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Choosing The Right Style For Your Face Shape - Part I

Choosing The Right Style For Your Face Shape - Part I

When you decide to switch up your hairstyle, there’s always lots of factors to consider. But it’s easy to forget the one that can truly make or break your hair… your face shape.

When you decide to switch up your hairstyle, there’s always lots of factors to consider.

You’ll think about everything from the maintenance this style will need to stay looking its best… just how well this fresh look suits your daily routine, occupation, or lifestyle.

But even with all these issues, it’s easy to forget the one that can truly make or break your hair…

...even though, every time you look in the mirror, it’s staring right at you!

We’re talking, of course, about:


“Your face is the one accessory you wear no matter what hairstyle you choose!”

The truth is, whether you’re working with a talented stylist, or sculpting your own hair with salon-grade tools and products…

...that spirit of experimentation is always enticing. You just want to try every style you can think of!

Even so, there are certain styles that look most flattering on particular types of faces…

...downplaying problematic areas, while showing off the strongest features to spectacular advantage!

With that in mind, we talked to some of the premier pro stylists working today, and asked them:

“Which hairstyles would be the best choice for this face shape?”

Their answers, as always, were sharp, smart, and perceptive… when you choose a new style, you can trust these tips for a look you’re going to love!


We’ll start with a face shape that gives you some truly versatile options.

According to Michael Thomas Lollo, a grooming consultant with New York’s prestigious Honey Artists, a long or oval-shaped face “is the easiest to carry off any kind of haircut.”

The key to the most flattering oval-face styles, says Lollo, is to avoid looks that add length to your features.

If you’re thinking short, a strong, face-framing bob, accented with understated layers, is a fine-looking choice.

But if you prefer shoulder-length locks, a streamlined blowout will keep your strands from lying too flat...a sure-fire face-lengthener.

“The texture of a shoulder-length blowout helps keep your face from looking too long”

And, if you like longer tresses, side-swept bangs can offer a powerful advantage, says Garren, a legendary stylist who’s worked with everyone from Gigi Hadid to Kendall Jenner.

“You’re covering the area between your hairline and brow,” Garren points out, “removing several inches from your face.”

Finally, Lollo and Garren both suggest picking your regular, everyday hairstyle based on where your hair naturally parts.

Choosing a style that compliments that part will help you maintain a day-to-day look that dazzles!1


From the opposite end of the style spectrum, when you’ve got a rounder face, your best bet will be a style that gives your features a lengthening effect.

For celebrity stylist DJ Quintero, whose clients include Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes, when it comes to drawing out the look of a round face, “long layers are your friend.”

This is an especially strong choice if you’ve got thicker hair, or your on-the-go life gives you limited styling time.

“Longer layers equals less maintenance,” says Quintero.

If you prefer a shoulder-length look, Marc Mena, who’s styled Neve Campbell and Mary Louise Parker, suggests a square shag.

“This haircut works,” says Mena, “because it gives volume on top and frames the face in the shape of a square instead of a circle.”

“This shag is an ideal pick for enhancing the top volume of your hair”.

A pixie cut is also an excellent option for adding height to the face, says New York-based stylist Sarah Potempa.

However, Potempa admits this dramatically short style may not be for everyone.

“Before taking this big of a hair risk,” she suggests, “try a wig or hair app first, and ask your stylist for their opinion.”2 


Soft is the name of the game when you’re picking a style to go with a square or rectangular face.

Ideally, your hair should help round off the angles of your forehead and jawline.

Beverly Hills salon owner Chris McMillan says, for the squarish-shaped face, longer styles are the smartest way to go.

“Try waves from the ears down,” he suggests, “which helps obscure any severity in the jawline.”

McMillan says long, super-straight hair, worn with a center part, likewise softens your jaw, while also opening up the middle of your face.

“The retro elegance of sleek, center-parted hair ensures a softer, smoother jawline”

But the good news is, if you’ve got your heart set on a shorter style, there are options here, too.

That’s according to celebrity stylist Ted Gibson, hair expert on the hit cable TV show What Not to Wear.

“A soft, tapered bob that hits right around the chin works beautifully on a square face,” says Gibson.

To boost this look’s texture and softening effects, Gibson recommends a bit of dry shampoo for the roots, then touching up the tips with a flat iron.3


As you can see, our lineup of savvy stylists was chock-full of insights on how your hair can enhance your face… many insights, in fact, we just couldn’t keep them all contained in one article!

So, keep your eyes peeled for our next “Pro-Tips” feature…

...where we share the best hairstyles for heart- and diamond-shaped faces, asymmetrical features, and more!



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