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Hi, my name is Dalia, and I’m the founder of L’ange.

If you’re interested in learning about hair care, enhancing your natural beauty, and ways to feel more confident, I’d like to assure you: you are in the right place.

I founded L’ange (French word for angel) with these goals: to help improve women’s lives, increase happiness, and promote inner beauty through increased confidence.

I wanted to create hair care products that were easy to use, affordable, high-quality, and most importantly, quickly deliver salon style results for the end user.

For over twenty years, I’ve been a passionate entrepreneur in the world of beauty, and creating and developing revolutionary products has long been my passion and goal.

Now, my life hasn’t always been about beauty. In fact, it started off a bit different…

Here’s my story:

By the age of 7, I had lost my mother due to cancer, and by the age of 10, my father lost his battle to cancer as well. I had to live in a foster community where I learned basic survival skills and was forced to let go of my childhood.

I felt alone and lost.

At the age of 18, I joined the army where I quickly became a Captain. I had my first daughter 5 years after marrying my husband: she was my little angel.'

One day, my daughter said to me…“Mommy, I hate my hair. Why is it so big and curly? Can you make it straighter?”

There I was, about to face the shocking truth about my past.

I discovered that my daughter didn’t know how to take care of her hair, and that was because I didn’t either. I was never taught on how to “be a girl,” but I knew I needed to do something.

I started to ask myself:

  • How can I teach my daughter about hair care?
  • What can I do to feel this void?
  • How can I take care of my own hair?
  • What can I do to make my daughter feel beautiful?

I reached out to my hairdresser in hopes of finding something that could treat my hair, as well as my daughter’s. At the time, a straight-hair perm was very popular, and I found myself giving into the hype.

Now, I’m not going to lie: at first, I was happy with the results. But I soon found my hair lifeless, dry, damaged, and just flat.

I knew this method wasn’t for me…and certainly not for my family.

This is why I created L’ange.

I have the spent the last 20 years perfecting the products and developing special formulations to treat and calm even the most stubborn hair.

Named after my late father’s legacy, and inspired by my daughter’s love, I wanted to create accessible hair solutions that could transform lives. Because being an entrepreneur is what helped my family, and family is the most important thing to me.

For months, I’ve seen the positive reviews and feedback from people just like you, and I’m so excited to hear those stories, see more transformations, and of course, guide you on this journey to beautiful, healthy hair.

So, I applaud you.

As a member of my loyal family, you’ll get:

THE L’ANGE FAMILY: Unwavering Dedication

L’ange lives by a strong moral code. This is the glue that holds us together.

  • Integrity: Being transparent is one of our strongest core values, and that’s because honesty builds trust and loyalty.
  • Open communication: A culture of open communication and feedback is the reason why we strive to continually and tirelessly improve our products. We avoid secrets to make sure that we are transparent and ethical.
  • Sharing: As a family, we stick with one another through thick and thin and through the ups and downs. We share triumphs and failures and grow from each obstacle.
  • Understanding: We understand that not everything in life is easy, that’s why we’re here to simplify things — so that you can enjoy everything else life has to offer.

THE L’ANGE APPROACH: Beauty with Ease

Beauty is not just skin deep. Our L’ange family knows that beauty comes from inner happiness, great self-esteem, and an overall healthy mindset. Our products make “getting ready” fun and easy, so that you can show your inner beauty every day.

THE L’ANGE PROMISE: Putting You First

L’ange aims to make only the most reliable and most effective products. We know that you will love our products.

With that said, welcome to the L’ange family. I am honored to have you here, and it is my pleasure to guide you and your family toward a healthier, happier, and brighter future.

Putting your hair first,

Dalia Lange

Founder of L’ange

P.S. As you know, L’ange aims to transform the lives of 2 million women by the year 2020, and we will, thanks to you.