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Do You Want Professional-Grade Blowouts That Give Your Hair Fantastic Volume – Without Even Leaving Your House?

Now you can have shiny, bouncy and voluminous hair without even setting foot in a salon – all in less than 20 minutes* and with one product only.

Le Volume 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer creates beautiful, healthy-looking blowouts quickly and easily. You can use it on the go or from the comfort of your home.


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*Hairstyling time may vary depending on your hair length, texture and thickness. Time estimate based on consumer reports from clients who have used the product. Most customers report that their hair dries within 10 to 20 minutes.

You want hair that looks beautiful, bouncy and voluminous every day, but…


You’ve got no time to visit the hairdresser.
No money for regular blowouts.
No experience styling your own hair.


We hear you!

What if we told you that you no longer need any of these to have gorgeous hair volume? And you don’t need a hairstylist either.

We get it. You’re a busy woman. You have a life, job, family, hobbies and…

You want to look your best. You want shinier, fuller, bouncier hair.

You know what? You deserve to.

That’s why you need Le Volume! Le Volume is a 2-in-1 volumizing brush dryer that allows you to have sleek, shiny and voluminous hairstyles anytime, anywhere. Without wasting hours, dollars or effort. Without damage to your hair or scalp.


Meet the Brush Dryer That Creates Blowouts So Fabulous, It Makes Hairstylists Go Green with Envy

Le Volume 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer

Has 19,000+ Five-Star Reviews


Sold Out in 32 Hours after Launching

Hear Why Thousands of Women, Including Professional Hairstylists, Are Raving About It


"My hair has never looked this AMAZING"

"WOW!!!!! My hair has never looked as amazing as it does now that I use this wonderful dryer brush from Lange. I am being 100% with yall, my hair looks so good when I use this hot brush. Now, I admit I was a bit worried that it wouldn't give me the same results as my boar bristle round brush and my very expensive T3 dryer. It doesn't give me the same result but it gives me much better, much quicker results and it costs a lot less then my T3 h dryer. I can get this brush down to the root and it will smooth it out while giving me so much volume. Root to tip smooth, bouncy, shiny volume. My hair is right at my collarbone in a blunt cut so I just separate my hair is three different sections and start drying. I no longer require a flat iron to smooth out pieces my old round brush would miss.

My husband is shocked and happy at how much time I save now that I only use my hot brush. I even dry my sweet six year old daughter's hair with it. I just put it on low, separate her hair into three sections and in no time were done. No more screaming, no more tangling just smooth gorgeous hair. I will dry hers at night and before with the round brush it would look okay the next morning but not great and it always had tangles. With Le Volume it’s as smooth and tangle free as the night before. I can honestly say that I expected this hot brush to cost a lot more than it did and if I had known then what I know now I probably would've paid a lot more. {…} I can't say enough good things about this hot brush. If you’re on the fence, just buy it!! I promise you will sing its praises and be so happy with the wonderful results you get from Lange's Le Volume. Here's to many good hair days, ladies!!! Enjoy!"

Jennifer B. Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating 08/25/20


"I’m a hair stylist and the last thing I want to do is my own hair. Until I bought this brush! I’m obsessed!! I get amazing results and it only take me about 6 minutes! I loved it so much that I ordered for my mom and aunt as well!! This brush does not disappoint!!!"

Samantha W. Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating 06/20/20

"So EASY to use"

"I was never able to blow dry my hair and USE a round brush together, totally uncoordinated! Used this yesterday for the first time and LOVED how it turned out! So easy and got the look I get when my stylist dries my hair after a cut. Loved it so much ordered the Glass and Blowout Shampoo and Conditioner to use along with this; excited for outcome!"

Steph H. Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating 09/09/20

"Love the volume!"

"I'm a hairstylist for 35 years & have tried many hair tools but this by far is the easiest, quickest & most professional outcome you can get, (unless you’re in MY chair! ;) Highly recommend this easy-to-use styling tool!"

Janie Strickler. Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating 07/31/20

"My hair never looked better"

"I love how easy this is to use. I followed advice and never use the high setting, sectioning off hair, and using the heat shield spray. Amazing results. People ask me what I am doing to my hair because it looks so healthy! I follow my blow dry with the Shine Spray!"

Tajai K. Verified Reviewer 5.0 star rating 09/05/20


Le Volume Features Some of the Most Advanced Technology Used in Hairstyling Devices Today


Le Volume is equipped with dual titanium plates, which ensure the best frizz reduction, as well as a smoother, silkier texture. Titanium generates a steady temperature that also helps dry your hair faster. It weighs 40% less than the ceramic used in other products. That’s why Le Volume is so light-weight – you can easily style your hair regularly without arm or wrist fatigue. Plus, your brush dryer can travel with you anywhere fitting easily in your bag or luggage.


The bristles and heat work through the hair to lift and volumize. The smooth, tug-resistant combination bristles grip your hair, giving you just the right amount of tension to create sleek styles with maximum body and lift without nasty tangles.


The Ionic technology has a number of benefits for both your hair and scalp, in addition to saving you money and ensuring the high quality of your brush dryer.

Faster drying: The ionic dryer produces millions of negatively charged ions, which break down the positively charged water molecules in your wet hair. Simply put, water evaporates quicker and your hair dries much faster. If you have thick, long hair, you can finally cut your drying time.

