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Air Pollution: Your Hair’s Worst Enemy

Air Pollution: Your Hair’s Worst Enemy

Whenever smog, dust, soot, or any kind of toxins get in the air, it’s bad news for your body.  

Seasons come and go...and the challenges that face your hair change along with them.

Still, no matter how prepared you are for the shifting of the sun and the cooling of the sky…

...subtle threats wreak havoc on your hair’s well-being...threats that have nothing to do with the time of year.

In fact, 24/7/365, your hair is up against a major adversary.

It constantly surrounds matter what season it matter where you live.

And it’s usually undetectable...but sometimes, it gets so bad you can see, smell, or even taste it.

We’re talking, of course, about…


“That hazy smog may make for a striking picture...but you and your hair won’t like what it does to you!”

That’s right. The EPA, the American Lung Association, and numerous national medical boards have all reported on the wealth of health hazards we face every day from pollution in the air.

And it doesn’t matter whether you live in a major city, surrounded by exhaust from cars and trucks… industrial zone, where factories spew harmful fumes through their stacks...

...or a rural area, where you battle the smoke from agricultural and forest fires.

Whenever smog, dust, soot, or any kind of toxins get in the air, it’s bad news for your body.


Among the conditions aggravated by air pollution are asthma, sinus inflammation, and irritation of the eyes and ear canals.1

And it should come as no surprise that something this awful for your body can threaten and damage your hair as well.

The major dangers air pollution presents to your hair include:

  • Broken or thinning strands
  • Dandruff
  • Split ends
  • A red and itchy scalp
  • Loss of essential nutrients
  • ...and dramatically accelerated hair loss

In fact, in urban areas, where recent population growth has increased an already high pollution level, hair transplant specialists have seen a steady rise in their client base for years!2


Air pollution is one of the most persistent everyday menaces standing between you and the fresh, full-of-life hairstyle of your dreams.

That’s because of a simple, unavoidable fact:

Everybody needs air!

And whether you’re indoors or outdoors...a city or the country...the air’s all around you, all the time.

So obviously, if you can’t live without the need to make it easier for your hair to handle the pollution it carries.

A home air purifier can do a good job of protecting what your hair “breathes” around the house.

And of course, choosing styling products with light, non-sticky textures works wonders for keeping the dust and grit off your locks.

 “Always choose a non-sticky styling product...that way, any airborne dust will stay out of your hair, where it belongs!”

But here’s the thing:

Sooner or later…


And what will you do then? A Hazmat suit? A giant Habitrail from your front door to your car?

Fortunately, there’s a better way to protect your hair from pollutants...and still live a free and easy outdoor life.

And it’s with a quick, user-friendly detox mask made from some of the best stuff in the earth:

Cosmetic clay!

That’s right...this compound, usually available in powder form, is a key component of celebrated beauty and hair-rejuvenating treatments the world over.

It detoxifies pollution-damaged strands, while refortifying them with enriching organic vitamins and minerals.

“For centuries, cultures all over the globe have trusted clay to rejuvenate their skin and hair.”

You can buy cosmetic clay online, at natural beauty shops and spas, and at select big-chain cosmetics stores.3

Simply by combining this clay with a few other straightforward ingredients…’ve got a smooth, easy-to-apply treatment that’s ready to keep your hair well-guarded against the awfulness of air pollution!


To create this cosmetic clay anti-pollution hair mask, you’ll need:

  • ½ cup of cosmetic clay (Bentonite clay is the most effective for this treatment)
  • ½ cup of aloe vera
  • ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar
  • 2-3 drops of essential oil for fragrance (optional)

And here’s how you make and apply the mask:

  1. Begin with dry, unwashed hair.
  2. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. The mixture should start to foam a bit...that’s the vinegar activating the clay, releasing its nourishing minerals.
  3. With a towel draped over your shoulders, spread the mixture over the full length of your hair, making sure to cover your roots and ends.
  4. Let the treatment sit in your hair for 30 minutes.
  5. Then, rinse your hair clean...and that’s it!

When you start using this treatment, you’ll want to apply it once a week for a month.

Then, for the second month, you can take it down to once every two weeks.

Finally, you should make using this treatment a once-a-month part of your hair care routine.4

You’ll find yourself enjoying sturdy, strengthened follicles, ready to absorb beneficial nutrients and draw the most from your choice styling products.

The result will be hair that’s richer, shinier, softer to the touch...and safeguarded from the dryness and damage of air pollution!

“With the extra anti-pollution protection of this treatment, you won’t have to hide your hair from the air!”


It’s hard to think of a more unfair situation.

You give your tresses all the tender attention and styling skill you’ve got…

...and they’re still under nearly constant threat from a dangerous hazard you can’t even see!

But once you try this safe and simple hair mask, you can step out and enjoy the world again.

Because you’ll know the air isn’t a threat to your hair anymore…

...not when the earth has got your back!



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