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7 Reasons Why Women Are Switching to L'ange Hair


Every once in a while, you come across a hair care product or styling tool that delivers everything you’ve been dreaming of. And when you do, you’ll use it for years...even decades.
It becomes as indispensable as your favorite shoes, or that first cup of coffee. It’s part of your home. Your life. Your family.
Women everywhere feel the same way you do about their favorite tools and products. Which is why it’s so amazing that, all over the country, more and more women are L’ANGE.
Just what is it that’s got so many women making the change?

Here are 7 reasons why women just like you are bringing L’ange into their lives...

L'ange products and tools work

It all starts with a name you can count on for consistent salon-quality styling results.

Our elegantly designed curling wands, flat irons, and other tools are cutting-edge and user-friendly.

And, combined with our dynamic shampoos, styling sprays, and revitalizing products, they give your hair body, bounce, and luster that lasts for days!



If you’ve ever admired the “effortless” glamour of your favorite Hollywood’s easy to forget those red-carpet looks take hours, and armies of stylists, to create.

But with L’ange, you can enjoy volume and shine that looks effortless...because it is effortless!

That’s because L’ange tools and products are crafted for maximum comfort and ease of use… so no matter what style you crave, bringing it to life has never been easier!


Make Styling Your Hair Fun Again

When your life is jam-packed with work, family, friends, and making a’s easy for styling your hair to feel like just another chore to check off the “to-do list.”

But with L’ange products and tools, you can wave goodbye to styling frustration. They’re so simple, so capable of creating exactly the looks you desire…

...all that’s left for you is the relaxation...the sheer pleasure...and the fun!



Psychological studies have confirmed: When you feel confident, you look more attractive...both to others...and to yourself!

That’s why L’ange can help you complete your own “Circle of Confidence.” When you make your ideal hairstyling fantasies a reality, your self-esteem and poise shoot through the roof!

That means your friends, your loved ones, everyone, will notice your vitality and gorgeous glow...which makes you feel even better still!


Set Yourself Free

“My styling tools and products never get my hair the way I want’s stressful worrying about my hair...and who has the time?”

These are all very real reasons to be reluctant about your styling routine.

But L’ange can take away all those worries...and replace them with FREEDOM:

Freedom to Create - The versatility of L’ange products and tools puts any style you desire right within reach. They unlock your your look is limited only by your imagination!

Freedom from Worry - Every L’ange product and tool delivers peace of mind...from knowing your hair has the support it needs to look and feel healthy, hydrated, lustrous, and gorgeous!

...and Free Time - L’ange lets you reclaim the hours of your life you’ve spent trying to get your hair right. By cutting your styling time to mere minutes, that’s so much more you’ll have to give hobbies, fitness, your loved ones...the things that really matter!


Create the next generation of beauty

When it comes to your daughters, you always want what’s best for them...and for their hair.

And since L’ange gives you the power and skill to craft stunning hairstyles with incredible ease, you’ll be able to share those same gifts with your own young ladies.

That means you’ll be creating a new generation of stylish, confident women...who’ll go on to share these same magnificent qualities with their daughters, and for generations to come!


With L'ange, You're part of the family

L’ange’s founder, Dalia Lange, is a hair care expert with 20 years in the field. But she’s also a wife and mother. And she prides herself on only creating products and tools she would trust for her own family’s hair.

That caring, communal spirit is right at the core of the L’ange philosophy...and L’ange’s guiding mission:

To transform the lives of over 2 million women by 2020.

But that goal is only the beginning…

...because every woman deserves the joy that comes with sleek, healthy, beautiful hair.

That’s why more women are discovering L’ange.

And that’s why it’s time you did, too.

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