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The Japanese Hair Trend That Puts Bounce In Your Curls

The Japanese Hair Trend That Puts Bounce In Your Curls

If you follow Japanese pop culture, you might have seen or heard about this style before. In Japan, they’re called “Harajuku girls.”

Have you ever had to pick someone up at the airport?

Many people don’t like having to go to the airport… but even if you’re not a fan, you can’t deny that the opportunities for “people watching” at the airport can’t be beat.

Because every country in the world has its own unique and creative beauty, fashion, and hairstyling ideas.

And where else do you get the opportunity to see all these inspiring and provocative styles at once?

For example, if you see a flight arrive from Tokyo, Japan, you might see girls who look like this:

You can barely take your eyes off them, right? It’s just amazing and eye-catching fashion and hair.

If you follow Japanese pop culture, you might have seen or heard about this style before.

In Japan, they’re called “Harajuku girls.”

That’s because this style got its start in the Tokyo neighborhood of Harajuku. This place is Japan’s major center for groundbreaking trends in fashion, makeup, and hair design, including:

  • Dolly Kei - A style of dress that emulates the look of peasants from the Middle Ages
  • Kogal - A daring take on the classic Japanese schoolgirl uniform
  • Salon-Boy - A casual yet refined all-purpose look pioneered by Harajuku’s male hairdressers
  • and the now-worldwide Cosplay Style, in which you dress in imitation of your favorite movie, animation, or comic book characters!1

Of all these looks, the one that took its name from Harajuku itself is certainly the most memorable.

Inspired by Victorian-era clothing and characters like Alice in Wonderland, it features ultra-stylized versions of cute, brightly colored “little girl” outfits.

The makeup style spotlights sparkles and glitter.

And the hairstyles are all about youthful energy… with bouncy side ponytails, billowy low bangs, and lots of tight, springy curls.

The Harajuku girls often dye their hair bright, fun colors to complement these lively styles.

Or they wear wigs in electric yellow, bright orange, hot pink… really every color of the rainbow!2

Simply stated, the Harajuku look is one of the most distinctive styles in fashion and beauty today.

And for everyone at L’ange…

… seeing a group of women with such a daring and original approach to their personal style…

… it’s nothing short of spellbinding.

And if you agree, then we have some good news for you:

L’ange offers styling tools and products to lend your hair a scintillating touch of Harajuku-style vivacity!

Of course, you may not be able to regularly give your locks “the full Harajuku.”

Your fitness routine, profession, or lifestyle might make such a dramatic look impractical.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t put a spark of Harajuku-inspired energy and flair into your hair.

For example…

If you usually choose the looser “beachy wave” look when curling your hair… why not try some tighter, bouncier ringlets or rope curls?

The slimmer barrel of our 25 mm curling wands are simply ideal for sculpting curls that are fun, sassy, sexy… and last for days!

And if you want your hair to really pop with Harajuku pizzazz, you can apply these sprightly, spirited curls to a pair of side ponytails.

Just pull your hair into two tight tails, one on either side of your head.

Then, curl those tails with your 25 mm wand.

Simple as that!

Also, if the bold curved bangs of the Harajuku hairstyle are what you’re craving…

… our Le Revé flat iron boasts ergonomically rounded styling plates… for delivering shiny, long-lasting curves and bends.

Hopefully, this short crash course in Japanese Harajuku hairstyling has piqued your curiosity.

If you try out this exciting look with your own hair, you simply have to let us know how it goes!

And maybe this message will encourage you to always look far and wide for new and unexpected hairstyling ideas.

After all... it’s a great big world out there.

Who knows where you’ll find your favorite new style?


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