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Get Sleek, Sensational Hair Effortlessly and In Minutes

Quickly transform your tresses into smooth, silky-soft hair with this fabulous hair tool.

I have wavy hair that gets BIG in humidity. Wow! This took only minutes for my really THICK hair!
- Suzanne F.

Have you tried these methods to make your hair sleeker and more manageable...?

  • Expensive, bulky hair dryers and flat irons
  • Drug store straightening creams and lotions
  • Hundreds of dollars and hours in a salon

Yet, you still get these results…?

Dull, lifeless locks. Frizzy, flyaway tresses. Dry, damaged hair. Burnt fingers and scalp. A lighter wallet.

Not anymore! Now…

Unleash a fabulous new you with the stroke of a brush!

  • Look sensational with no more frizz or flyaways
  • Undergo a fabulous "hair makeover"
  • Empower yourself with a brand-new look

All while reducing the risk of damaged hair...

the Amazing Le Vite Straightening Hair Brush.

Transform your style today
This straightening brush is amazing! It straightens with little to no effort and feels great! Very happy customer!
- Misti J.

Le Vite from L’ange puts the power of a straightener in the classic hairbrush. It transforms your hair without the expense or time of a hair salon visit.

You enjoy sleek, lustrous, velvety hair simply by brushing it. And Le Vite works on any type of hair!

Change your hair game with Le Vite and get

  • Static-free results in half the time of ordinary straigtening methods
  • Sleeker, fuller, healthier-looking hair with a single stroke
  • Reduced risk of hair damage or burnt skin (it's even safe for your mini-me!)
Transform your style today

Even if you don’t want to change up your hairstyle for good… It’s nice to have a new look - even if for just a day!

But a salon hair-straightening procedure costs as much as $800 per treatment! It can also take 2-3 hours minimum. Worse, the treatments damage your hair and even your health.

Le Vite safely and quickly restyles your hair and updates your appearance!

Get smooth, sleek hair with Le Vite today for only $69.

Transform your style today
Le Vite is amazing! It makes my thick, dry, frizzy hair super smooth and silky!
- Kimberly K.

Over 15,000 other women rave about their fabulous new ‘do with Le Vite!

Why not join them? Take advantage of this limited time offer that’s 61% OFF the retail price.

Because once word gets out that it's $69 ... I'll be even harder to get!

Don't miss out - Order Your Le Vite!

Transform your style today