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The Psychology Of A Beautiful Hairstyle

The Psychology Of A Beautiful Hairstyle

Psychologists and beauty experts alike have studied the links between physical appearance and people’s sense of personal identity. And they’ve determined your pride and self-regard is intimately connected to how you look.

You’ve probably seen Zoë Kravitz in movies like Mad Max: Fury Road or last summer’s Rough Night.

The daughter of ‘80s TV star Lisa Bonet and rock icon Lenny Kravitz, she’s quickly become a style standout for her singular fashion sense and bohemian glamour.

But in a recent interview, she was asked about how she maintains her beauty. And she said something we’ve been thinking about ever since:

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.”1

And we want to reply to that quote...with a question for you…

...a question to help you realize, while Zoë’s not wrong…she hasn’t got the complete answer.

That question is:


“Give it a minute...we think your answer just might surprise you!”

Take a quick moment. Think about the last time you felt your most lovely and radiant.

Was it when you were working in the garden, with the sun beating down?

Or maybe that time you turned your baby’s tears into giggles with your funniest chimpanzee face.

Now I’m sure you’ll agree, those blissful motherhood moments, or a job well done, can indeed give you a surging shot of confidence and self-esteem.

But when we asked you to remember yourself at your most gorgeous…

...we’re willing to bet you thought of something different.

Something like your wedding day...when your bridal ensemble brought you to the height of shimmering elegance.

Or perhaps it was a recent date night, when you rocked that dress-and-heels combo your favorite guy simply cannot resist.

Or maybe, just maybe… was something as simple, and simply satisfying, as your most recent trip to the salon…

...when you walked out of there with your hair utterly bursting with vitality, volume, and head-turning flair.

Of course, you can see what all these feeling-beautiful moments have in common.

They all speak to another undeniable truth about beauty:


“That’s the sort of confident stride that comes with knowing you’re looking your finest!”

And it’s not just us saying this, either.

It’s a philosophy backed up by good old-fashioned science.

For decades, psychologists and beauty experts alike have studied the links between physical appearance and people’s sense of personal identity.

And they’ve determined your pride and self-regard is intimately connected to how you look.

That’s because, when your fashion, makeup, and hairstyling shape an image of power, control, and personal appeal… naturally start to internalize those qualities, making them a real part of you.

Psychologist Vivian Diller calls this phenomenon...


Of course, when you look and feel’re also able to act more confident and charismatic.

And you won’t be the only one to feel the difference that makes.

According to a range of studies:

  • Research subjects judged an attractive person as more successful, more stable, and happier than two less attractive counterparts...based on nothing but their photographs
  • In a similar study, people read an identical essay, with two different author photos attached...and all of them said the essay with the better-looking author photo was the better piece of writing3
  • ...and Business Insider reports that, on average, well-groomed, good-looking employees earn up to 12% higher wages than colleagues of more average appearance4

“It’s a simple fact: No matter what your line of work, looking your best increases your earning potential!”

We all wish to be treated with love, care, and consideration.

And the proof is in the scientific pudding: People are simply nicer when they find you attractive.


But that’s only part of the story…

...because not only does looking and feeling better lead to others treating you with special favor… also creates a profound change in how you treat those around you.

That’s according to psychologist Nathaniel Branden, who says:

“The higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with kindness, respect, and generosity.”5

“When you feel your best, that feeling becomes pass it on to everyone you love!”

And we all know that when you make someone feel better, just by being yourself…’re that much more likely to land that sought-after promotion...or proposal!

It’s almost like building a resplendent ivory tower, with beauty as the firm foundation:

Looking your best...leads to feeling your best...and that leads right to doing and being your best!


To wrap things up, let’s take one more look at what Zoë Kravitz said about beauty.

It is indeed undeniable that when you love and appreciate yourself, you radiate beauty.

But according to both hard science...and your own personal experiences…

...that self-appreciation usually goes hand in hand with looking your absolute best.

So remember:

When you’ve got just the right fashion...your makeup’s on point...and your hair styled to perfection…’s that much easier for you to shine your brightest…

...and pass that sparkle on to everyone whose life you touch!



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