AMERICA'S #1 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer*

The Amazing 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer That Will Rejuvenate Your Hair & Your Life

Le Volume is a legendary all-in-one tool that allows you to create salon-quality blowouts at home and makes you look & feel like a million dollars



AMERICA'S #1 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer*

The 2-in-1
Styling Tool
That Volumizes...
While You
Brush & Dry

Craft Perfect, Voluminous
Styles with One
Styling Tool!

You're about to transform your entire styling routine with the Le Volume 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer from L’ange.

AMERICA'S #1 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer*

The 2-in-1 Styling Tool That Volumizes...
While You Brush & Dry

Craft Perfect, Voluminous Styles with One Easy-to-Use Styling Tool!

You're about to transform your entire styling routine with the Le Volume 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer from L’ange.

"The best thing ever!! I’ll never go back to a regular hair dryer! It’s cut my drying time in half! My hair looks like I got a professional blowout - no frizz and always silky and smooth. Everyone should switch from a regular hair dryer to this! Definitely recommend - worth the money!" ~Rica B.

Shockingly Good Results

When it first went on sale, Le Volume instantly gained a cult following. People purchased Le Volume to reinvigorate their flat, lifeless, dull hair and were shocked by the striking volume, glamorous silky texture, and brilliant shine that Le Volume brought out of their hair. As a result, this life-changing tool was completely sold out in just a few days!


Luckily, it is back in stock now, and boasts over 21,800 verified buyer reviews that describe Le Volume as “the tool that completely changed my hair”, “a miracle dryer that gave me my confidence back”, and “the best purchase I have ever made”:

“FAVORITE HAIR TOOOL! I admit I had my doubts about the Le Volume but this is one of the best things I have ever bought. Now I can’t live without it. Completely eliminates using a hair dryer & a round brush & a straightener. I have fine thin hair that is cut into a short bob. Along with some Selecte Thick It Cream & Botanical Smoothing Balm it works perfectly. I actually purchased another one for my mother & she LOVES it as well. I highly recommend this tool.” – Brandi P., verified buyer, 08/29/20


Want to Look & Feel Young and Glamorous?

Get that youthful bounce, shine, and volume back in your hair with the legendary Le Volume brush dryer and fall in love with your hair again! Over 21,800 women state that they “absolutely love” their hair since they started using Le Volume to dry, straighten, volumize, and style it. Do you want to look and feel beautiful every day?


Forever Young Hair - And More


Think about the much-admired stars that ooze glamour and style like Vanessa Williams, Jane Fonda, Salma Hayek, or Julia Roberts, and how their groomed, luxurious hair is a very important part of their looks. Hair is undeniably one of the most prominent features of our physical appearance, and it significantly affects our perception of beauty as well as our confidence.

As we get older, our hair tends to become thinner and weaker, which can be very disheartening. It loses its oomph and becomes increasingly lifeless, and it can be so difficult to reverse this process. But Le Volume can! This ground-breaking brush dryer is designed with your hair challenges in mind, and will help you reclaim your healthy, shiny, and voluminous hair – and make it even better!

“I absolutely love this! I have thin hair with little to no volume. Not only does my hair have more volume after using this, but it's also so shiny and healthy-looking. It's my favorite styling tool for sure!”

– Kelly O., verified buyer, 08/30/20

Research shows that there are three main attributes that make hair look fabulously groomed and youthful: Brilliant shine, silky smooth texture, and bouncy volume. And this is where Le Volume excels and will help you to reinvigorate your hair, transforming it into a shiny, glamorous mane you can be proud of.

#1 Volume & body to die for

Le Volume combines an ionic hair dryer with a volumizing vented round brush that features a top-quality titanium barrel to create an advanced, top-performance styling tool that allows you to boost the volume of your hair, lift your roots, and give the much-needed bounce and swing through to its ends. Le Volume was designed by leading hair experts to combine the ideal shape, diameter, vent sizes and positioning, and bristle types to achieve the maximum volume. Remember beating eggs to make a meringue? This is the effect Le Volume has on your hair!

“I have very fine, thin hair & this gives me way more volume than even when my hairstylist does my hair! Definitely a must have for ladies with fine/thin hair!!”

– Heather H., verified buyer, 08/26/20

When customers try Le Volume for the first time, they can’t believe how much more volume and body they get, and the popularity of Le Volume spreads like wildfire because it brings out the biggest volume your hair is capable of.

“I have very fine thin flat limp hair and this dryer gives me the volume that I have been wanting for years. I no longer even need to use the flat iron after!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!”

– Lesley H., verified buyer, 08/26/20

Now you can achieve incredibly voluminous hair with Le Volume without damaging it through backcombing and teasing, wasting hours walking around in your rollers, or spending a lot of money on professional salon blowouts. All you need to do is wash your hair, plug in your Le Volume, and enjoy drying and styling your hair using this life-changing tool.

#2 Luxuriously brilliant shine

Le Volume uses advanced ionic technology, which is very gentle on your hair and doesn’t strip it of its inherent luster, unlike traditional hairdryers. Negative ions lock in your hair's natural oils and moisture, and condition and nourish your hair to give it that much- desired luxurious shine.

