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The Experts Weigh In: Dry Shampoo Tips and Tricks

The Experts Weigh In: Dry Shampoo Tips and Tricks

For the latest installment of our “L’ANGE PRO TIPS” series, we asked an array of the country’s most prominent hairstyling experts: “What do you suggest for getting the most out of dry shampoo?”

Of all of our salon-quality cleansing and conditioning products here at L’ange, there’s one that, more than any other, excites the most passionate response:

Our Déjà Vu dry shampoo!

As your hundreds of five-star reviews attest...L’ange Ladies can’t get enough of Déjà Vu’s effortless revitalizing action…

...or the unique formula that makes it the only dry shampoo designed to go on clear, with no cakey residue!

But even with a product as easy to use and powerfully effective as Déjà can always trust professional stylists for tips to make your dry shampoo results even more outstanding!

That’s why, for the latest installment of our “L’ANGE PRO TIPS” series, we asked an array of the country’s most prominent hairstyling experts:

What do you suggest for getting the most out of dry shampoo?”

The answers they gave us are sure to put a fresh, dynamic spark in your Déjà Vu experience!


First of all, Suave Professionals celebrity stylist Jenny Cho says you’ve got to apply the dry shampoo where it can do the most good:

Your roots.

Cho says spraying your dry shampoo directly on your roots is your best bet for making sure it soaks up all the excess oil. This will ensure your locks stay clean-looking and smelling for a second or even third day without washing.1


So, now we know where your dry shampoo will work its magic the best.

Any place on your hair you want to avoid spraying?

Terrence Michael Renk, an Emmy-winning stylist whose work has appeared on the classic soap All My Children, says spraying dry shampoo directly on the ends of your hair can actually cause problems.2

Applying the dry shampoo to your tips can leave them feeling dried out, and also cause serious static problems.

If you’re worried about brittle tips, says Renk, try a little coconut oil. Just a pea-sized dollop worked into the ends of your hair should properly moisturize and leave your ends free from frizz.3


International stylist Nelson Vercher’s client roster is a who’s who of memorable locks, including:

  • Britney Spears
  • Donatella Versace
  • Legendary supermodels Carol Alt and Frederique van der Wal
  • ...and Kim Kardashian, who told Glamour she only washes her hair every five days (so you know she knows her way around dry shampoo!)

Vercher’s best dry shampoo tip:

Remember it’s not just for soaking up oil.

In addition to its cleansing properties, he also uses it as a styling product, to give clean, still-damp hair a volume boost.

Vercher even pairs dry shampoo with a salon-quality curling wand to help him add lush texture to beachy waves.4


Finally, if you ask acclaimed New York stylist Nathan Rosenkranz, there’s one key factor he says can keep you from getting the most out of your dry shampoo:

Spraying distance.

You see, dry shampoo actually needs time to mingle with the natural properties of the air around your head in order to work its best.

That means, if you’re spraying your roots from too close, the dry shampoo won’t get enough of what it requires from the air for maximum cleansing power.

To achieve your top results, Rosenkranz suggests spraying with the can at least six inches from your roots.5

As you can see, these pros agree dry shampoo is a terrific way to keep second- and third-day hair feeling fresh...and give you an easy style and texture shot.

And of course, as with all things hair, you’ll get the most out of your dry shampoo if you use it to its best advantage.

That’s why we’ll always keep creating unbeatable products like Déjà Vu dry shampoo…

...and also bringing you plenty of “L’ANGE PRO TIPS” just like these.

It’s what you need to help you keep your hair looking like it was styled by an expert!



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