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How to Use a Curling Wand? Achieve Naturally Voluminous Undone Curls

How to Use a Curling Wand? Achieve Naturally Voluminous Curls

If you're looking for the secret to naturally voluminous, undone curls and waves, look no further. We show you how simple it is to create these styles with our brand new bubble wand, Le Perlé.

Perhaps you’ve seen images of gorgeous, bouncy curls like these and are wondering how to create them yourself. 

Guess what? It’s much easier than it looks...


You’ve been asking for it and here it is: the beloved bubble barrel from the Le Cinq set is now available as a wand on its own!


Introducing: the brand new Le Perlé curling wand!


If you’ve been eyeballing this uniquely shaped wand and are not quite sure what to do with it, you’ve come to the right place. 


We’ll show you how to recreate this cascade of curls!

So, What is Le Perlé?

Bubble Curling Wand

Le Perlé is similar to our signature Ondulé wand, but with a rose gold titanium barrel (like the one from Le Cinq!).

Le Perlé Curling Wand Features: 

  • Titanium bubble barrel produces fast and even heat, reducing styling time
  • ON/OFF switch with LED indicator auto-set to optimum styling temperature of 410° F
  • Soft touch handle with rubber finish for luxurious and comfortable grip
  • Lightweight, ergonomic and durable design
  • Corrosion- and stain-resistant, ultra polished barrel repels residue
  • Professional length, 360° power swivel cord for tangle-free styling
  • Dual voltage 110 - 240V, perfect for travel
  • Includes professional heat-resistant glove
  • Suitable for all hair types


Why Use a Bubble Wand?

A bubble curling wand is one of the easiest ways to create textured, natural-looking curls!


Think of the indents as your guide for creating goof-proof curls and waves! 


Le Perlé is great for all lengths of hair and suitable for all hair types. 

 Because of the difference in widths between the bubbles and the narrower grooves between them, you can create curls that are perfectly-imperfect—no two look exactly the same! 


You can also avoid curling the ends to produce a relaxed, carefree look. 


1- Clip It Up and Out of the Way

It’s easiest to work in small sections, so grab your favorite clip, section hair from ear to ear and secure the top 2/3 so it will be out of your way. 


This will make it easier to apply any product and help your curls come out better. 


2- Apply Heat Protectant


Protect your hair from Le Perlé’s 410º F heat by applying Rival Heat Shield before you begin curling. 


It’s formulated with keratin and a blend of botanicals to strengthen your hair and combat the heat of your styling tools, as well as protect hair against UV color damage. 


Bonus: it also helps to set your curls and add a layer of humidity resistance! Win-win! 


3- Work With Small Sections of Hair

If your hair is especially long or thick, this step definitely applies to you. 


To produce a longer-lasting, more-defined curl, make sure to wrap smaller pieces of hair around the barrel. 


4- Wrap It

With the barrel pointed downward (and always keeping a safe distance from your face), wrap the section of hair starting at the base of the wand and work your way down towards the tip. 


You may wrap it forwards, backwards or a mixture of both for added volume!


If you have long hair, simply wrap your hair the same way you would a traditional curling wand (letting the hair go where it wants naturally). 


If you have shorter hair, you can follow the same technique OR:

  •  Wrap hair in the grooves (between the bubbles) only, for tighter curls
  •  Wrap on top of the bubbles to produce looser curls


Once wrapped, wait 3-5 seconds and release—you may need to wiggle the wand a little to help free the curls from the bubble wand. 


Catch the curls in your palm and allow them to cool for a few seconds before releasing the coils. 


5 -Tousle to Perfection

Whether or not you plan on adding product to top off your curls, a little finger-styling will help to add shape and a polished finish to your 'do. 


Use your fingers to lightly break up any overly large pieces and to help smooth out other pieces, as needed. 


The final result will be relaxed, natural and oh-so-pretty!


6- Spray to Set & Your Gorgeous Curls

A setting spray will also help to add texture, shine or hold to your style!

If you are looking for crunch-free, shiny, beach-inspired texture, look no further than our Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray.


For a soft, touchable finish that will enhance the condition, shine and smoothness of your curls, try a few spritzes of Managé Marula Oil Hydrating Mist.


And if you want curls that won’t quit, try our Haute To Trot Maximum Hold Hairspray for a flexible, humidity-resistant finish that remains brushable!


For those of you who want to see the bubbles in action, check out this Facebook Live with Jasmine Rae styling her ultra-long hair with the bubble barrel from the Le Cinq!

Make sure to let us know if you have any questions about using Le Perlé


And please tag us in your photos on Instagram @langehair and Facebook @getlange using the #langelocks hashtag. 


We can’t wait to see all the beautiful styles you create!



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