“Amazing tool! This brush dryer is beyond amazing. It adds so much volume and shine to my hair.”

– Karen, verified buyer, 08/29/20

In addition, Le Volume uses combination bristles, which provide the perfect amount of pressure and grip and work together to help distribute your scalp’s natural oils and styling products evenly from the roots to the ends of your hair without breaking or damaging it – and this enhances your newly-acquired hair luster even further.

“My hair is thin and flat when it dries, but this baby brings so much volume and shine to my hair I’m done in less than half the time I would take to get ready, I love it and recommend it!”

– Crystal C., verified buyer, 08/31/20

A prominent celebrity hairstylist has recently disclosed that another critical factor that affects the shine of your hair is the speed of styling. Le Volume is one of the lightest hair dryers on the market, combines a round brush and a hairdryer in one tool, and has an extra- long 9ft power cord and a comfortable anti-slip handle. Therefore, it is very easy to use Le Volume, allowing you to move the brush through your hair very quickly to capture that extra shine. Finish your blow-dry on a cool setting to seal the shine, and enjoy your red-carpet- worthy hair!

#3 Irresistible silky texture

Having smooth, silky hair has never been easier, and thousands of customers are already using Le Volume to tame their frizz, split ends, and flyaways. Le Volume uses ions to help lock in moisture by closing the cuticle, which makes your hair more resistant to frizz and transforms your hair from lifeless straw to vibrant tresses in minutes. At the same time, negative ions neutralize static charges and reduce flyaways, smoothing your hair for a polished, groomed look that can usually be achieved only with a flat iron.

“I have super frizzy hair and this dries my hair in half the time and makes it so smooth and the smoothness lasts all day! Love love love!”

– Tawnya R., verified buyer, 08/26/20

With Le Volume, you will be using just one smart tool to achieve the deliciously soft silky hair you always wanted!

“I have very thin and brittle hair. I've used different brushes, dryers, but nothing compares to this! My hair has more volume and is smooth and sleek with this. I barely have to run my straightener through it when I'm done. This dries fast too!”

– Bridget K., verified buyer, 08/28/20

Do not waste hours drying and flat ironing your hair or money on salon blowouts to look stunning and get hair that looks healthy, glamorous, and soft. Order your Le Volume today, and you won’t be able to stop touching and admiring your smooth, silky hair!


Healthier Hair & Scalp

In addition to saving money on those salon blowouts to look good, you will also protect your hair and scalp and allow them to recover from all the damage you inflicted on them in the last few years. And we bet there’s been a lot of damage!

For example, have you visited a hair salon in the last few months to get your hair professionally styled? One of the leading hair experts once gave away in an interview that salon blowouts can be significantly damaging your hair because hairstylists focus on doing hair quickly to serve as many customers as possible to maximize their income. To dry your hair quickly, they will be turning up the heat, which damages your hair. Moreover, if you are using blowout bars, some blow dry bar stylists aren't as thoroughly trained as the ones at a regular, full-service salon, and can completely ruin your hair.

Le Volume’s state-of-the-art technology, on the other hand, is gentle to your hair and will help you to restore its health in no time. It uses ionic technology that protects your hair and repairs damaged hair cuticles. This innovative technology also significantly cuts the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat compared to traditional blow dryers, which helps avoid further hair damage.

“This tool makes my hair feel like I just left the salon without making it frizzy or damaging it.”

– Jamie M., verified buyer, 08/28/20

Le Volume’s advanced titanium barrel helps distribute heat evenly and ensures that the least amount of heat is used throughout the drying process. And as if that wasn’t enough good news for your hair, Le Volume also uses flexible combination bristles that offer excellent grip but do not break or pull out your hair, giving your hair the all-around protection that it needs to recover.

“Completely worth every penny! I have gotten so many compliments since using this brush. It makes my hair look so much more healthy. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.”

– Danielle S., verified buyer, 27/08/2020

Using Le Volume will finally give you the glamorous, healthy, youthful hair you have always dreamed of!

Beautiful Hair Everywhere

The reason why so many hair salon owners are worried about Le Volume is that it completely eliminates the need for a professional blowout. Now you can achieve that stunning salon-quality look at home within just a few minutes, whenever you want. You will never again depend on the opening times of your hair salon and worry about your hairstylist not being available when you most need them. And you will never again have to wait to look fabulous!

“The best tool and products I've ever used. I owned a salon and too bad we didn't have these products then.”

– Joy P., verified buyer, 08/27/20

And when you travel, Le Volume is the perfect solution for all your travel needs. Whether you are looking for smooth, sleek strands, mega volume, or beautifully curled ends, you can use Le Volume to achieve your desired look, and there is no need to pack your entire arsenal of hair tools with you. Le Volume will help you dry, volumize, smoothen, straighten, and style your hair without taking up much space in your bag or cutting into your luggage allowance.

“THE BEST! This was great for my trip; hairdryer and styler in one fantastic!”

