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This Potent Wash Is The Solution To Brassy Hair!-L'ange Hair

This Potent Wash Is The Solution To Brassy Hair!

We show you how to combat brass and enjoy your cool-toned blonde or silver hair in the shade it was originally intended. 

Whether you were born with it, or you visit a colorist to get it, there’s no denying the appeal of beautiful, sun-kissed or light locks.

These can include stunning shades like: blonde, silver, highlighted or ombré styles (to name a few!).

Those of us who visit a salon invest a lot of time and money to achieve their ideal hair color.

And while these hues look amazing when they’re freshly done, they can quickly lose their luster, fade, or worse, turn brassy!


What Causes Brass?

Lightened hair becomes extremely porous during the lightening process.


That means it absorbs everything it comes into contact with like a sponge (i.e. minerals in your water, chlorine, pollution and hair products).  


Also, the toner that your colorist used on your hair will wear off over time.


If you’ve gone from dark to light, you may already have brassy tones in your hair. And as a result, your hair may start to take on unwanted yellow or orange-y hues.


What Can You Do About It?

Naturally light and salon-lightened ladies can maintain their gorgeous silver and blonde shades at home with purple shampoo!


Purple shampoo is fast, easy and makes an instant difference in the tone of your hair.


Your color and the specific formula you choose will determine the frequency you need to use it.


Purple shampoo works its magic by depositing blue and purple pigments that work to neutralize the yellow and orange hues.


Similar to color-theory (aka color correction) in makeup, colors cancel out the colors directly across from them on the color wheel:

Notice yellow tones directly across from the purples.


The Easier Way To Tone Your Hair


Presenting: Violet Purple Toning Shampoo


For those who already use a purple shampoo and want something more potent, reach for this intensive wash.


Violet is heavily pigmented so you only need to use it weekly or bi-weekly (i.e. no more than every 3rd wash, depending on how often you shampoo) to see a vast improvement in the tone of your hair.


It will neutralize those unwanted tones and shift your hair back to the cool, neutral, icy and ashy shades you crave!


What’s In Violet?

Lightening strands can take a toll on the health of your hair. Violet’s pretty blue-purple formula is chock-full of healing and hydrating ingredients to care for your hair and help restore it to a healthier state.


Borage Oil – Soothes and conditions dry hair and scalp. It’s packed with gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which is an omega fatty acid that restores moisture and promotes healthy hair growth.


Panthenol –  A form of vitamin B-5, a powerful humectant that attracts water to the outer layer of the hair, increasing hydration, softness and elasticity.


Linseed Oil – Rich in vitamin E, which is known for its healing, anti-inflammatory and UV protective properties. Also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that nourish scalp and strands.


How And When Should I Use Violet?


First and foremost, the frequency you use Violet will be determined by your current color and your desired outcome.  


Most avid purple shampoo users will use Violet once weekly (aka at least every 3rd wash) or every other week for ideal results.


It’s meant to be used in rotation with your go-to shampoo.


How Does Violet Differ From Glacé?


You’ll immediately notice a difference in the saturation of the purple pigment.


Violet is an intensely pigmented color treatment shampoo that is ideal for those who prefer a more striking look. 


Glacé, on the other hand, is perfectly suited for the casual user fighting yellow tones. 


Both shampoos are filled with nourishing ingredients, but should be followed up with conditioner.


For additional toning and softness, we like using Frozé Cool Toning Conditioner or follow with your favorite hair masque.  


Do’s & Don’ts When Using Violet


  • Read the directions.
  • Wear protective gloves!
  • Alternate between your daily shampoo and Violet to create your ideal color maintenance regimen.
  • Let us know if you have any questions!
  • Check out our in-depth blog on purple shampoo.
  • If needed, you can use Dreamy Purifying Shampoo to eliminate any lavender hues.



  • Leave on hair for an extended period of time.
  • Stick your nose in to smell it. (It will stain the tip of your nose.)
  • Use more than once per week (or every 3rd wash).
  • Use without gloves! (Unless you want to have purple hands.)
  • Think this is going to be like Glacé Cool Toning Shampoo, it's much, much more pigmented!




You asked and we listened. Here at L’ange we transform the lives of women by creating the products you want to achieve the hair of your dreams.  


We hope this will shed some light on our latest and greatest purple toning shampoo, Violet. We want to help you understand how to use it and create a regimen that works for your hair.


As always, we’re here to help so please reach out to us if you have any questions!



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