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Heat Protectant Glove Set

These extra long heat-resistant gloves help protect your hands during styling. The one-size-fits-most gloves were designed to flex for a comfy fit while using hot tools. Extending from the fingertips to the mid-forearm, they provide extra protection and feature a velcro closure that enables them to be worn on either hand.

Perk #1 - Extra Protection

The generous construction of these long polyester gloves protect all the way up to mid forearm. Use them during heat styling to keep hands comfy and protected.

Perk #2 - Sized Just Right

A reversible fit and easy-to-use velcro closure means each glove can be worn on either hand. With 2 to a pack, you’ll never be without one of these essentials. 


Heat-Resistant 100% Polyester

Length: 345mm | 13.5 in

Adjustable Velcro Closure

Wear a glove on each hand or wear a glove only on the hand that will be wrapping your hair around the tool. Rest your gloved fingertips that are holding the wrapped hair on the cool tip of your tool while waiting for the curl to set. 

CAUTION: Avoid prolonged exposure to the barrel of a tool. Only touch the handle and cool tips while styling. Do not rest a heated tool on the gloves.