, thick or thin. It creates fantastic volume, so if your hair is thin and flat, you will see great results. It’s also ideal for taming very thick or curly hair, as it helps minimize frizz, while adding bounce, body and shine.

What’s your return/refund policy?

Try Le Volume risk-free and if you’re not satisfied, you can return it within 60 days from purchase. You will receive a full refund, no questions asked. Your satisfaction is more important to us than anything else.

Start creating fabulous blowouts on your own in just a few minutes

Try Le Volume and if you don't notice a difference in your hair volume, you'll get a full refund.

You have nothing to lose, except your dull, unmanageable hair and your frustrating, time-wasting hair routine.


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