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Let Our Salon Pros Help You Choose YOUR Best Fall Style

Let Our Salon Pros Help You Choose YOUR Best Fall Style

When the days grow shorter, and that bite creeps its way back into the air, you want a style that’s cozy and durable...without sacrificing versatility or vibrance!

Now that Labor Day is past...and autumn is officially around the corner… have to be asking yourself:


Have you taken the screens out of your doors...replacing them with cool-weather-ready glass?

Are your closets and dressers reorganized...with darker colors and thicker fabrics right up front, ready to wear?

And, of course, there’s the matter of choosing a hairstyle to keep you looking and feeling lovely for fall.

After all, those airy, beachy looks are ideal for long afternoons in the sun.

But when the days grow shorter, and that bite creeps its way back into the air… want a style that’s cozy and durable...without sacrificing versatility or vibrance!

Woman playing in the woods"The trees are starting to show off their autumn look...isn’t it time you join them?"


So, to help you select the look that’ll take you through this autumn in style…

...we reached out to an expert array of professional stylists, and asked them:

What are the hottest hairstyling trends emerging from the top salons this fall?

No matter where you live, their masterful advice is sure to grace your hair with peerless glamour and adaptability through the holidays...and beyond!


When choosing your autumn style, it pays to be thinking about the past, present, and future.

In other words, you’ll get the most satisfying results with a cut that smoothly segues out of your favorite summer style…

...while priming you, come December, to make another shift into a winter-friendly ‘do!

And according to Brianna Colette, a senior stylist with L.A.’s Nine Zero One salon, no other look provides this all-seasons transitional ease quite like a blunt, shoulder-length long bob (or lob).

“If your long hair is feeling fried from the wear and tear of summer,” says Colette, “the lob can work as the perfect transitional cut.”

That’s because its abbreviated length loses any crispy, dry ends summer may have left you fighting…

...while still keeping your locks long enough to shield your neck and jawline from that autumn-air chill.

Woman listening to music in her headphones"The lob cut offers a post-summer hair refreshment, while keeping you primed for the coming winter."

Colette’s fellow Nine Zero One stylist Lisa Satorn also sings the lob’s praises.

“The cut is sophisticated, stylish, and offers body when styling, depending on your texture preference.”

In addition, Satorn says this style has the unprecedented advantage of working well with any facial structure.

Still, she suggests sharing plenty of inspirational photos with your stylist.

That way, you can be sure the edges and lines of your lob will be crafted to enhance all your very best features!1


Of course, fall is a time when, for both style and comfort, it pays to cover up.

That’s why hats, scarves, and turtlenecks become essential elements of your autumn wardrobe.

And it’s the reason behind one of fall 2018’s choice styles:


This look, with its loose-yet-sculpted edges and bohemian-chic bangs, packs plenty of runway-ready edge along with its warmth and stylability.

But the key to making the curtain fringe truly come alive is how it’s tailored to suit your facial features.

That tip comes from Paul Edmonds, an international celebrity stylist whose work you’ve seen on Margot Robbie and Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery.

“Many assume that fringes need to be hard and blunt,” says Edmonds. “But this style doesn’t work with all face shapes.”

With that in mind, here are Edmonds’s suggestions for shaping the curtain fringe to your singular features:

  • FOR A ROUND FACE: “A sweeping side fringe is your best bet. And if you want to elongate your face, ask your hairstylist to leave it a little longer at the edges, so that it falls just below the cheekbone.”
  • FOR AN OVAL FACE: “If you widen and bring the fringe straight across, it’ll help give width to the upper face, instantly emphasizing the eyes and cheek bones.”
  • FOR A HEART-SHAPED FACE: “A Brigitte Bardot-esque fringe is one of the most flattering cuts...especially if it’s super-textured and choppy.”
  • FOR A SQUARE FACE: “Soft, layered, sweeping fringe styles complement more angular face shapes without detracting from your bone structure.”

Edmonds says even curly-haired ladies can pull off a fall fringe...with a little special styling care.

“With our curly clients,” he says, “we cut the fringe in when wet, and at a longer length. When it dries and the curl shrinks, we can then trim it again to the right length.”

Edmonds also recommends a keratin treatment for curly fringe styles, to soften the edges and keep the curls from overtaking your face.3


Finally, let’s talk about one of autumn’s most persistent styling problems:

How do you stay looking sexy and provocative...without sacrificing that all-important cool- weather comfort?

Thankfully, Tony Gordon, owner and master stylist at Chicago’s Gordon Salon, has the answer.

For modish autumn allure, Gordon recommends “a short, razor-cut shag with sweeping bangs.”

The key to unlocking this cut’s sizzling fall-season appeal, says Gordon, is all about layering.

“Shags are making a comeback, and I think that shattered layers really give the cut a chic, fierce look.

woman wearing dynamite fall-style super-charger clothing

“You might be thinking the autumn means it’s time to go long...but a short, razory shag can be a dynamite fall-style super-charger!”

Gordon praises the styling possibilities those extra layers give the shag...but he recommends keeping the nape slightly longer in the back, to add more variety to the style’s shape.

And, to accent this look, Gordon suggests “a fall scarf that lies just below the neck,” plus a wardrobe of “rich, warm autumn colors, like deeper auburns, yellows, oranges, reds, and gold.”

With these smart styling decisions, says Gordon, “you’ll have the perfect fall hair”...

...with a sensuous appeal that just might make autumn your hottest season of the year!4  


When it comes to maintaining a vibrant, in-vogue style, autumn can be one of the most challenging times of year.

That’s because bracing your body for shorter, colder days doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with bewitching fashion flair.

But before you pack your cutting-edge styling desires away with your shorts and swimsuits…

...heed the professional expertise of our team of standout salon stylists.

Their advice proves that, with the right cut and a touch of styling pizzazz…

...your confidence and glamorous energy won’t have to go into hibernation this season!



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