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History's CRAZIEST Hair-Care Methods

History's CRAZIEST Hair-Care Methods

To harness unforgettable hair, some have tried styling techniques that are like something out of a horror movie! To show you what we mean, here’s three of history’s most unbelievably shocking styling trends.

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Of course, you already know how much unlocking the secret of perfect hair matters to you.

So much, in fact, that sometimes, it feels like you’d try almost anything to capture that fantasy style.

Well, it turns out...women have felt the same way about their hair for centuries…

...and to harness that unforgettable look, some have tried styling techniques like something out of a horror movie!

To show you what we mean, here’s three of history’s most unbelievably shocking styling trends.

But brace yourself:

If you think an all-day bleaching session sounds ain’t heard nothing yet!


Our first unpleasant old-school hairstyling technique is from 1300s England.

As you know, what makes for a culturally ideal appearance comes and goes over time.

And back then, a woman was considered the peak of beauty if she had a long, oval-shaped face.

So in order to achieve that sought-after shape, women would pluck all the hair out of their foreheads...sometimes all the way back to their crowns!

“To reach the medieval ideal of beauty, women would often pluck their heads half-bald”

This was usually accompanied by eyebrows plucked down to a thin, barely noticeable line.

Unfortunately, as fashion-forward as this plucking was then, it came with a social cost.

That’s because the medieval church forbade women from plucking hair from their faces or heads…unless they did it to “remedy severe disfigurement.”

So, even though plenty of lovely ladies still rock thinned eyebrows’s hoping the “plucked forehead” look doesn’t make a comeback!1


Quick: What’s the absolute last ingredient you’d want to use for dyeing your hair?

Well, whatever you thought of...the ancient Romans just might have you beat!

This antique culture was known for unusual beauty tricks, including their methods of hair dyeing.

“Ancient Roman culture is legendary for its decadence...and their hairstyling techniques were no exception”

Some were eccentric but basically giving hair a golden sheen with actual gold dust.

But when a Roman woman was looking to darken her tresses, she frequently used a stomach-turning technique:


That’s right!

To prepare this dreadful-sounding dye, Roman women pickled leeches in vinegar for up to two months.

Then, they’d coat their hair with the fermented blood-suckers, and sit in the sun to let them bake in.

Granted, a freshly updated shade is still a great way to give your style a boost.

But even the most dedicated modern-day dyeing fan would probably think twice about using pickled leeches!2


Okay, we feel like we owe you a word of warning:

This last one is really nasty.

It comes to us courtesy of the aristocratic high society of 18th century Europe.

In that time, thanks to Marie Antoinette and her electrifying elevated styles, big hair was all the rage.

But since most women didn’t have enough hair to create a voluminous natural style, they used wigs instead.

And the way these wigs were designed led to a host of horrifying problems.

“She may look stunning...but you may not want to know what’s going on inside that wig!”

For one thing, the wigs were usually built around a wooden base.

And to hold that hair to the wood, these women used sticky bear grease and beef lard!

As you can imagine, the smell that came off these wigs could get just appalling.

But there was one group of household denizens that loved that smell:


That means chic society ladies could often be found under a lard-smeared wig with rats in it!

The rodent problems, and the risks of infection and disease they brought, got so bad, women installed “wig cages” in their boudoirs.

These cages would keep the rats from burrowing into the wigs overnight.

So the next time you get frustrated about a hard-to-maintain hairstyle…

...just give thanks you don’t have to keep your hair in a cage to keep the rats away!3


Now, you’ve got to be asking yourself:

Why on earth are we sharing these disgusting stories with you?

Well, the reason we told you about these dreadful hair-care horrors of the past is simply this:

We know creating a gorgeous, confidence-boosting hairstyle means the world to you.

But that doesn’t mean you should have to put yourself through torture to make it happen.

So consider these stories a harsh but helpful reminder:

No matter what you’re hoping your hair can achieve… can always find a way to realize that vision that’s safe, pain-free...and sure to leave you feeling as great as you look!



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