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Three Unexpected All-Natural Hair-Straightening Solutions-L'ange Hair

Three Unexpected All-Natural Hair-Straightening Solutions

We’ve got a trio of unconventional, but effective hair straightening tips! So try these hands-on suggestions. They’re safe, simple, and sure to keep your style situation straight!

So let’s get something straight.

We’re talking, of course, about your hair!

When you’re craving the kind of look that defines sheer elegance and sophistication…

...there’s nothing like the power and pride you get from sleek, smoothly straightened locks.

That’s why we’re honored to share with you our latest breakthrough in flat iron technology:


Le Gloss Blush Titanium Flat Iron

“The all-new L’ange Le Gloss flat iron combines superior technology with a sensitive hair-nourishing touch!”

Simply stated, the Le Gloss sets a new benchmark in hair-straightening precision and panache.

That’s because the Le Gloss’s sophisticated design includes:

  • No-snag rose gold plates that are 25% longer than other flat irons...straighten more strands faster, for dynamically reduced styling time!
  • A built-in infrared light strip that locks in and nurture your hair at the same time!
  • A negative ion projector to seal your cuticles...and kick that flyaway frizz to the curb!


We’re confident once you try the Le Gloss, it’ll change everything you thought you knew about hair straightening.

And while our brilliant customer service team rushes your new Le Gloss to your door…

...we’ve got even more knowledge for you...with a trio of unconventionally effective hair straightening tips!

So, if you don’t want to keep that sought-after straightness waiting even one day longer…

...try these hands-on suggestions. They’re safe, simple, and sure to keep your style situation straight!


We don’t have to tell you, of course, about the health and nutrition benefits of celery.

It’s one of the most popular low-calorie grab-and-go snacks around…

...and its bounty of vitamins and nutrients have been shown to help reduce inflammation, manage your blood pressure, and enhance clear and crisp long-term vision.1

But did you know celery can also give your favorite shampoo and conditioner outstanding straightening support?

Celery Plant“The high water content of celery brings your hair extra hydration along with smoothing benefits.”

This tip comes to you courtesy of Emily Heser, a senior stylist for New York’s acclaimed Cutler Salon.

All you have to do, says Heser, is juice a whole stalk of celery, including the leaves.

Add a splash of water, then, before you wash your hair, spray your locks with this celery-water blend.

Comb the celery juice spray through your hair, and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes before shampooing and conditioning as normal.

Including this easy extra step in your hair washing routine will give you a sleek stylability…

...and pave the way for your Le Gloss to work even greater styling wonders!2


Believe it or not...celery is not the only hair-straightening solution you can find in a Bloody Mary!

It turns out vodka also offers up premium-quality strand-smoothing benefits.

That’s because vodka has a naturally acidic pH level.

This helps it seal and strengthen your hair’s cuticles...taming frizz, enriching manageability, and leaving you with lush, silky-soft tresses!

To treat your hair to vodka’s frizz-fighting magic, just add a shot to your favorite shampoo or conditioner.

 Shotglasses and Ice Cubes

“Who would have guessed that vodka offered such hair-healthy straightening strength?”

But don’t forget to shake the bottle every time you use it. This will keep the vodka well-blended throughout the cleansing formula.

And there’s more:

Vodka also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

That means adding it to your cleansing products will soothe an itchy scalp, for less risk of inflammation and dandruff.3

So, try pouring your hair a shot…

...and here’s to smooth and shiny style!


Now here’s some really good news:

One of the most effective natural hair straighteners won’t even cost you a trip to the store.

You’ve already got it at hand and ready to use. And all you have to do… turn on your shower!

You see, cold water has the same tightening effect on your cuticles that it does on your pores.

And just like beauty experts recommend washing your face with cold water for wrinkle-free skin…

...a cold water hair rinse likewise seals your cuticles, giving you locks that stay smooth and sleek. 

Woman in a Cold Shower

“If your body can handle a cold water rinse, your reward will be smoother, shinier tresses!”

Plus, a tighter hair cuticle better reflects the light that hits your hair…

...gracing your style with the kind of radiance that’ll make you absolutely impossible to forget!4

So, don’t be afraid to power through that shocking first jolt of icy intensity.

Your hair will be glad you braved the chill...when your reward is the hottest straight style around!


A glossy, silky-smooth hairstyle brings the world a loud and clear message...

...letting them know you’re a woman with class, energy, and power like no one else!

And our new Le Gloss flat iron is primed to help you deliver that message…

...shaping your sleekness with incomparable speed and unmatched reliability.

Fortunately, this trio of strand-straightening tips will enliven your hair with glamour and luster…

...ready for your Le Gloss to arrive, and set your style on a path that’s always straight and true!



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