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The Top Styling Trends in the World Today

The Top Styling Trends in the World Today

Right this minute, gifted salon professionals are transforming women with bold, captivating styles that will be turning heads for years to come! We wanted to share with you some of the most buzzworthy looks coming out of today’s groundbreaking beauty destinations.

Sightseeing is always one of the high points of any memorable vacation.

Whether it’s architectural marvels, natural splendor, or stunningly skilled street performers…

...every turn of the corner can offer you something the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

But you can find amazing and inspirational sights in unexpected vacation places, too.

For instance, next time you’re in any unfamiliar spot on the globe, pass by a local salon.

You just might see someone wearing a brand-new style that’s about to take the world by storm!

hair stylist talking to her client about the length of hair to cut

“As you’re reading this, in a salon somewhere in the world...the hottest new hair trend is being born!”


Right this minute, gifted salon professionals are hard at work across the planet…

…transforming women with bold, captivating styles that will be turning heads...and setting trends...for years to come!

We wanted to share with you some of the most buzzworthy looks coming out of today’s groundbreaking beauty destinations.

So we put this question to a crew of influential international stylists:

“What are the current worldwide hairstyling trends that have got you most excited?”

When you travel the world this summer, keep your eyes peeled for the styles they shared.

They just might light the spark that fires your own next glamour and beauty breakthrough!


No matter where you are in the world, if you’ve got curls, summertime can be a true challenge.

High humidity, combined with energy-sapping heat, can turn those bouncy waves into a nest of tangles, frizz, and lifeless droop!

Fortunately, a chic look from the salons of Copenhagen, Denmark is putting the pleasure back in curls this summer.

It’s a style being spearheaded by Nicci Welsh, a British-born salon veteran who now works her magic in the Danish capital.1

And, according to Welsh, this trend follows classic traditions of fresh-faced Scandinavian beauty.

“There is a big trend right now for curls,” she says, “and embracing your natural texture.”

In other words, rather than spending the summer months battling their curls...Danish women are savoring the possibilities.

Woman taking a selfie as she waves the peace sign with her hands.

“Danish women are embracing the fact that natural curls don’t have to put a stop to fresh summer style!”

This has led to an upswing in shoulder-length bobs and even shorter curly cuts.

“In spring, we saw more big curly styles,” says Welsh. “This has led to the curly bob being the sought-after cut of the moment.”2

So, if you’re looking to luxuriate in your curls this summer...with no out-of-control tangle or frizz…

...why not try lopping those locks, and working a breezy, shoulder- or mid-length bob?

You’ll feel cooler and more carefree without those heavier tresses to manage…

...while still enjoying all the feature-flattering volume and vitality of your natural curls!


And speaking of making the most of unexpected textures…’s a risky, head-turning look from the runways of this spring’s New York Fashion Week.

It was crafted by Paul Hanlon, stylist for the French couture house Sonia Rykiel.

The late Madame Rykiel was known for her signature frizz-flaunting ginger locks…

...and in tribute, for the unveiling of the house’s spring line, Hanlon graced the models with a look that embraced the impossible:

High-style frizz!

woman standing by a wall of flowers

“Unbelievable but true: There’s a way to turn frizzy hair into elegant high style!”

With skillful application of spray and root-boosting formula, Hanlon sculpted a style that resembles heavily brushed-out curls, accented with a playful wave above the models’ eye.

Hanlon describes the retro result as “almost New Romantic...with a bit of a punky element to it.”

But don’t worry: This style won’t keep you sidelined when the summertime action heats up.

Unlike unmanageable, unstyled frizz, “The hair is going to move and bounce,” says Hanlon. “It’s fun!”2

So, try turning one of summer’s biggest hair frustrations into big-time glamour…

...and give your long tresses a shot of exuberant, risk-taking edge!


Naturally, when it comes to summer hairstyling, keeping cool is a major priority.

And for plenty of ladies, that means going dramatically short...with a cute and kicky pixie cut.

This is a hairstyle that offers a wealth of style and maintenance advantages.

It’s easy to shampoo and dry...adds maturity to baby-faced features...and it accentuates your neck, making it a no-fuss way to look taller.

Unfortunately, sometimes it can feel like with a pixie’ve only got one hairstyle to choose from!4

But it doesn’t have to be that way...thanks to these international styling innovators, all of whom have used fresh thinking and creativity to give this classic some new-school flair!

woman in glasses with short hair

“The pixie haircut wouldn’t have been a favorite for all these decades without its unsung and unexpected versatility!”

  • “Growing out the top - just a little - will give you a new 2018 haircut. This little bit of length will allow you flexibility with your hairstyle, adding volume.” - Keka Heron, Atlanta-based celebrity stylist whose clients include Jasmine Sullivan
  • “For a pixie cut with long bangs, I think there is something to be said for being able to pull those bangs off your face. So either a slicked-back look, or even French braiding the front, is nice.” - Joy La Rosa, New York-based editorial stylist5
  • “My go-to look is usually the ‘junky look’...when in doubt, mess it up. I love to style a pixie with my hands instead of using a comb. It helps add a more personalized level of texture to the look.” - Nikki Nelms, stylist for R&B superstars Beyoncé and Janelle Monáe6

Take it from Sean SureThing, lead stylist for the ultra-trendy New York salon Seagull:

“2018 is the year of cutting it all off.”7

So, if you decide this summer to finally take the pixie plunge… the tips listed above to make sure you never feel stuck with “only one style!”


People don’t always think of hairstyling as an art form. But styling and art have one major thing in common:

Inspiration can come from anywhere!

For proof, just consider the hot hair trends our pro stylists discussed here…

...styles from the halls of Parisian high fashion...the hippest boutiques in America...even the far-flung salons of Scandinavia!

We hope these up-to-the-minute suggestions will encourage you when you travel this summer... keep your eyes wide open, and your creative spirit energized…

...ready to create the trendsetting look of your dreams!



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