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The Frizz-Fighting Secret From Hong Kong

The Frizz-Fighting Secret From Hong Kong

There’s a quick and easy way to fortify your locks against humidity. All it takes is 3 ingredients you’ll be able to find in any market!

How’s your vacation planning coming along?

Have you and your family decided where you’re heading this year?

Maybe it’s southeast Asia...home to some of the world’s most fascinating cultures.

If so, you might want to stop in the city U.S. News & World Report ranks as the best to visit in all of Asia1:


“Among its many wonders, Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than any city in the world!”

No matter what you’re looking for in a vacation...this harbor metropolis has it in spades!

Sprawling national parks...hundreds of restaurants...and some of the best couture bargain shopping on the planet.2

But before you pack your bags and book that Air China flight, there’s something else you need to know about.

Something else Hong Kong is famous for...or should we say notorious?

We’re talking about…


You see, just like in America, right now, it’s summer in Hong Kong.

And when you combine average temperatures in the high 80s with a subtropical coastal climate...what you get is air that’s persistently heavy and thick with moisture.

It’s not unusual for whole weeks to go by with the humidity hitting 100%...

...and most of the locals rarely take even a short walk without a towel to sop up the moisture.3

“Even a short walk in the Hong Kong humidity can leave you drenched in sweat!”

Another sure sign it’s summer in Hong Kong:

The hair salons are packed with women battling the nasty effects of this humidity:

  • Frizzy hair, thanks to too much moisture absorbed by your strands
  • Fluffed-out, unmanageable curls
  • Flat, lifeless hair...the kind that just lays on your head like a lump
  • Swollen, overtaxed cuticles, which can lead to split ends and hair breakage
  • ....and dull, faded damage to both natural and treated colors4

In short, if you’re planning a Hong Kong getaway this summer…’ll find your hair up against the same threats you face on humid days back home!


Naturally, before you visit any new vacation spot, you want to make sure your hair’s ready for any fresh challenges.

And if Hong Kong’s your destination, that means preparing for that raging humidity.

Unfortunately, luggage fees could make it hard to bring along all your favorite anti-humidity styling products...not to mention those space-taking hair tools!

But here’s some good news:

There’s a quick and easy homemade treatment to fortify your locks against Hong Kong humidity.

And all it takes is just three ingredients you’ll be able to find in any Hong Kong market!


Since the key to combating humidity’s hair-ravaging effects is healthy hair hydration… shouldn’t be surprising that this hair mask is built around two potent tress-smoothing oils.

First, you’ll find coconut oil, which has emerged in recent decades as a popular health-conscious choice for Chinese cooking.

“Coconut oil is a convenient, nutrient-packed natural hair conditioner.”

Of course, coconut oil has been prized for centuries in tropical cultures as a natural conditioner.

That’s because it penetrates your hair cuticles more deeply than virtually any other natural oil…

...moisturizing your strands to make them easier to manage, more combable, and less likely to soak up excess water from the air...a key contributor to frizz and broken hair!5

This treatment also includes a generous portion of olive oil.

Now, when it comes to olive oil, you probably think of Italian or Greek food first. But olive oil is growing increasingly popular in China.

In fact, since 2001, olive oil importing to China has grown by 70% every single year!6

That’s because Chinese restaurants and home cooks alike are becoming more familiar with olive oil’s dynamic health benefits.

Those benefits include softening and strengthening your hair, making it easier to style…

...and helping eliminate the dryness, frizz, and split ends caused by the humidity of a Hong Kong summer.7

“More and more cultures, including China, are embracing the hair-nutrifying benefits of olive oil.”


So, if you want to enjoy one of the world’s greatest cities...without your hair paying the price…’s how you make and apply this sleek and simple treatment!

You’ll need:

  • ¼ cup of coconut oil
  • ⅛ cup of olive oil
  • A few drops of scented essential oil (this will give your hair an extra hydrating boost...and make your locks smell just amazing!)

After you’ve mixed all the ingredients in a small bowl…

  • FOR DRY HAIR: Apply this treatment fully throughout your hair. Be sure to massage the mixture into your scalp for maximum moisturizing. Let the mask set in your hair for 20 to 30 minutes...or, as a time-saver, simply leave it in overnight! Then, rinse the treatment from your hair, following up with your regular shampoo and conditioner.
  • FOR OILY HAIR: Leaving your scalp untreated, apply the mask to the bottom half of your hair, down to the tips. Leave the mask to set for 20 minutes, then rinse it out thoroughly, and shampoo / condition as normal.

For the best results, we recommend using this treatment 2 to 3 times a week.

It’s an outstanding supplement to your usual styling routine…

...and it will keep your locks fresh, well-moisturized...and ready to hit Hong Kong with any style you fancy!8


Hong Kong is simply one of the world’s most magical places…

...a city with something fun and exciting around every corner...for every member of your family.

But the weather waiting for you this time of year can really put your hair through the wringer.

That’s why we hope you’ll add this DIY anti-humidity hair treatment to your travel plans.

It’ll help you make sure that, no matter where in this magnificent city you find yourself…

...your hair will be a vibrantly radiant match for the beauty that’s waiting for you!



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