– Cassie S., verified buyer, 08/21/20

Le Volume is light and compact, and for your perfect comfort, it comes with a super long 9ft professional power cord so that you don’t have to depend on the location of power outlets in your hotel room and dry your hair in the most awkward places and positions. Now you can have great hair any time and everywhere – whether you are attending your school reunion, are presenting at a regional business meeting, or taking family holiday photos!

"I absolutely love the Le Volume. My hair is naturally slightly wavy, so I used to always use a round brush when blow drying my hair, to make sure it was smooth & sleek. Now I only need the Le Volume. This is also a very convenient tool when traveling. It takes up less space than when I would have to pack my blow dryer and round brush.”

– Laura S., verified buyer, 08/29/20


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Le Volume?

It is an innovation that is transforming the hairstyling sector! Le Volume is an advanced hair tool that combines an ionic hair dryer with a volumizing round brush that helps you to lift your roots, volumize and straighten your hair, and style your hair to achieve your desired look while you are drying it. It uses cutting-edge ionic technology to protect your hair, significantly cuts down the time you need to dry and style your hair, saves you money, and gives you incredible blowouts at home.

Is Le Volume expensive?

Le Volume is a fantastic investment! You will save a lot of money on salon blowouts because you will be able to achieve salon-quality results at home. In addition, ionic hairdryers last longer than a regular hairdryer, so you won’t need a replacement any time soon. And if you order today, you will save 45% off its retail price!

Will Le Volume damage my hair?

Le Volume uses advanced ionic technology with its titanium barrel featuring 360° airflow. Smooth, tug-resistant bristles grip the hair to give you just the right amount of tension. The negative ions also help to seal your hair's natural oils and moisture for healthier hair.

Can I use Le Volume when I travel?

Absolutely! Le Volume is the perfect travel companion – it is very light and compact and doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase. You don’t need to pack several hairstyling tools because Le Volume is a 2-in-1 tool that allows you to create any hairstyle you want. Moreover, it comes with a conveniently long 9ft power cord so that you don’t have to depend on the locations of power outlets in your hotel room!

What are the main benefits of Le Volume?

People love this ground-breaking hair tool because it saves you a lot of time and money while giving you shockingly great salon-quality blowouts at home. Le Volume uses advanced ionic technology, titanium barrel, and combination bristles to protect your hair, is comfortable and very easy to use, and combines a round brush and a hairdryer in just one tool, allowing you to create a variety of different hairstyles!

Does Le Volume make a good gift?

Yes! Many Le Volume customers buy another Le Volume for their family members or friends within weeks of getting their own! Le Volume can be used by people with any type of hair and is universally loved by everyone, whether their hair is thin, straight, curly, wavy, coarse, thick, or damaged! And you will be able to create a great variety of different looks with Le Volume, so everyone who has got hair can use it to create their desired hairstyle!

What happens if I don’t like Le Volume?

We are so confident that you will love your Le Volume that we will offer you a full refund if you decide to return your Le Volume within 60 days, no questions asked. But we bet that you won’t!

So Effective That It Completely Sold Out Within Days

Unsurprisingly, Le Volume sold out within days when it first went on sale. Today, this fantastic product is back in stock, and this is your chance to get your hair confidence back. Save 45% if you order your Le Volume today and continue saving in the months and years to come, because you will never need - or want - an expensive professional salon blowout again!

Order Le Volume Now to Save 45% Off


Get it or regret it! It is estimated that every Le Volume user recommends it to five other people, and therefore its popularity is spreading like wildfire. Don’t wait until it is sold out again, and you have to wait for weeks to revamp and modernize your hair routine! Treat yourself to your very own Le Volume today and save 45%.

Order Le Volume Now to Save 45%


Get it or regret it! It is estimated that every Le Volume user recommends it to five other people, and therefore its popularity is spreading like wildfire. Don’t wait until it is sold out again, and you have to wait for weeks to revamp and modernize your hair routine! Treat yourself to your very own Le Volume today and save 45%.

Order Le Volume Now to Save 45%

Get it or regret it! It is estimated that every Le Volume user recommends it to five other people, and therefore its popularity is spreading like wildfire. Don’t wait until it is sold out again, and you have to wait for weeks to revamp and modernize your hair routine! Treat yourself to your very own Le Volume today and save 45%.


“Outstanding, Amazing and Superb! My hair has always been one of my best qualities most of my life. I am now 65 and have been very ill the past few years and with the medicine and changes in my life my hair has been so dry and brittle as it grays and I lose handfuls. I have tried all kinds of products and spent endless money. I got this amazing volume brush and have purchased and switched to al Lange products and honestly after the first shampoo and conditioner and use of the brush my hair felt better and even had some shine. I've only had 3 treatments and my hair is in 100% better condition. My hair is no longer dry and brittle and it is soft and has a beautiful natural shine. I am so excited to see how it continues to be restored and I am taking the vitamins and I am getting new hair growth. I am so thankful for finding Lange and I am still sick but I such joy from having my hair feel and look beautiful again. Thank you Lange I am so very thankful!” – Nancy W., verified buyer, 08/30/20

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