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Salon Vs. Retail Hair Products: What's Better?

Salon Vs. Retail Hair Products: What's Better?

“What makes salon-grade styling products better than those retail brands?” The answers offer keen insights on the science and nutrition of hair…

It’s as inevitable as the sun coming up.

You’ve just enjoyed a session at your favorite salon...and you’re ready to face your week with hair that looks and feels its cleanest, shiniest, and most vibrant.

Then, your stylist asks you that familiar question:


Now, if you’re like a lot of women, even when you do find yourself curiously browsing those impressive (and expensive!) looking bottles and spray cans… may still be unsure about whether to take the salon styling product plunge.

After all, don’t the shampoos, conditioners, and sprays at the supermarket or drugstore do all the same stuff?

And for usually a lot less than what they charge for a salon-quality bottle of “the same product”?

“So many bottles...all those ‘trusted’ can you be sure what you’d buy at a salon is superior?”


To dig into this a little deeper, we asked some gifted professional hair stylists this question:

“What makes salon-grade styling products better than those retail brands?”

Their answers offer keen insights on the science and nutrition of hair…

...and they just might be the key to giving your tresses a new lease on life, health, and beauty!


Have you ever purchased an economy-size package of a favorite product because, that way, you get “more of what you need”?

The good news is, with a salon-quality styling product, you get “more of what you need”...without a bottle that takes up your entire countertop!

That’s a tip from Roman Kusayev, owner of Roman K Salon in New York City, whose celebrity clients include barrier-breaking auto racing champion Danica Patrick.

He says salon-grade products “are up to five times more concentrated in the active ingredients than similar products you will find in other retail stores.”

That means, while supermarket shampoos and sprays can be diluted by unnecessary perfumes, chemical fillers, and artificial colors…

...with a salon-grade product, you’re getting a stronger combination of essential minerals, oils, and cleansing agents your hair requires for maximum flexibility, body, and shine!1

“With a salon-quality styling product, every ounce of it is full of nothing but good things for your hair!”

So don’t let that deluxe-sized drugstore bottle fool you…

...because that salon product is going to give you much more of what your hair really needs to look and feel its best…

...and far, far less of what it doesn’t!


So, the next time your stylist asks what products you need, just remember:

Asking that question is all part of the job…

...and the job is to make sure you spend every day loving the carefree confidence you get from your hair.

When it comes to cleansing, conditioning, and style, your hair always deserves the very best…

...and any stylist will tell you, that’s just what true salon-grade styling products are designed to deliver...every time!



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