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New Year 4 new dos to try now

New Year, 4 New ‘Dos To Try Now

We’ve all had those moments…where our hair styling plateaus – that time when you haven’t tried anything new in so long, you keep the same two looks on rotation…


We’ve all had those moments…where our hair styling plateaus – that time when you haven’t tried anything new in so long, you keep the same two looks on rotation…

We all fall flat to the everyday styles we can do quickly and simply – but with the New Year around the corner, it’s the perfect time to try something new and have fun with your look!

We all want to put our best foot forward in 2019 so I thought it would be a great time to introduce 4 new ways to style your hair – something maybe you’ve never tried before.

Here I’ll feature ways to use our L’ange styling tools and haircare products to achieve unique looks that will turn heads, and in turn make you feel fabulous!


The Slept-In Curls


The Slept-In Curls

I love this style because it has such an effortless appeal! And if your hair is already naturally wavy or slightly curly, it will be super easy to achieve. It’s all about embracing that slept-in, “woke up like this” look we seek.

Step 1: Start by working a volumizing mousse through your damp-to-dry hair. For this, our L’ange Whip Volumizing Mousse will do the trick.

Step 2: Use your L’ange hair dryer until hair is dry throughout. To achieve wavy locks at the start, twist the hair and directly blow-dry.

Step 3: Use your 25mm barrel L’ange curling wand to start forming your curls. Do this is small sections of about a half-inch. Wrap the curl away from your face, hold for at least 10 seconds.

Step 4: To relax the curls, run your hands through them, pulling through strands of hair. You don’t need to worry about ruining the curl’s shape, as the Whip mousse helps preserve some hold while still keeping it relaxed.

Step 5: You can further work separate strands by pulling a few pieces out, and utilizing our Salt + Sea Texturizing Spray. Looser, finer strands will keep the hair from looking too uniform, and will help pull out individual pieces to frame the face.

That’s all! Just finesse each curl to your liking, and enjoy a lived-in bedhead ‘do that’s totally unique for the New Year.


The Angel Hair

The Angel Hair

Like the runways of Victoria’s Secret, the Angel hair is perfect with a center part and are made to lock in that shiny, smooth look every woman loves.

It’s an easy to attain look that can be worn from work to the weekend and you’ll be super on-trend with these luscious locks!

Step 1: Prime already dry hair with a texturizing spray like our L’ange Salt + Sea, and tousle through locks to add volume and dimension.

Step 2: Apply the L’ange Rival Heat Shield to protect your strands while styling – hair is easily susceptible from damage by heat styling, so this is a total must-have!

Step 3: Section your hair into two parts, so that you start with the bottom layer. With your 32mm L’ange curling wand, grab about a 1” piece of hair, and wrap the section around your wand - away from your face. Once you unravel the hair from the barrel, cup the curl in your palm for about 10 seconds to let the curl cool down in its form – this helps to maintain the curls shape for a longer period of time. Alternate curling 1” sections and 1.5” sections to create a more effortless look. For thicker sections though, I recommend cupping the curl a pinch longer.

Step 4: Repeat this to your top section that you clipped up previously, and finish curls with our Managé Marula Oil Hydrating Mist for a sheeny finish.

Step 5: Lightly brush or finger comb the curls while tousling the roots to create the finished style.

And voila! Whether you are heading out with girlfriends for brunch, or strutting your stuff on a hot date night – you’ll feel like a total bombshell with this sexy style!


The Super-Straight

The Super-Straight

Slick and oh-so sexy, this ultra-sleek style is perfect for making a subtle statement. Seen on red carpets and runways alike, super-straight locks are made for playing up your look, and a side part makes for an extra dramatic and sophisticated look you’ll love.

Step 1: Use a boar bristle brush to avoid causing breakage, which our Siena Nylon & Boar Bristle Brush is perfect for. When blow-drying your hair, use a low-heat setting to minimize damage too.

Step 2: Use our L’ange Lustér Spray Laminate and comb through thoroughly.

Step 3: To achieve a gorgeously stick-straight look with some edge, part your hair on the side. Clip half up it up and start with the bottom half.

Step 4: With your L’ange flat iron, go over every area of your hair, moving at a moderate pace from root to tip. This may be needed twice or three times, depending on your hair texture. Release the top section of your hair and repeat process a few times to get your desired look.

Step 5: Finish it off with our Glazé Hair Lotion, and comb through once more to make sure all parts of the hair have been slicked. Tuck a section of hair behind your ear and utilize a barrette for an even edgier look!

And that’s it for this style! I love it because it creates and instant “cool-girl” vibe, without taking too much time. Whether you’re at a fancy event or just wanting to try something new and fun – this style is for you!



The Old Hollywood Waves

The Old Hollywood Waves

Ah, the good old days! Old Hollywood style is still coveted to this day, and for good reason! There is a classic elegance and a “je ne sais quoi” to the look that still translates in 2019, so if you ever wanted to achieve this look, here it is once and for all!

Step 1: First and foremost, find a deep side part. This particular hairstyle doesn’t have the same effect when done with a middle part. Once you find your perfect place for a side part, clip the top half of the thicker side up and away from your face.

Step 2: Start with curling the section above your ear with a L’ange 32mm curling wand, then proceed to curl the exact same way working your way up around your crown. Unlike the other curls we’ve seen here today, you want to curl your hair towards your face this time. Continue this pattern, you want to see uniform curls on this one!

Step 3: Now switch and repeat for the other side of your hair. Make sure your working the same pattern! You should notice a ringlet-type curl happening, and that’s a good thing! You want it too look bouncy and tight at first.

Step 4: Once the curls are in place, spray with our Trois Chic Three Way Hairspray and allow it to set. Once everything cools – start combing through the curls gently with our Siena Nylon Paddle Brush, and you will notice the pattern of your curls will start becoming uniform together.

Step 5: Take one last look, and use curl under any stray sections of your hair, to make sure all pieces are flowing together and within the same curl pattern. Give it one last douse of Trois Chic Hairspray.

There you have it! I love the look because it creates instant glam and still look great even hours later. 

This sought-after style and all the others seen here can finally be recreated with ease using our L’ange styling tools and haircare products!

So now is the perfect time to get your New Year, New ‘Do on and add some of this styles to your rotation.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!





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