Less heat damage: Hair dryers with ionic technology need to generate less heat to dry hair. By using a lower temperature, you can easily minimize heat damage to both your hair and scalp.

Less frizz: The negative ions neutralize static charges, tighten cuticles and don’t open up your hair shafts. The result: less fly-a-ways and smoother, frizz-free hair.

Softer hair: Negative ions lock in moisture, making your hair feel softer and smoother.

Comfort and convenience: Ionic parts are lightweight, which makes your Le Volume easy to pack for travel, but also convenient to use – minimizing arm, shoulder and wrist fatigue and discomfort.

Longer life-span: The high quality of ionic materials and parts used to design Le Volume ensure it lasts a long time.

If You Answer Yes To Any of These, Then You Need Le Volume

Do you hate juggling different hair styling products and tools?

Brushes, dryers, straighteners, curling tongs, mousses, foams, sprays, gels… OMG! How many products do you need to give your hair volume on an average day? The answer is one. Le Volume combines a styling brush with a professional-level volumizing hair dryer. It styles, dries and volumizes your hair all at once. So simple you’ll never want to try anything else after it.

You have no idea how to create a blowout all by yourself?

Who does anyway? Let’s be honest. Most women cannot master the art of using a styling brush and a dryer at the same time on their own head, which is why they need a hairdresser. Le Volume, however, combines both tools into one lightweight, ergonomic device.

Its oval-shaped barrel features 360° airflow and bristles. The rotating design makes it almost effortlessly easy to style your hair on your own without prior experience, without burning yourself and without damaging your hair. It’s as intuitive as using your own brush or dryer, but the results are infinitely more stunning.


Do you struggle to make the time to get professional styling?

Using different products and tools can take a lot of time. Going to the salon and back takes hours. Any American woman spends six days a year taking care of her hair. Do you want to spend that much time on your hair? Of course not!

With Le Volume you can have your blowout done in 15 to 20 minutes* without even leaving the house. It takes just as much as you’d normally need for an ordinary blow-dry, but the effect is far more professional – no frizz, no tangles, sexy hair volume and shine.

Are you burning money on salon blowouts?

According to the Huffington Post the average American woman can spend anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000 a year at the hair salon. That’s a lot of money! By comparison Le Volume costs only $99 with the limited-time offer (retail price is $179). It saves you thousands of dollars. You could use that money for so many other things and still have the fabulous hair you deserve.

Do you hate your thin, flat hair and never get enough volume?

With Le Volume you get the body and bounce you want without compromising the health of your hair or scalp. The smooth, tug-resistant bristles grip your hair gently, providing the right amount of tension to create sleek styles with maximum body and lift. The adjustable airflow lets you control heat and speed, preventing any heat-related damage.

Is your long, thick or curly hair impossible to manage?

Le Volume employs ionic technology that keeps your hair smooth and sleek. It also dries long and thick hair faster at a lower temperature. The tug-resistant bristles grip your hair very gently, preventing tearing, tangling and unnecessary hair loss. Finally, the titanium plates gently smooth hair to shiny, frizz-free perfection.


21,800+ satisfied customers cannot be wrong, because the benefits are endless…


At a sale price of merely $99 (regular retail price is $179) this brush dryer is a steal that will save you thousands on salon and dry bar blowouts.


Forget about juggling a dryer and a styling brush simultaneously. Le Volume brings the two tools together so you can have one hand free and still manage to easily brush and style while drying.


The titanium plates combined with the ionic technology gently smooth messy, wet hair into shiny, frizz-free locks.


The unique vents allow for maximum airflow, which in combination with the ionic technology dries your hair faster and with less damage. The ions also help distribute air better minimizing frizz and creating well-defined curls.


Suitable for all hair types – short, long, straight, curly, thick or thin – Le Volume helps you style and give your hair volume perfectly whatever its length or texture.


The lightweight ergonomic design allows you to take Le Volume anywhere. You can use it from home, from your hotel room, your Airbnb rental, at the gym or even in the office. Wherever you go, it packs easily and weighs next to nothing. Just plug and play, as they say!


The smooth, tug-resistant bristles grip the hair and work through every square inch, giving you just the right amount of tension to create sleek styles with maximum body and lift, but minus the tangles.


The adjustable airflow, controlled by 3 heat settings, lets you control the heat and speed to avoid heat damage to hair and scalp.


Le Volume has an easy-twist, comfort-grip handle and provides 360° airflow. This allows you to easily rotate the brush dryer to reach all areas (including those difficult to reach parts at the back of your head and neck), so that your hair looks lovely everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this brush dryer suitable for my hair type?

Le Volume works well on all hair types, be it curly, straight, short, long, thick or thin. Le Volume creates fantastic volume, so if your hair is thin and flat, you will see great results. It’s also ideal for taming very thick or curly hair, as it helps minimize frizz, while adding bounce, body and shine.

What’s your return/refund policy?

Try Le Volume risk-free and if you’re not satisfied, you can return it within 60 days from purchase. You will receive a full refund and we won’t ask any questions. Your satisfaction is more important to us than anything else.

What’s the best setting for my hair?

The LOW setting is ideal for fine and thin hair, the HIGH setting is best for thick, coarse and textured hair, while the COOL setting works best for enhancing shine and locking in your style.

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